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  1. I believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. If you have a Pi running ICC you can definitely do it. Mannie has developed an app called APM which gets values from ICC see below, so you wire the geyser with 1 x 2CH sonoff swicth with 2 x relays 30amp (1 to grid AC and the other to inverter AC) and do the automation on APM. Done.
  2. FYI Whatever inverter you choose needs to be pure sine wave NOT modified sine wave (as far as I know to run fridge/freezer)
  3. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5350-lockable-pylontech-battery-4-bay-cabinet-only/ Robertsham
  4. Most likely a scam coz domain was registered only on creationdate : 2020/07/03 21:22:32 Normally if it sounds/looks too good to be true it usually is STAY AWAY!!
  5. Agreed Agreed but What if table top was granite/cement or steel with vents? The reason for the question is that I have 42u with one MP II and want to add another but vertically a space coz of Pylontechs below. However I have a shelve that i can mount on that is horizontal, cabinet has fans as well, so circulation is not a problem
  6. Hi, I've only ever seen inverters mounted Vertically. Can an inverter be mounted or left horizontally on a shelve or table top? If no please elaborate
  7. Can also work if, like you say used correctly. The one functionality I like of the King is SUB (blending between Solar and Utility)
  8. All victron setups need some sort off gx device,newer ones come with builtin gx
  9. Never happened to me. Install solar and check, you might need to update the firmware on the machine
  10. My setup: I moved my King over to run Pool and borehole seperately with AGM batteries And installed a Victron system to run the houses with the Pylontech, feeding in access solar to geyser,kettle,microwave,etc I have loaded 2 inverter aircons,washing machine and tumble drier to the essentials load Going BLUE is expensive but works like a charm !!!


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