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  1. Fazil

    InfiniSolar 10kw

    Setting 16 on 10kw 3p? Please can you show me the manual to do this? I am always about learning.
  2. yes it can. Its a hybrid inverter that can start using battery or solar or grid as far as I understand. check settings guide.
  3. have you been for training for solar? if not, I strongly recommend getting a qualified and skilled person to do the work.
  4. According to spec sheet, Dyness settings are: Float = 52V Cut off = 46v Also confirmed by local suppliers of the batteries.
  5. take a picture of your combiner box and which fuse is blowing so the forum can assist you?
  6. The manual are almost identical but you may be correct. The number configuration may differ but settings don't. Just use the guide.
  7. i believe there is a degree of truth and error in this process. I personally do not believe an end user must have the same discount as an EPC or installer (qualified). That means we become just installers. Clients call for assessments, proposals and costs then want to from the same distributors at the same price? I don't believe that is "fair" used loosely. Batteries in most cases especially the brands mentioned in this post are built to order which for me doesn't make sense as any production facility should have internal analysis on common and special product. For a FW battery to have a 4 to 8 week lead time on a 10/7 is ridiculous. Keep stock of it as this is a common installation size in the market. Sam applies to the other brands. Just my thoughts. Fazil
  8. Buy directly from Freedom Won if they allow and you register as an installer. If you are end user then search for their approved distributors.
  9. Mecer is supported by Mustek in Midrand. For your service provider to not hold their end of the stick isn't very warranted. But, I can assume they have been to at least assess the issue.
  10. price for Shoto only? PS: Does the Growatt and Shoto require a comms cable?
  11. What battery brand is it? If Dyness, then get the BMS upgraded else Error 08 will keep appearing. PS: You say hybrid so assuming its NOT Growatt or Mecer brands right? More detail please?
  12. Fazil

    Solar quote

    Sparkie on a 5kwp system will probably charge about R5k with single phase coc which still makes the cost/watt around R32 incl VAT which is on the lower scale of the market distribution curve (using my installed empirical data to support my hypothesis)
  13. Fazil

    Solar quote

    I am sure you just gave the Hilux guys an idea lol But the Solar MD team seem to be doing some impressive stuff with the Axpert.
  14. Setting 1 = SBU Setting 5 = AGM (if using gel batteries). USE is for lithiums (I could be wrong here) Settings 12,13, 26 and 29 must be input as per battery recommendations. Edit: Setting 16 must be CSO (some use OSO). if this is set as SNU then you will see the possible events you have been observing.


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