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  1. Just my 2 cents worth put 4 North facing, 3 West Facing and 3 East facing, connect 2 north facing with 3 east and the other 2 north facing with west coz it's what i did and works perfect
  2. From what I know they cannot be paralleled, they are stand alone machines but stand to be corrected O!! Im glad your issue has been resolved.
  3. IMO I would install 5x 600w and 5x 600w to make both mppts work equal, this way inverter will b more efficient and sell the 2 x250w
  4. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4839-axpert-error-04-with-pylontech-batteries/ check link above. Hope this helps and you come right
  5. I think : Microcontroller Unit IMO Don't fix whats NOT broken
  6. https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/75-vm-iii-main-firmware-upgrade-process/ https://powerforum.co.za/files/file/68-axpert-king-removable-display-firmware-0266rar/ According to info provided i think thats the one for your machine VMIII_Ver91.20.7z
  7. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4933-axpert-vmiii-error-69/
  8. @Andry91I would like to welcome Tom Cunliffe to the Sunsynk UK Team Maybe contact this guy and see if they can assist with a sunsynk solution for you
  9. Don't know much about deye, however sunsynk is the same inverter with different software.I'm guessing for offgrid you would need to connect your micro inverter on aux input and control it from there Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWnrFQqLJ74 And for ongrid check: https://www.sunsynk.org/post/ac-coupling-must-watch Hope this helps and solves your problem.
  10. IMO As long as equalization voltage is 52.8v, bulk 53.2v or below and float 52.4v you should be fine.
  11. See manual in previous reply for pinouts . The cable you need is a RJ11 to RS232 USB and is made by Diverse Solutions. I'm pretty sure there are people that have made there own just need to find the correct RS232 USB,if you search for other threads you will find
  12. All pylontechs have RS485 port which is RJ45 and as far i know the RJ11 port is only used with Pi with ICC/Battery viewer not connected directly to Inverter. See manual for US3000 and pinouts US3000-Product-Manual-18BQSV0801.pdf
  13. Item: 2 x new 415w Canadian Solar Poly Age: mounted never used +-6months Price: R2700ea or R5250 for both Payment Method Accepted: EFT or cash on collection Warranty: balance of normal Packaging: opened Condition: new Location: South JHB Reason: Not needed have installed a set of 545w mono Shipping: No Collection: Yes Link:https://segensolar.co.za/product/canadian-solar/pv-panel-canadian-solar/polycrystalline-pv-panel-canadian-solar/canadian-solar-415w-super-high-power-poly-perc-hiku-with-mc4/
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