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  1. Jaco, I will get you all the information. There are not that many cell manufacturers As I do regular imports that is not a problem. I never had a solar panel gone faulty except it been damaged. Did you have any?
  2. Hope this is not out of order. If so you are welcome to delete. People has asked me if it is possible to do collective buying. For me it is 100% fine. Currently I am importing 400W panels again. The going rate for these panels. The current cost of these panels are R1450 per panel delivered to SA Cape Town. I can ship it to Harties and from there redistribute. On top of the R1450 there will be VAT R1667.50 and maybe some unpacking fee's. I am importing at least 200 and I am sure the more we buy the better priced it will be. Although the drops will be small. If you are interested you are welcome to contact me. For me its about doing the people stealing from us.
  3. Not at all. What I did is to drill deeper wholes that created a flow of water into my "pipes" and then I fill my koi pond that is the reservoir. The water I pump into the pump has a slat content and funny enough the fish is ok with it.
  4. Today after the storms I did the mounting of the turntable. Tomorrow will do the mounting of the panels. The mounting of the panels and frame should take +/- 30 minutes then we the commercial prototype is done. Today I have placed an order for the more improved version of the production run. After I dealt with the people in SA I recon I will approached some other people to get it made for me and then bring a batch in via ship with another container of solar panels. The small gear been on the roof for +/- 6 days and already rusted The table is torqued at 140Nm. The bearings are doing very well under that strain and I can still turn the table with my fingers. The blue pipe in the back is my neighbor and my water plant from sea water to fresh water. So the council inspector was very upset and an email was send to me that I am not allowed to use sea water because what will we do if the sea dries up. Now to get all up and running again.
  5. Unit installed, For those not been to see our mountain I added two photos. I have some some sealant that must dry then I will mount the frame with panels. alant (form a gasket ) that must dry then I will complete the job.
  6. The unit is complete and will be installed on Monday. These photo's are of the complete unit with the turn table. The turn table drops down onto the 85mm solid shaft. It has 3 plates: 10mm round (strengthener plate) 10mm rectangular ( Cary plate for panels) 5mm round plate. Act as a "pull down plate". The 24mm 12.9 bolt equals the strength of the 8 6mm 12.9 therefore doubling the Nm.
  7. Gerrie, If you look at the google map of my property you will see I have a very long drive way. The council is allowing me to build a garage on it (Pink area). Therefore it will be an ideal place to mount these devices. It also allow met to test performance and see if it works the way it should. Regards
  8. Not sure, They have more torque I believe and they operate from 12 - 24 peak burst of 36V allowed. 12V = +/- 26 RPM 24 +/- 52 RPM. It also have a locking gear that acts as a "brake". Not sure what the speks are of a wiper motor. But I recon a wiper motor should be fine. I did everything new to get all costs etc. Once done I will install another 11 trackers at my house and then another 100 trackers at another area. This exercise is the pre-production run in order to see the final pitfalls and improvements before I make 10 plus in one go. The 10 will be less expensive as the gears I will also ship in and not fly in. The 100 units will have 20 panels per tracker or 10Kwatt units to work with my 10Kwatt 3 phase inverter. 100 units should generate +/- 1Mw. Flying in permanent magnetic motors are more expensive The total cost of these two motors delivered at my house was R 529 VAT & TAXES. The two motors was R 1530 flown in. When I order the next lot it will be shipped via sea. The total cost for the two was just over the R 2060. I could not get these motors at a better price. Shipment via ship will mean the motor cost will drop by +/- R400. The 200 odd will accompany my other 500W 48.7V solar panels. It is for this reason I did not go for a motor that one can reuse. I am sure the wiper motors will work fine. I can swing twenty odd panels with my small finger. Virtical up and down will have to lift 15Kg ( can be adjusted to fit the motor).
  9. Photo of two motors. Very neat they are 12 / 24V. One for East West one for Up Down
  10. Noe need to modify anything. You change the value of the regulating resistor. The resistor costs +/- R2. Like I said. An Alternator is a 3 phase 1120 - 120V "generator". The way the voltage is "regulated" is by changing the Voltage of the field coils that changed the size of the permanent magnet field if you wish and voila there is the output voltage. Therefore if I increase the Vref resistor you go from 12V to 24 - 36 - 49 ........ 96. What I have done is switch 1 12V switch 2 24V switch 3 48V. It simply takes the resistor down to ground according to the voltage required. One can even use it as a 3 phase 50 / 60 generator. That is tricky though as it is difficult to get a good 50 / 60 Hz from it. But in short no winding is touch. I think you are over complicating stuff. Keep It Simple & Streight. Regards
  11. If you give me the current and voltage ratings required I will provide you a modification to "do it correctly". Any alternator can be configured to work from 12V to 110V ac. It is very simple. An alternator is a 3 phase ac voltage source of up to +/- 120V AC. Thus if properly set up you can generate 110 V @ 110 amps ( what I have) +/- 12Kw. The AC frequency is +/- 4 x rpm +/- 8000 rpm. This is a very good device to charge batteries with. If you buy an alternator you will find the GM ones are the best value for money and very close to the specs. It is proven technology and very few generators or in inverters matches that.
  12. Shuan, I red your "request" If you are of the grid re think your complete house. Led lights works on 12V therefore fit your house with 12V Led's lights. It is simple to get a 12V battery charger for solar charging the batteries. Then go for a bigger solar charger and run your house lights on that. For TV and so on you will use a DC - AC inverter and then rather use 250W panels. That eliminates the need of an MPPT. You get many types of 12 / 24V inverters. You also get "smaller" inverters for TV ... Thus when you rethink the possibilities this method will give you 24/7 lights ... If you have a problem you can easy charge your 12V batteries with a set of jumper cables from your car. Your car provides +/- 60 amp @ 12V. Else you can get a 12V or 24V alternator (refurbished) for R600 and a nice petrol engine for +/- R 1900 from Turner & Morris. One pully and you have the best standby battery charger in the world. This is a out of box way of thinking a lot more affordable and ... My complete house works on LED's and a gas stove and small inverter. For the rest you supply your plugs with a 3Kwatt inverter. That drives vacuum cleaners and dish washer. This way the $ you save on MPPT's is worth it. There is no more reason for 240V circuits for lights as LED's works on 12V DC actually the technical correct version is current that's important with 1 - 3V . There are many more cost effective methods.
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