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  1. As far as I am aware multiple qwikswitch wireless switches can be programmed to operate a single receiver (light). All you need do is install a receiver in the existing switch housing and screw or glue the transmitters wherever you want them. But it's not a cheap solution but you don't chase walls. Perhaps someone knows of a cheaper make of similar wireless products. qwikswitch.co.za
  2. @Tariq. What Kw is your pool pump rated at? I am thinking of using the Astute but am a bit worried about the in-rush current being too much for it to handle. My pump is 0.55Kw
  3. I see that the current rating for inductive loads is 10 Amp, would that be running amps or in-rush? Anyone know because my 0.55Kw pump is apparently rated 6Amp, which I presume is running amps which means an in-rush of several multiples of that. I guess my question is to anyone running their pool pump with this controller.
  4. Would one of the Aspire pump controllers not be a solution? http://voltronicpower.com/en-US/Product/Detail/Aspire-Solar-Pump-Inverter#tab_menu1. I have seen them as advertised Mecer brand in South Africa. https://mustek.co.za/mecer-aspire/
  5. I am not a plumber or an expert but have installed 4 gas geysers of various siizes where water pressure is an issue, built a "donkey" with a 44 gallon drum for an al fresco shower stall. As far as I am aware all the geysers I installed needed a minimum of 0.2 bar pressure to function. 1bar = 10metre head (? I think). Therefor your shower head looks like it is probably less than 2 metres below the tank and is thus marginal. If the tank is full you may have enough pressure but as it empties you lose too much causing the geyser to shutdown. Solutions? Raise the tank or install a "on demand" pressure pump, either 220v or 12v with solar. B.t.w. If your geyser is of "modern" design you don't balance the temperature with the cold tap, you set the desired temperature by balancing the rate of flow thru' the geyser and the flame/fire.
  6. I bought one from acdc and have played with it but not installed yet. It seems to work fine. My intended use is to drive a contactor using the countdown timer. Like sonoff, I suspect it may not like pushing toward 16amps. Just because I am still wary of chinese quality control, although it is improving.
  7. Personally for the extra safety factor I would have used 2.5mm wiring. But that's just me.
  8. You could be creative with these products. Connect a latching relay to this; https://qwikswitch.co.za/collections/products/products/qwik-switch-5-switch-input-module which will wirelessly switch on your lights that are connected to this; https://qwikswitch.co.za/collections/products/products/s5-relay And if your lights are on separate circuits it looks like an easy way of achieving your objective. I have used the standard kit and it worked well for me.
  9. Would that be the frequency of the sine or the wife?
  10. Yes, and remember that it's a slow blow fuse rated to 1500A DC.
  11. Back in the early 1980's we sold the world's first portable PC, the Osborne. It was very popular. Then Osborne announced that the new "deluxe" model with all the latest bells and whistles would be available in 6 months. Sales immediately fell to zero, worldwide, as everyone held off buying until the new model was available. Suffice to say the company almost immediately failed due to no cash flow. The deluxe model never made it to market. Osborne was no more. Since then most companies seem to have learnt the Osborne lesson. Never announce a new product until it is on the shelves.
  12. No, but I never will deal with a postal address business. I want to know where I can go physically if satisfaction not delivered.
  13. I came across this product a few months back and asked on the forum if anyone had any experience or views on it. It looks like an option Carlysun might be interested in. B..t.w.it appears to be a South African product. https://www.sustainable.co.za/catalogsearch/result/?q=solarhotty
  14. Having been burnt on a non-solar project where the installer ran away with a 50% deposit, I personally would run from someone who wants 100% ! Look for someone else, is my recommendation.
  15. If we didn't have load shedding we sure would soon have a blackout!
  16. The below link has containers from R700 and complete aquaponic system from R2950 that might suit your needs. http://www.flowbins.co.za/ Happy New Year
  17. https://voltronicpower.com/en-US/Product/Detail/Wifi-Card#tab_menu1 The above link has an option to download the manual after registering with Voltronic. Hopefully the link works and the manual will have the method of resetting the box to default. Otherwise examine the box for a small button (often close to where the power plugs in) or a pinhole into which you can insert a unbent paperclip. Depress the button, or insert the paper clip and press against the resistance you feel (internal button),for 10 seconds whilst the power is ON.
  18. Whilst researching for something else I came across this product; (The name caught my eye...like all hotties do.) www.solarhotty.com. Claims to use PV to use existing geyser (upto 4kw) without modifications (dc to the element?). Would this perhaps be a viable (cost effective) solution for water heating with PV? (They also claim use for cooking?) The only people I could find selling it is sustainable.co.za at R4192 on "special". I did post about this on the "Product Opinions & reviews" forum but on reading this thread I thought it might be pertinent. Please excuse me if it isn't! Rgards to all.
  19. Has anyone experience with this product? www.solarhotty.com Thanks in advance,
  20. I nearly bought a property on the Lions River and was keen on hydro generation and found these guys. https://www.zmsa.co.za/en/categories/water-energy Maybe you can get some tips from them?
  21. From ACDC List price R213.00 https://www.acdc.co.za/pages/product-individual?CSCOS2P25A
  22. qwikswitch.co.za have a solution(s) that you can control via the web or locally with a remote but they are pricey in my opinion.
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