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  1. I see a lot of people installed the 5kw Growatt inverters, as I underdtand 5kw is when it is in inverter mode supplying the load via battery, what is the max power that can be supplied to the loads in bypass mode when uotility is supplying the loads? Thanks
  2. Hi SiliconKid, is it possible to send me the firmware upgrades as well pls. [email protected] Thanks
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I see we also get a Growatt inverter and it works almost the same as the Axpert, how do they compare to the Axpert. Thanks
  4. Hi, can you pls explain how the Axpert works with solar panels connected, I would like to know if the panels always charge the battery and the inverter will convert the power in the battery to AC and if the batteries are full do you covert power from the panels or do the system always convert from the batteries. Hope it makes sense. Thanks
  5. Hi, If my axpert inverter are in bypass mode (utility supplying the load) how much current can be transferred from utility to load in bypass mode. I am struggling to get any data. If I understand it correctly if it is a 5KVA inverter this is the power that can be delivered when in inverter mode. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am looking at purchasing a 5KVA mecer inverter. my question is if I have 900W of solar panels and I need 3KW to run appliances do I use the 900W from the panels and can I add the other 2.1KW from my utility or how does this unit operate regarding solar,batteries and utility supply? Thanks
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