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  1. Tell them you are moving, and need the services stopped. Its the easiest way and they don't argue.
  2. worth it? I'd say it depends on the person. financially probably not, but coolness factor.. HELL YEAH! I mean, who would not want to say they are saving money by cycling in the morning or afternoons. Personally I think this is an awesome novel idea, just the enjoyment of doing the setup, and then seeing your cycling contributing to your power supply. If i was a cycler i would jump on this like a rash
  3. I'm sure you guys are all too familiar with the fact the Eskom is load shedding, but not letting the public know that they are, so I thought I would create a post highlighting it by posting grid lost logs from my solar system for the last two months where there was "no load shedding". It would be nice to see how your logs look during those "No Load Shedding" times.
  4. Hi there, I have an armored 3 core cable running to the furthest corner of the plot, probably around 150m. At the end of the cable is a light. Halfway through the line there are connections (underground i suppose) that splits off to the other corner and a few other lights. At the start of this cable there is a day/night switch that switches all these lights on at night. I want to add a small Wifi camera at the very corner of the plot, but that means it will only run at night time My plan is to add a small "ups" at the very end, but I want some sort of DIY solution. The camera's power info: - Adapter Input: 100-240V, AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.3 A - Adapter Output: 9.0 V / 0.6 A I was thinking of putting small 12v 7AH battery with some sort of charger, and then a small inverter, possibly a bigger battery in the future (so I can add a wifi hotspot there as well in the future) But looking at all the stuff i need for DIY it feels like a standard UPS will be more sensible. Does anyone have any cool ideas or alternative solutions? Even if it is more expensive than a standard UPS, I enjoy tinkering. It will be a massive pain in the rear to change the day/night switch, so I am stuck with only a few hours of power at night in that corner of the plot.
  5. yup..... that looks normal too me. the sharp incline morning could be due to shadow being casted or the orientation of the panels. your panels are probably facing a little bit more west than they are supposed to.
  6. Just a note of warning. A couple of years ago I was involved in building a system where people can rate service as well as mark certain providers as scammers. This was short lived, as you are not allowed to shame companies in the manner one really would like to. Talk about their poor service and the way you were treated but care with using words like "scammer".
  7. I had something similar a while back. Just to check, did you at some stage connect to the MPPT via bluetooth and changed a few values? There was a setting I set (will have to check), but this caused intermittent disconnects.
  8. enjoy the install, luckily Victron makes thinks easier
  9. I have a 150l and a 200l geyser, both fitted with a 2kW element. I use sonoff devices to manage the schedule. Geyser 1 - Every day 4h00-5h30 and 15h00-16h30 Geyser 2 - Everyday 5h30-7h00 and 16h30-18h00 During during summer I only let them only go for 1hour at a time twice a day. We have warm water all day round in both showers. We are 3 people using the 150l geyser and 2 people using the 200l geyser. LED lights... will change your consumption quite a bit, especially if you have outdoor lights. ROI on these is short if you replace all your lights Add day/night sensors on your outdoor lights (HELPS IF YOU ARE FORGETFUL LIKE ME) Geyser blanket (i don't have but it does help a lot) Fill you kettle only to the level needed (if you are a big coffee and tea person) Stove/Oven .... gas ... but you have this already freezers is a pain, cause you can save quite a bit if you set the temp higher during the winter times, but who remembers this every season change. Computers, use the sleep function, I was amazed how much power two desktop pc's can use. switch your extra monitors off when not needed Pressure pump is on a sonoff device as well... you don't need the toilette to fill up quickly at midnight. Maximize daytime usage, by doing washing, dishes and vacuum during the day when you have sunlight. Throw your oil heaters in the bin, those are the death of any system. Every time you leave the TV to go to "le jon" make sure you switch off unnecessary lights. We also have more than one house on the property running off solar, try and get a tablet on the wall on the second property, so that the other house can also monitor power. Damn .. I can go on forever, but different people have different lifestyle requirements. We use on avg. 35kwh a day, but if we just think about usage we bring it down easily to 20kwh. unfortunately we are not always committed. Our panels are aligned so that we get a constant 35kwh a day summer and winter, I know we can generate more power in summer, but having a constant number makes life easier, and knowing that we get 35kwh a day allows us to splurge a bit on power when we don't really have to.
  10. Hi there, Does anyone else have an issue where I cannot open the Venus control panel on multiple tablets. I have two tablets that display the overview, but only one of them works at a time, if I refresh tablet A then tablet B goes offline, if I refresh tablet B then tablet A goes offline. Is there a setting I missed or is it just the way the VenusGX works? I see I can no longer @Plonkster, cause I know he usually deals with Victron.
  11. I'm liking the new VRM Portal interface. Do i need to run some updates on my venus, inverters and charger after the portal update?
  12. it is fairly new, so it might be the reason.
  13. mot exactly sure, but this thread does make me feel more at ease though
  14. it does feel random, and we just started loadshedding and my pc did not dip. I did realise though that it must be happening a lot less than i think, cause i only notice it when it happens, and when i look at my vgx notifications there is a lot of power dips. Will this be exaggerated if the power draw on the inverters are high during switchover, cause my borehole is set to auto as well as pressure pumps, so it could be that at that exact point both are on drawing a lot of power. The PSU on both pc's are fairly new corsair gold power supplies, so i think i can eliminate those.
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