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  1. I firstly want to apologise for not posting regularly anymore. I have been crazy busy with designs, installs, traveling around. I am also working on some new online content to share with you. I made a video over the last few weeks of one of my hybrid/off-grid three phase sites and would like to share it with you all. I am working on putting new content together for this blog. Should you have any topics, I can put some content together and we can take it from there. Please go and like my video, subscribe to my channel and share it. There will be more videos load
  2. HI All We currently have 2 positions available as solar installers. The applicants will be required to have experience in solar installations working at heights certificate any solar training will be beneficial willing to work away from home electrical experience will be beneficial we are based in Cape Town (Northern Suburbs) Any applicants can email me at [email protected] Regards Stefan Steffens
  3. So for those who would like to get more into the technical side of SMA products, we have our first training coming up for 2019 Commercial Solar training. https://www.sma-south-africa.com/sma-solar-academy/seminars/trainings/training/list.html Those interested please email [email protected] SMA is also running a competition, those that enter for the commercial training stand a chance to win free entry into our off-grid training. see you there.....
  4. and IBC Backup-Box 1~ for Sunny Island.
  5. There are various ways to setup a Sunny Island (SI). Firstly we have an Off-grid setup. This is for the standard off-grid, but also for UPS mode. This allows you to have an uninterrupted power supply should there be a power failure or the grid is not suitable for normal operation, like we are currently experiencing in SA. the grid will be on AC2 and the loads on AC1. In UPS setup, the inverter will supply power within 15ms and disconnect from the grid. should you have the Sunnyboy inverter within this 'Island', it will continue working and supply power to your loads and also to the SI to
  6. Hi all I spent some time reading through the different posts & topics on the forum and it so great to see, from installers to solar newbies interacting. That also made me realize that not everyone knows the full range of products in the SMA basket. And I do think it's maybe a good place to start with. SMA definitely has the largest range of solar & battery inverters available. All their inverters are modular and most of them can work together. For instance, you can start with a 1.5kW Sunnyboy on a single-phase grid, and eventually add so many inverters that you end up with a
  7. Between 20 to 40 meters. All three have different distances.
  8. HI I thought, while I am preparing for the next topic I would share some photos with you from some of our SMA installs. This specific site is in Graaff-Reinet at a place called Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve. This site has 3 x 25kW grid-tie systems (2018) as well as one single phase off-grid setup (2017). The three GT sites are similar. Each site consists of 1 X SMA Sunny Tripower 25 000tl-21 https://www.sma.de/en/products/solarinverters/sunny-tripower-15000tl-20000tl-25000tl.html 80 x Canadian Solar 330W modules 1 X SMA Home Manager 2.0 https://www
  9. HI Phil This is something that comes up very often. I have at least one customer per tradeshow that comes with these questions, and there is various answers. Firstly. See if the grid standards are more or less the same. for instance, South Africa, Europe and Australia are similar. They run at 50Hz. Should you find an American or Japanese one, they wont work as they may run different Hz, and therefor wont work. The second challenge is you wont get support from SMA if the device wasn't brought in through the right channels/distributors. Because its seen as a grey import. When y
  10. Good question...SMA products are very robust. and they try and keep up with the various applications. SMA are very big in countries like India, where the grid is as unstable as" lifted Jeep Wrangler doing 100 on a freeway". they have incorporated new measurements to handle this, for instance the Core 1 comes with an optional AC surge protection. and the new sunnyisland is built to accommodate board swaps, should something go wrong on the ac or dc side.
  11. SMA build one of the best offgrid inverters in the world. Which I will be explaining why. You pay for quality and warranty. Wrt warranty a supplier need to take into consideration the install, conditions and then you have external factors like our unreliable national grid. So with regards to honouring warranties, myself or anyone at SMA will try our best to help a customer within reason. I will help anyone with a complaint. Our new Sunnyisland has a 10 year warranty
  12. Hi. Yes they all are. Some of the early ones weren't as there wasn't yet a NRS. SMA was the first inverters to be approved by eskom. With all the inverters you can change the grid code. And if you stay in a country which there isnt a grid code like Mauritius. You can manually put the grid specifications in. Or SMA can pre do it and you can load the specifications.
  13. Thanks. Yes we do training at SARATEC. We will be going through all the various inverters and the setups of them. Gonna be fun
  14. I hope there is a few members wondering what is this SMA Masterclass about and who is the person behind it. Well I want to use this first topic to introduce myself and explain what our plans are. I am Stefan Steffens, (easy to remember ). I am currently the training facilitator for SMA South Africa and definitely an ambassador for quality solar products and solar in general. I also have, with a business partner, a solar install company called Rensol Africa. I have been active in the solar industry for the last 6 years and counting. I have done consulting work for SMA, Rubicon, Proinso et
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