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  1. Sent A PM interested in one of the Goodwe 4,6kw ES Hybrid inverter.
  2. Thanks, I do not have PV array connected thus could not try that, I ended up taking the unit in for repairs on Saturday to Nungu Solar and got back the repaired unit today. They will still send me the report on what was faulty but the receptionist indicated they had to replace a card in the unit. Will install and monitor, thanks for all the suggestions and feedback.
  3. Sorry do not have Equipment for "Bar Graph", but I measure the voltage while the Axpert Cycles and it is sitting constantly on 51V, also measured the individual batteries and they are all sitting at aprox 12.8v after standing disconnected from the inverter for 12+ hours. (No warranty unfortunate) Think I will have to take in the unit for Repair quote, any recommendation on a repair centre I can use in Centurion/Pretoria after lockdown. Hope there is no load shedding in mean time
  4. No display, just the 3 leds flic's on and off, every second
  5. I have an Axpert 5kw, bought from the forum, that has been working great for the last year. For now, I have no solar panels connected only mains and 1 bank of 48v 180ah batteries Today I had to do some maintenance on the pool electric box (remove a Sonoff switch that failed) and accidentally switched off the axpert 220v feed trip switch, immediate there was a beep (no other noise or burn) and the axpert then went into a mode where it seems to switch off and tries to come on, brief flicker of display light and all three leds then cycles continue every 1 second seemingly to try and
  6. The Tescom (Axpert?) 3kva has been sold, The Microcare is still available.
  7. New on forum, just bought the Axpert 5kva off the forum and now I have two inverters for sale. Location: Centurion 1) older model Microcare 24v inverter (no MPPT) = R3200 Model: Inver Link-3.6 (I had it as the 2.5kw and used it with two Fiaam 12v 180 ah batteries, batteries not for sale) 2) Tescom (Axpert?) 3kva with solar= R4200 - still connected waiting for the delivery of the 5kva unit. Model: SS PRO SOLAR 3kva (installed brand new for first time aprox 2 months ago, and been working great for the loadshedding) Reason for selling is the deci
  8. Great to be able to join the forum. My current focus is to get a PV setup to drive some of the daily load. Currently I have 4 Fiamm 180ah batteries configured in two banks of 24 volt with 24v Tescom SSPRO Solar MPPT 3KVA, (no PV panels) that drive some key Equipment for the home office , TV and lights. I also still have a Microcare 24v 2.5kw Inverter system not connected. My objective for now is to drive some of the key equipment, aircon (1kw), Office Equipment(1kw), Pool pump(1.1kw), possible 1kw into water heating = total of apox 5kw planned. I do not want to run
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