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  1. Hi,

    I would like to come and have a look at them

    Possibly take a few


    Kind regards Suly

    1. anunnaki


      hi  Suly, you are welcome to come.

      I am available almost every day.

      my phone is 076 575 1447

      address: 190 Belhame Place, Mondeor









  2. @PowerUser https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf Please read documentation above will give you all you need to know,as well as technical explaination for all our esteemed professionals
  3. Your plan/steps taken sounds spot on Great choices, I would get the 8kw machine once off coz if need be for more power (budget depending of cause rather save up) I have the sunsynk version and they work excellent
  4. Hi, Location please Is icc bought from iccsoftware Manie or other
  5. Hi, Could someone please assit me with comms cable pinouts for Sunsynk and Hubble AM-2 to communicate with each other Please state wether its for CAN or RS485 Thank you
  6. Hi, I have the same issue, if you don't mind sharing the pinout on comms cable
  7. Just my hummble opinion if i were you,i would build a structure on the wall (from wall to wall) and lay my panels flat In other words raise them
  8. My opinion/What i've done: Would be to install a 3kw heat pump it uses on 750w to get job done and it has a timer,so can set when it goes on and off
  9. Firstly buy the exact same panels a stated above. Your 150/100 MPPT can take 5800w of solar = 14 x 420 Improtant just keep your 2 string configuration as to not exceed 150v
  10. Apologies I'm not very fimiliar with solis, if you don't get an answer here You will need to contact installer/supplier
  11. Switches off Don't know Yes.Thats why I suggested ICC so that you can automate the process (setup once and than it does it by itself there after) Yes and he needs to start with 2 Modules Automate change from utils to battery and back to utils
  12. Yes 10yrs warranty Correct FYI Lithium batteries need to used daily irrespective of loadshedding or not (if memory serves me correct by 20%) if not used warranty will be come void IMO 2 x US3000C Modules would be safer as to not void warranty on battery and I would leave the fridge/freezer, inverter serves as protection from surge as well I would get pi with ICC and pylontech BMS cable (https://iccsoftware.co.za) to manage SOC of battery correctly
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