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    MLT Powerstar 8.0H "connect to the net with Bridge MLT software" 
    2 x Microcare 60A MPPT
    DIY Lifepo4 Battery setup. 7.2kwh x 2 units with Bluetooth BMS
    2970w solar array "planning to add more"

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  1. Then you need to check with n multi meter on that sells to see if they not under charge. It can happend if you got sells that was standing for a while and they lost a bit off power in them. So far no problems. I only got one that sontimes drop a bit. Then i top that sell up with a lifepo4 charger juat to get it back to it's normal level.
  2. @Powerforum Store any good/special prices on 330w pannels?
  3. Draw.io I used it for mine. Takes a bit of time to catch how it works but after that it works super nice.
  4. The bmv is design actually to be use with lead acid based batteries by using the Peukert's law to work the state of charge of battery and discharge. With the lithium and lifepo4s busy taking over the market slowly, Peukert's law don't really work with them. A bms is Battery Management System that actually keeps a eye on every sell in you lithium / Lifep4 setup and works out the stage of charge and deside if it needs to shift volts over to other cells "active ballancing" or if there cell run away that it stop the sell from run away by stopping the charge toe the batteries and start moving the extra of the over charge cell to the other cells. Now if you bms got comms, it will inform the inverter to say to it "Hi , stop charging, we got some problems that we need to sort out, we will inform you to start charge again" . So the inverter will wait for the responds back. Now some bms don't have comms so the guys use bmv to help with charging and discharging info. There is fine line of working this out with the guessing game of the Peukert's law. We use between 1.00 and 1.05 for this in lithiums.
  5. If planning to 10kw, then look at the new design MLT powerstar. There is plans of it be in the CoCT new list. Just need to dubble check with @Stanley
  6. Yes, my MLT gives that info and they really close. I use say about 98% the shelly EM info if i need to check. My day to day use lines up with my PV kwh and Battery kwh use. Best is to check here : https://shop.shelly.cloud/shelly-em-50a-clamp-wifi-smart-home-automation-1#139 The SA one you mail got a bit of story behind them, you can check on mybroadband. I see takealot stocks the Shelly 2.5 but it's way over price. You can import 2 for that price. SHELLY EU got n fix rate of €35 with DHL and then you stack the box full of shelly stuff. Maybe check on the forum if some poeple want and do a batch order then. So far I'm happy with mine and Energy and the other person that i imported with.
  7. I'm running mine in my inverter DB that supply the house. It uses the L and N from your supply to give it power, so it keeps eye on AC volts and Power Factor. Clamp 1 I'm running in Main AC Breaker to my change over switches and Clamp 2 I'm running on my geyser to keep a eye there. I got my geyser interlock between eskom and the inverter so dump all my extra solar to the geyser then. What nice about the shelly EM is, it's got n relay/contactor control so jy kan switch stuff on via the Shelly EM. In the settings you can adjust so if you got n load on clamp one of say 3000w, and your inverter can only supply say 5000w, and a load of 3000w on clamp 2 starts up, then it will switch off the load on clamp 1 via the relay control and only switch on the load if the load on clamp 2 is gone again.
  8. @Energy mine was in the same DHL box in lockdown with yours
  9. Other option is the Shelly EM. It runs wifi, upload via cloud so you van connect to it via app, website or log into the IP. Keeps log , hour, days Nd months and year and you export data. You can connect it with Grafana to. It runs 2 clamps and gets it's power from AC in your DB so it works Power Factor in to.
  10. Hahahahahah. Your OCD is working overtime with my posts. Jammer!!!
  11. To add what JJS where posting about, we were talking off forum allot, I had the same problem with my Microcare MPPT. When I started with my first lifepo4 bank, It will charge it full, go in float and stay on float then. If there is demand from the inverter, it will start taking from the lifepo4 bank, and a bit from the the MPPT where the MPPT must have supply the full load. It will idol like this and put a bit back in to the lifepo4 in float mode and then will idol in low volts again, till you switch it over in Boost mode again and then it will charge at full. Same story in Float it will not supply "full" solar array power. Got my second Lifepo4 bank, first bank will charge full, second one will charge till there is 20ah still to go, then it will go in float. If you switch it over to boost again it will charge it full then. Bit off a problem when you not at home to check this. In lockdown I did a test, I connect my second MPPT and pulled one of the strings out of the first mppt combiner and moved it over to the second MPPT. Same settings then number 1 MPPT so that it can trail it. Now it works better, one will go in float and then the other one will keep running in boost till the 2 banks are full. The Microacare stuff work nice, but they got this small stuff that is a bit of problem. I even got the Battery and solar monitor stuff for mine and pain in the rear end just to get the RS converter working so that the MPPT's can connect to the monitor. I think more and more to sell the Microcare mppt's off and get a MLT Nomad MPPT or Victron MPPT.
  12. Here some better photos of one of them. I think this is a lower amp version. My got FIT's on both side. @plonkster Jip. Looks like a ESP. I got the 3de bms on it's way, slooooowwwwllllyyyyy. I will open that one and take some close photos.
  13. @Louisvdw no problem. Here it is You will see there is n google drive file and everything is in there. He explains how to upload and setup all the stuff. Keep us posted if you get something running.
  14. Here is the board behine the screen
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