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  1. Honestly i don't know but according to documentation which of course i can not find now thats how it suppose to be connected. If you serach the forum you will find
  2. Inverter/GX device will pick battery but might be only one battery. I've seen it with Axpert install
  3. Just swap positive and negative going to inverter
  4. Very neat Only one thing your connection on pylon tech negative wire going to inverter must be on last slave battery (your slave is on top)
  5. I had the same issue I used : Tenda 2.4GHz 6dBi 4 Port Fast Ethernet Router and Repeater | F9 No need to run a cable from router to garage. All other plugin extenders IMO are a waste of money Works perfectly
  6. Looking for a 2nd hand/used Victron MPPT bluesolar/smartsolar 150/? with ve.direct cable I'm aware that it's like looking for smokes under lockdown just trying my luck Price dependant coz will need to finance
  7. Hi, Apologies for the delayed response Height - 490 from floor 470 cabinet itself, Width-550 and Depth-500
  8. IMO you should get Pi with ICC and PYL Tech communication cable, will give you all need in terms of control and reading.Only needs to be connected to master inverter www.iccsoftware.co.za
  9. Hi Welcome and no studity here,we are all learning. Correct you need to change it to 100A On the Us3000 charge current is 37A each so you can go upto 185A on 5 no more
  10. They work well but IMO it would be best to get Pi with ICC and pylontech communiction cable for ICC to get your systems batteries SOC,etc working perfectly www.iccsoftware.co.za
  11. If I'm not mistaken max it will only be able to take 12 panels on each inverter (3series and 4 parellel) so 24 panels in total
  12. No it does NOT feed in to the grid (classified as off grid but does however do bending in with the grid) 1st Solar 2nd Utility than 3rd battery Means charging source Solar only
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