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  1. No inverter is needed for a PV Geyser, only solar pannels and a resistor acording them. Nowadays, comparing costs of both technologies, i only woud install pipes if I hadn´t enough space for PV.
  2. Yes, with only solar pannels and this kind of resistor, one can have three levels of Power: 2 Parallel: 1500 w Only one resistor: 750 w 2 in series: 375 w https://www.amazon.es/Calefacción-Inoxidable-Alimenticio-Resistencia-Calentador/dp/B01EHWIZ76/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1552320774&sr=8-1&keywords=resistencia+48v Depending on radiation, one or the others can be adopted. If you like spanish, jeje, you can read this: https://adnsolar.eu/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=146
  3. Yes. That feature is included in some chargers. It is a 0 +12 PWM signal, and the best way to heat water without drawing batteries. What i´ve known can work with MOS(DC) PWM 500 Hz, or AC Triac with much longer period.
  4. I think it woud be better to use a SSR when the system is floating. Or, if the charger has divert signal, as FM80, directly use the ssr via FM80 signal. The advantage is that it is possible to feed geyser in absortion stage.
  5. But, in bypass you will charge batteries and Will feed loads with only one phase. Is It enough?
  6. I saw a similar case some days ago. The answer of Easun in an ongrd system was: Join AC In Neutral - AC Out Neutral. It is a VMIII, whose neutral AC OUT isn´t grounded in any situation.
  7. To know what your inverter does, measure voltage Nout-Ground in line mode, and the same in battery mode.
  8. Hi Nuno. VMII and VMIII never ground neutral. Which is your model? Is It an OnGrid system?
  9. What I learnt, some years ago: Monophase: 2 wires. One phase. Biphase: 2 wires and 90° Shift phases. Split phase: 3 wires V 0 V. 180°C I think this is the same all over the world
  10. Two phases or a mono phase system? It is not the same.
  11. Yap, but not always windings are accesible as a submersible pump. It is possible to feed a 3x400 Vac driver with only two phases, oversizing VFD. For example, If motor pump is 400x3 Vac 1.5 kW, It is possible to use a 400x3 Vac 2.2 kW VFD feeding two phases. Obviously, It is needed disable phase feed loss failure. I have done a few times, in places where there was a gennie and now there is a PV install. Also a transformer is needed to rise 230 Vac Voltage from inverter to 400 Vac to feed VFD.
  12. You can use a resistor, 2200 Ohm 2 W, and quickly reconect.
  13. But, in my opinión and if It is possible, It is better to control density of each cell, when It is fully charged.
  14. Hi Lionheart! You can accept 10 mV per cell, so if your batteries are three cell, a good value is 30 mV.


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