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  1. 60A breaker will give you close to 14kw at around 230v.... much more than the 5kw inverter can handle. Your inverter will probably switch off due to overload before you breaker will trip
  2. Welcome @Marcd50 Could you possibly give us some more details on your inverter and battery setup.
  3. Welcome @Alieu cama, The experts on this forum will require a bit more info. To start off with, what inverter do you have? a picture of the sticker showing the details will be very helpful
  4. @gallderhen Inverters usually have the following inputs and outputs: 2 AC Inputs One for Grid One for Generator (not sure if all inverters have this) 2 AC Outputs One for critical Loads One for non-critical loads (not sure if all inverters have this) 1 DC input The cables from the MPPT and Batteries connect to a single busbar, which then goes from the busbar to the DC input of the inverter. The AC inputs are fairly self explanatory, but on a grid tied system it would usually pull AC current from either of the AC Inputs (depending on configuration) It could also pull power from the DC Input at the same time, and convert it to AC (depending on configuration). This basically means all three inputs can be used to supply your loads with clean AC Power. If your AC inputs are not giving power your Inverter will only draw power from th DC Input, convert it to AC and usually this is where the non-critical outputs are deprived of power and only the critical loads will receive the DC to AC converted power. But it varies a lot between inverters, types of inverters and how they are configured. Hybrid inverters are more or less like explained above. Off-grid inverters usually will only have the one AC input for the genie. (i dont know much about em, it might even not have a AC input source) Most of the inverters talked about on this forum are usually set up in a hybrid/grid-tied fashion which is typically like i have explained above.
  5. Hey peeps, I enjoy the VRM portal, but i love intense analysis data even more. My venus currently sends data every minute to VRM which is OK, but i want more info to draw sexier graphs. Is there way for me to grab the data from the VenusGX at real time?
  6. yeah that is NOT true. I am not sure if the axpert's mppt has a minimum requirement for charging, but i can almost guarantee you that you can start with 1/4 of what that 4kw they recommend. please give us the model number of the axpert.
  7. That my friend is called an "Ownership Gap" (i dubbed it that.. ) I once bought a brand new Suziki Motorcycle in Black, even though i hate black, only because the Dark blue one would only arrive 1 week later (which is the one i actually wanted). I have a SERIOUS ownership gap issue... so i feel for ya man.... its tough
  8. I recently added an additional two pylontech batteries to my existing stack of four. I noticed over the last few days that the charge jumps from 88% to 100% within a minute. The discharge seems fine though This has been going on since i installed the new Batteries. I added the batteries as specified ex: 1) Existing batteries should be around 80% charge 2) New batteries should be added to the top of the stack 3) Allow re-balance The existing batteries was around 86% when i added the new stack, i believe the new batteries come charged at 80%. I am just worried that there might be something wrong with the new batteries, or there might be a system setup problem. I am Using Victron inverters, I've updated the settings to accommodate the new battery bank size. oh... the batteries used are all Pylontech US2000's
  9. never heard of a mains filter though, will have to check it out. is the noise actually bad for one's inverter?
  10. The tests was done sperately, each item being the only item at the time of testing. Geyser (2.1kw draw) - barely any noise Kettle (1.4kw draw) - barely any noise Microwave (2.2kw draw) -barely any noise Big Geyser (4.6kw draw) - barely any noise Hair Dryer (1.7kw draw) - inverter hums a lot Hair Straightener (0.8kw draw) - inverter hums a lot It seems like there is sommin about those two "long hair" appliances that is difficult .... much like their operator
  11. I have come across two devices in our house that seems to put strain on the Inverters. Hair Dryer Hair Straightener I ASUME it is putting strain on it, cause even though the load is not nearly as much as my geyser, the inverters sounds as though they are working hard when the wife uses one of those two devices. The standard humming noise of the inverter is a lot louder, even more so than when the geyser is on. Question, is this bad for the inverter and should we look at maybe replacing the devices?... also.... why would it cause the inverter to hum so much?
  12. you wanna go from pylontech to Leoch? You are aware that Leoch is apparently stolen cellphone tower batteries right? personally i would move away from Leoch to Pylontech if i was in your shoes. If SAPS pitch up you might lose all your batteries... and then you flogged the pylons.
  13. i think that would be for prepaid. I know that once i go over 600 units i also pay more than R2 per unit for each unit above 600
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