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  1. Not my installation but another from a customer who was referred. Axpert inverter with lithium batteries. Eskom disconnects by itself occassionally whilst solar is still available. Inverter shows eskom voltage as high as 255V. Single phase installation. Any thoughts? Fazil
  2. Fazil

    ABB Trio

    search Riaan Gerber not sure if his on the forum but facebook he is there. [email protected]
  3. Hi Guys I am very confident somebody here will identify what i am missing. A client has the following system: 3x10kw 3p Infinisolar in parallel. 1x 30kwh Freedom Won battery 20kwp solar. 63A mains breakers on load and supply side. Priorities set as : pv, battery, grid During the day system runs with no issues. But at night/early morning (around 5am), the batteries have Error 13 (low battery at 49 which is the cut of point set and return to grid). But when switching from battery to grid, it switches off the power supply to the house. We observed via a video (too large to post) that there was around 98A discharge demand on the inverters whilst the battery is at 50V. Client switches manually to Grid via 100A manual change over switch and house gets power. Where could i be missing it? Thanks Fazil
  4. Why the extra for the dongle? Buy it from Off grid tech (Anton de Swart). We have done few SunSynk/Dye and they work great. Installing another 4xSunSynk (3x8kw and 1x5kw) in August. My personal brand preference now.
  5. HVM not on local market as yet. Vmax still at 145V as far as I am aware unless somebody managed to bring these in.
  6. why Art? just asking? They are a manufacturing facility so stock run out is strange unless they have some massive projects to deliver.
  7. similar experience on some omnipower 240Ah I bought from them less than 2 years ago. Batteries seldom cycle and discharge below 49V. When I reported the batteries are swollen prematurely, I was told I needed a bms and they don't have proof its the batteries. So cut that loss and moved on. But I will personally never buy from them.
  8. for R50k a backup system is your best investment. add panels as some funds are prioritised and expand until offgrid. but backup for no power situations is in my opinion best bang for buck.
  9. sorry let me clarify I have used both brands but NOT together. I wouldn't try it as we are not a research facility and don't believe in experimenting with client money.
  10. Hi @Tony Swash Price difference on like for like 2.4kw or 3.5kw varies under 10% per unit. I have installations running using both and no issues to date (fingers crossed)
  11. the Infini has the option but its very unstable as I have seen. Seems ICC is the solution and more accurate that the watchpower system.
  12. Setting 16 on 10kw 3p? Please can you show me the manual to do this? I am always about learning.
  13. yes it can. Its a hybrid inverter that can start using battery or solar or grid as far as I understand. check settings guide.
  14. have you been for training for solar? if not, I strongly recommend getting a qualified and skilled person to do the work.
  15. According to spec sheet, Dyness settings are: Float = 52V Cut off = 46v Also confirmed by local suppliers of the batteries.
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