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  1. @RiaanP - eish, sorry for the delay in responding, life is a little hectic Sold
  2. Hi @87 Dream, they are still available - if you follow the link to LBSA website, they state that they are rated 120A discharge, 320A Peak
  3. I am planning to go off-grid but not there just yet, still a work in progress. There are a few guys on the forum that have gone the DIY route, buying cells and related components to build your own. You can also buy ready built units. Bain and his team at Lithium Batteries SA (LBSA) provide a quality product/service - link at the bottom Got my first 48v 120ah (16s) setup in August last year and acquired an additional set each month thereafter - 4 banks, 24kWh. Since I was getting 1 bank/month, initially I ran them as separate banks, each with it's own BMS. While this works, this setup is
  4. Nothing wrong with your thinking though keep in mind, broadly accepted DOD for Gel/Agm battery if 50%
  5. Always an interesting discussion with many different perspectives. I haven't done a detailed analysis but I have a DIY LifePO4 battery (6kWh @ R19300) and using the 3000 cycles/80% figure, I am sitting at R1.34/kWh which beats Eskom by a bit. Battery cost/kWh is pretty much fixed whereas Eskom cost/kWh is a moving target and will increase over time, 15.6% in April for starters. If I treat my batteries with kid gloves, I could achieve more than 3000 cycles which will be a bonus
  6. Morning, looking into heat pumps - which one did you install and if you don't mind, what did you pay for it... thanks
  7. Hi Louis, I should have my re-configured battery with a 250A DALY Smart BMS running in the next few days Setup: Quattro 48/10000, Color Control GX, SmartSolar MPPT, 24KWh DIY LifePo 16s4p I'd been keen to try out your driver but I will most probably need some help Thanks
  8. 2 x ANT 120A Smart BMS - R1800 each. Upgraded my battery with a 250A Smart BMS Courier for buyers account https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/bms/products/100a-ant-smart-bms-with-bluetooth-and-lcd?variant=35449073434791
  9. Victron BMV-700 for sale, unused, still in original packaging (Installed a BMV-712). Purchased in Nov 2020 - asking R1800 Based in Drummond. KZN - courier for buyers account
  10. We on Eskom direct and have had a fixed charge for years which has been steadily increasing, about R1800/mth at present before we switch anything on - will be off grid later this year
  11. Set of 3 Victron Battery Balancers for sale - never used, in original packaging - R1800 Based in Durban - Courier for buyer
  12. Hi, I would also like to know how I can get my Multiplus II repaired? Lightning damage - based in Durban
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