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  1. link doesn't work And, Its not on the CoCT approved inverter list 2019.
  2. HI Guys what is the impact of demand exceeding supply for lithiums currently in the country? For me, its becoming a challenge providing accurate delivery dates for installations. Others?
  3. I think this is the best decision the government can make to accelerate renewable solutions. how are they going to control the illegal installations across the country? herein lies the challenge with all the China mall installers.
  4. HI All Anybody running various sites to compare the performance of both these batteries? Are your settings the same (float, Bulk, cut-off voltages). I have few sites with both so interested to hear from others. Thanks as always for the honest and professional feedback.
  5. Hi All are these 2 products compatible?
  6. HI All Drove to this site yesterday in Swaziland (10km from border in Swaziland). New 3kw Multigrid inverter was issued and system was totally disconnected. Some advice: there was no Colour control. The installer says his supplier says the 2x 150/35 and 3kva Multigrid don't need colour control to work with Revov batteries? I cannot confirm as I have not used REVOV batteries nor Victron products. Some advise please?
  7. Ëxpert" is a decent inverter for the general application and market. I have installed plenty with 1 09 Error to date on gel batteries only.
  8. I am driving to MP tomorrow morning with the client to assess. AS I said, I am not a Victron installer and perhaps will go for training sometime this year. @Jaco de Jongh I will take as many pictures tomorrow and send to you as you requested. Goodwee was my recommendation because I am comfortable with it and I fear fiddling with Victron.
  9. PS: most of my installs have an avg production per day above 90% of "simulation"
  10. I believe based on our responses that you looking at a spot number right? Peak I have seen on the graph was 7.2kwp on a clear day. But unfortunately the variables responsible for your answer impact the production so I am out of responses. Perhaps the more experienced guys than me can guide.
  11. direction and angle of panels? inverter used? cable specification? distance of cable? On a 20 panels setup I am avg around 44kw/day
  12. send me inbox offers please? 3kva Victron Multigrid 48/3000/35 with 2x MPPT 150/35 shown in the images of this post. Client wants to sell all together only.
  13. HI to revive this post, client has decided to sell this inverter and mppt as his installer cannot get it to work. There is no Colour control (possibly the cause of the system not working and compatibility with REVOV batteries????) So its a new unit that has not been used. Make me an offer as I am installing a Goodwee to pump this system to avoid further costs. I will deliver the inverter and mppt across GP to the buyer. PS: Admin if this post is inappropriate please let me know so I can remove it.
  14. Fazil

    Axpert settings

    set it to 48V but I prefer setting it to 49V just as a preference.
  15. depends on the stage of the project. If a development is still under construction, then I take 10% to start consulting and liaising with the electrician and builder for piping. 80% when its time to start installation. 10% after commissioning, system training with client and 1 week daily on site monitoring of the system. I only provide sign off certificate after payment is received. I also provide references of previous installations as well as training certificates, my electrical engineering degree and my teams wiremans license to show legitimacy.
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