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  1. I am not a salesman I only do electronics for hobby and a living. I am telling you and have all the prove from SAP COCT calculation their account I am paying mine of IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR. I am not selling I am not arguing I simply select the best products to match and then installed them and voila. So call me a liar. I just think majority gets ripped. See what other thought is Junk I used and its working well can't help others can play with lego.
  2. And my very first coil, first try and first for the winder. Was very easy!! and a few more to go but first tests with my magnets.
  3. If the council can get my plans sorted my contract allows me to push back 11Kwhr or R11 per hour 11x 24 x 365 = R 96K or R8K per month That pays my solar and plans and ... Thus I use to use R4K elect Thus my savings R4K + R8K = R12K pm Guess this will cause a stir as they say "bring it on"
  4. There are not many to choose from who is on the "list" therefore I would suggest the most cost effective one and more than 6Kw if possible. One with two different inputs will allow you to run a wind generator and solar. Like today and tonight you would get an easy 3 - 6Kw depending on the blade size. I bought one of these to compare it with a different make and seems to be good value for money: Solis 4G 3.6KW Dual Mppt Grid Tie Inverter perhaps somebody else can suggest others but there are many selling on the internet even second hand is fine. My first few panels when I started my desi
  5. I helped somebody else the spend +/- R2500 a month on electricity. This is their table for Feb and they spend less than R50K. Feb They are going to pay R 118 for electricity a saving of more than R2000 for Feb. They going to add 2 more panels and then they wont have to pay. You can't beat that. The figures are from SAP not my calculations but all according to COCT SAP/Billing data. Feb Import Kwhr Export Kwhr R Import R Export Nett R X.xx R Total 1 18.560 -15.833
  6. If I may. If you have like nothing follow this route: Put led lights in where you can stick to 12V or 24V lights then you can use a small battery for load shedding FIRST convert your geysers to solar geysers the glass tube ones. That make and immediate impact Second if you do not have a gas stove switch over. Gas will cost you +/- R100 per month ... A gas stove you can buy and it pays off in 18 months. Not these fancy Smeggs but a hobb and 4 / 5 plates Deffy very good ours are 10 years old still the same temp as day 1 and no maintenance requires. Decide what you wa
  7. Whats IMHO? Eskom said no license no ... up to 50MW. Who on earth except mines uses 50MW and then if it is covered by one "grouping" simple one for all and all for one. Laws are changing and that because of the Eskom that choose to install bad power stations.
  8. For me I would not think of cutting COCT right now. Batteries going to put you back a fair amount of money. Then if you think about you are going to need at least 2 batteries that will cost no less than R40 000. Working on the current cost structure of the City the first step is to go less than 600 units per month that is a direct save and not difficult. Then at night you use +/- 15 units or R15 x R1.84 ex vat. Thus in 1 year you will save +/- R 10 000 or in 4 years R40 000. Therefore to pay your batteries going to take a minimum of 4 years. Financial world that is not a "good" ROI. You
  9. Primitive setup but works wonders for a neat coil https://youtu.be/CSpW3a-f2BY
  10. And a dummy run for functionality checks. Coils is nice tightly wound.
  11. My coil winder. Waiting for the pulleys then it will be automated via a Arduino. The small spool is to wind three or four trial coils for the test run. Then a spool of 21Kg will be mounted......
  12. Nope, I am not missing your point. Not at all. I do have batteries and I do have a backup. I just don't pay R25 000 for a battery. If I tell you what I pay I will get more aggression to my response but I can assure you to have all my lights on it cost me R1300 a seed generator cost is R2300 so during the day I have no load shedding at night I watch TV have lights and if I really want to I can have a 3Kw back. This is where the system got to match the need and that I agree 100% but there is no way I will fork-out R50K for batteries if I can not be affected by load shedding and sp
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