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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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    MLT Powerstar 8.0H "connect to the net with Bridge MLT software" 
    2 x Microcare 60A MPPT
    DIY Lifepo4 Battery setup
    2970w solar array "planning to add more"

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  1. Gerlach

    6kw Li-iron tech

    Stolen batteries this guys. Stay away.
  2. @Crankshaft I got one of this for my setup https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000054986071.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.43404c4dKKqWpW
  3. I'm going to add in to this mix the MLT Powerstar. It's Bi-direction Hybrid Inverter, so it can export to the grid to, take from the grid if there is a short and mix. It's got it's own build in Islanding system and you can adjust the export settings to.
  4. Oooooo yes!!! Al the way for the DIY guys. Easy to check inside and easy to work, on the moving, you will need a extra 2 hands. Hahahahaha. The bigger ones got wheels to move them around. What nice of this units is, if you want to upgrade to more Kw power, you just add the extra transformer unit at the bottem of this one and plug in the cables and connect the bars on the side. You can stack 3 of this transformer units on top, then it will make 24kw of power.
  5. OOOOOoooo someone that is in the audio to then we can talk. heheheheh. waitttt!! Crankshaft from the AudioForum??? is that you?
  6. Here is some images of mine. Front tronsformer: And in the rear a monster of a Toroidal Transformer:
  7. @Richard Mackay that still small. If you get the opportunity to check inside n MLT Powerstar inverter, then you will see a really big one. I wish you guys can see it. Pictures can't do it justes. The complete unit weight is 82kg where I think 70 kg is just transformer in side.
  8. OOOOOooooooo yes they do, and big ones!!!!!!!!!! and they build locally. I own one. https://mltinverters.com/
  9. Don't forget MLT inverters guys
  10. @Party Plant Your problem is that 105Ah batteries isn't really made for this sort of work and for that inverters. They will now last long. You need something like Trojan's that Plonkster mention or go the LifePO4 way. Way better and they will last you longer. @plonkster So far i remember and have seen they can run on FreedomWon yes. Drop @Stanley a msg. His a pro with this stuff and owns one.
  11. @plonkster It's telling you to upgrade to a Rocket Espresso machine hehehehehehe . that Cable-ties sound is morse codes
  12. I was just lucky, some of stuff pitching up here and there after 3 months ordering. I guess SAPO had some time to sort out there 2 year back lock with now imports from China this 3 weeks.
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