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  1. Yes it was empty. You are right but I wanted to test the little pump. Its a small 40Watt 12V unit and did not expect it to do this. Its not only to remove the bubbles but spread the resin. My heart still beating fast. Will use the same pot and put a 3mm thick plastic pipe inside as I am sure I will forget it when doing the blades. I loose concentration very easy. But now that I know I will take care and hopefully learn from this till the next time. Maybe I can get it swapped out under warranty.
  2. That was not a good idea. Shoe. All was working so well and then we past -60 and 3 times the volume of a thunder flash. Shoe. Still waiting for my heart to return from my ears.
  3. Will let you know when I have it working
  4. When done it will have a sensor you move into the room it switches on you move out it switches off. This was simply done to check regulator and current.. There is still coming a switch over relay to switch to batt when Eskom is off and the sensor for movement and a small DB.
  5. The photo below have all the components except for the relay and light switch that I will add later. I am using a small 24V power supply set to 27.2V This is a "trickle" charge voltage/current for these specific batteries The wiring is very simple as can be seen. The little regulator is 6V - 36V input and the output set to 10.5V and can supply 5 amps to ensure I do not blow the led's. The total current drawn by the regulator and 5 led's is .6A. The batteries are 7amp hr therefore I should get a backup light time of at least 10 hours. The batteries are permanently wired currently and when Eskom goes off the LED's simply stays on. Therefore these led's are permanently on in the current way of wiring. The power consumption is 16W or 390W per day or 12Kw per month or R24 per month. When fully wired it will only be on when the lights are switched on or automatically when Eskom is off. The wiring will be that when ever Eskom is off these 5 lights will be on. Cost: Power supply R220 Regulator R 38 Batteries R 210 each The life expectancy of the batteries are 5 years. I put all together as a test and will show how I do the rest of the wiring and installation when I mount the units in their permanent place. If it is boring please let me know and I will stop. I am simply doing to show the cost effective way of not sitting in the dark at an affordable cost.
  6. Quit often I have been teasing people about their expensive batteries and standby system and referred to the way I have done my house. Been a little occupied as my wife wanted a library. So I converted our atrium into a library and my other projects rested a bit. As I am doing the wiring and power installation I thought it would be nice to show others what I am doing as it is very cost effective. At the end I will supply all wiring diagrams a full list of components and costs. So to start she wanted specific LED lights and they work on 11V. Trust me 12V and you blow them. Thus I did a little variation on the same product. This is the LED and 5 of them. I will put a photo in without the light on.
  7. Got my vacuum pot going this week will do the carbon fiber blade. The lid I bought 10mm perplex and had the wholes tapped for the vacuum meter as well as inlet and out let. Used white silicon to form a gasket will be interesting to see the results Small 12V vacuum pump works amazingly well with its own 12V power supply and all the connection pipes. Tomorrow I will get the different layers and resin for the manufacturing of the first blade.
  8. And finally my vacuum pump arrived and now I can start with the carbon fiber blades. A little 12V suction pump bought from EBay for R680 delivered VAT & customs included. Now to finish the vacuum chamber and then start with the carbon fiber blades process.
  9. Today the 20Kg .85mm copper cable arrived. Now the winder can start doing its tricks.
  10. All I did is remove the name so that it does not create emails and what ever to the people I have been communicating with. Simply I don't think its fair to them. I do however believe that the COCT is more with it than other councils. The 100MW is a game changer and is here to stay. Now you can build your own little generation station thanks to the correction and theft by ..... So here we go: Thanks xxxxxx, This does potentially open up a can of worms. @Jxxxx and Ixxxx - this is something we should discuss to determine what the way forward is. Kind regards, xxxxx -----Original Message----- Subject: Fw: 100MW SSEG no license Dear Mxxxx, Please respond to Mr Coetzee. Kind regards, c-: ________________________________________ From: Erastus <[email protected]> Sent: 11 June 2021 10:24 AM To: Subject: 100MW SSEG no license Morning Gentleman, Any idea how the council is going to handle this where we now can push 100MW/Hr through and not the restrictions as per contracts? Effectively it nullifies all contracts. Its not a point to argue but more to understand the new limits and what we can install. Regards
  11. And we have blade Nr 1. I did not go for purrfection but rather sizing of the FB for CF. Both sides marries well and the final product will be a purrrrfect Carbon Fiber blade. Now the aluminum mountings then blades are ready for manufacturing.
  12. And the second half is done. The two 1/2 sections of one blade is done and matches very well. Final trim and then to glue them together that I will do tomorrow. The two sections/flanges works very well far better that what I expected and if I want to do fiber glass blade then its ready to start the manufacturing. I recon with the infusion process the accuracy of the usage of resin will be far better and I will definitely use less I recon a blade with wood mounting will cost +/- R 550 or R 1650 for a set of three carbon fiber blades. When done I recon I will push for 4 or 5 meter blades. Its easy now that I understand the process and easy to get more done. never expected this. This is the top part of the second 1/2. Very chuffed with it.
  13. Wood prop & FG result next to each other. Now I can determine the cost for a blade. Resine 400G R 220 Hardener 120G R 70 Carbon Fiber R 330 Total R 620 Thus 3 blades R 1860. At this cost I will now design a aluminum mounting system which I can use to turn the blade. With the mold working well the two parts taking time is the cut of the carbon fiber that must be done at a greater accuracy and then the drying time in this weather is +/- 5 hours. If one chooses to use wood to mount the blade then the extra cost for that will be one 3M 40 x 40 pine. The cost R46 Considered the quote was R22 000 for 3 blades. Now the manufacturing process of the blades I would consider done and the total build will start.
  14. And the 1st section from the mold. Needs to trim it a bit but as ordered by the doctor. Came out of the mold with no problem. Very pleased with the result. Today the next section
  15. Finally the first sacrificial 1/2 blade in the eintjiebyter. (incubator) I delayed looked for every excuse and then ran out of excuses. So here we go::
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