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  1. Does any one know if Hubble has different size batteries and how can I determine this size:
  2. Back to more interesting stuff than grid tied or batteries. Today my capacitors arrived for the controller. Not everyday one plays with them this size. And believe me size does matter. Took it with my coffee mug. Next week will be interesting. The first set of fiber blades will be manufactured. The magnets should arrive and the disks for the magnets. Got all the plugs and cables today. This weekend the controler will go active with local graphs and the cabling will be done. Finlay we are getting to the interesting part. Once I have all of this th
  3. I can not argue what you say about SA Government, Courts and munics. But the interesting part is that nationally they will be controlled by a new law. Lets take the City of CPT they took me to court spend 6 years on a law that is unconstitutional. I was found not guilty with a court order against the City. The national law prevailed. Therefore it is a step in the right direction. Then we got to thank Zuma and the ANC for their corruption and dishonesty and Ramaposa for being a sweet talker and doing nothing re it. This is what politics is all about. Compare them to Byden and Harris.
  4. Oh Brani, My system cost me less than R5XK. My panels cost me +/- R24K. My inverter 10KW cost me R10K. I do not have MPPT and I do not have fancy stuff. Its simple, 2 x inverters R10K and R18K of panels. Nothing Fancy. My first in panerls I bought second hand. Somebody wanted to upgrade because they wanted an MPPT and bigger wattage. I paid R1000 per panel and smiled all the way My batteries cost me less than R350 my power supply I bought is made in USA. My serious IC's are from TI and a USA supplier. If I am not sure of the design I buy cheap from China have t
  5. You are already expected to register. Weather you are on or off grid. The diffs is one you sponsoring China the other your own pocket. Simple maths simple mind set.
  6. Its is. The feeling is that it may be limited to 5MW. Also they (CSIR) knows that a roof has limited Kwhrs. Think about it if each home connected to Eskom must apply and be issued a certificate. The cost will be astronomical. Therefore the database when up and running at NERSA will make sense. Almost like a Title deed and the responsibility remains that of the owner If you read the report Eskom has a very sad impact on SA I remember when every one said that grid tied will never be allowed. If you think about it a wind generator is already in the national law as
  7. Maybe Afrikaans will help you? ... The gazette effectively raises the threshold for embedded generation from 1MW to 10MW, providing businesses and private individuals more room to build their own electricity supply away from Eskom’s grid. However, the gazette includes the proviso that private groups who plan to use this embedded generation will have to register with National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA). Any case up to now I have saved more than R19 000 since 22 Oct. Still worth it and still don't pay expensive batteries. Waste of timje to show you fa
  8. The photo below indicates the relays that I use when there is no Eskom. The relays switch DC to Batt for my LED lights. I use 2 x 12V 7.2A batt. The cost of the batt are 2 x R190 power supply R980. The top left is where I will insert my controller and monitoring point for the wind turbine. The left black cables are for the other 4 DB's in my house and the next white cable is where the solar inverters tie in. If the cable is to long I don't believe in shortening it. As all can see I am not the neatest worker. The inverters etc T's in before the main cct breaker and di
  9. The way I understand is 5M measured if you wish. The problem currently is that home owners get limited to a small amount per month. Now councils will have to adapt and in my case with a 40M x 8M I can easily pack 120 x 605W or 7.2KWhr. My current limit is 10Kw. Currently I am smiling all the way. I think R8K a month is worth it. Can buy a nice car with that.
  10. All the reason to go grid tie and NOT BATTERIES Mineral Resources and Energy minister Gwede Mantashe has published new embedded generation regulations for public comment, in a move that is expected to help limit the impact of load shedding. The gazette effectively raises the threshold for embedded generation from 1MW to 10MW, providing businesses and private individuals more room to build their own electricity supply away from Eskom’s grid. However, the gazette includes the proviso that private groups who plan to use this embedded generation
  11. The second blade went very easy. Now I have both sides of the blade and the molds ready. Magnet layouts done. I have placed the order for the first set of magnets and rotor discs from where I will study the impact of all the magnets on one coil and the current to wind ratio. The coil will be remade with thicker copper cable. With a RPM as part of the controller it will be easy to simulate wind speeds and also control a DC motor with a PWM for wind speed. Although the motor is a more linear device in this implementation and wind a log effect. The P can be calculated as: P = .5x1.25
  12. Now that the coils are fine, Magnets fine and my hand better the rotors with magnet. I checked magnets to coils position and seems to be fine. The measurements indicates that cogging will not happen. Will 3D print the template for the magnets before getting discs manufactured to hold the magnets. Do a final test with one coil and all the magnets in place before the stator gets manufactured with the coils. I did the drawing and then asked a draftsmen to redo it. He asked me about it and then did it as a "gift" which was very kind of him
  13. Thank will do. I am using carbon fiber as it is more equal in wait. Also using a vacuum system for the resin. Thus the blades will be very similar the rest I can trim by adding a bit of resin. The plates will get lazer cut so the all will be identical. Saying all of this I would love to put it on a wheel balancing system for the rotor and blade mounting area. By using a mold they will be the same in manufacturing. Thanks for the heads up.
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