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  1. Welcome, On ICC under settings,inverter mqtt check if inverter selection matches your inverter? Under settings,battery is use pylotech values on?
  2. Correction NO Relay needed. Just installed Sonoff 10A without relay pump and chlorinator running +-800W
  3. Check just an idea, been working for me for a few months now on geysers and just bought relay for Pool pump haven't installed yet, Maybe tomorrow
  4. Do you have Pi with ICC? If yes you could buy ICC APM and activate. Use a sonoff switch with a relay to turn on pool pump via APM software when excess pv is available,set timer,etc,etc
  5. Pic of PhilFM is the correct way it should be connected. Pylontech say it should be connected that way. If you add another battery later,the new battery becomes the master and goes on top.
  6. 1a. domain : greenskyenergy.co.za 1b. action : 1c. Registrar : 1API GmbH 2a. registrant : REDACTED 2b. registrantpostaladdress: REDACTED 2c. registrantstreetaddress: REDACTED 2d. amount : REDACTED 2e. paymenttype : REDACTED 2f. billingaccount : REDACTED 2g. billingemail : REDACTED 2i. invoiceaddress : REDACTED 2j. registrantphone : REDACTED 2k. registrantfax : REDACTED 2l. registrantemail : REDACTED 2n. vat : REDACTED 3b. cname
  7. Does your inverters have parallel cards in them? https://powerforum.co.za/topic/7125-for-sale-axpert-parallel-cards/?tab=comments#comment-84388 If you go parallel than one battery bank is needed meaning batteries get connected in parallel and shared by both inverters Parallel installation.pdf
  8. Amps, post pic of label on battery and how have you connect inverters in parallel to single phase or seperate?
  9. Whats the size of your bank AMPS and breaker size?
  10. Do you have a fuse between Batteries and inverter? YES to inputs & outputs on inverter if they are being connected to same phase,NO if they are on seperate phases but NOOOOO!!! to EL/Main DB connection. You need AC in from main db to seperate db for inverter to EL to CB wired to changeover switch and inverter. AC out from inverter to same db for inverter to CB and than to main DB on all seperated essential loads Maybe get an electrician to assist with this part coz as explained with drawing you will be pushing 230v from grid and 230v from inverter into one phase essentailly
  11. The correct settings for that batteries are (supplied by supplier): so 40amp per battery so 80amps on both Inverters You have the Axpert MKII 450V inverter just for future reference. Latest firmware version is 71.82 I think
  12. IMO you should be fine with just one cable (but I would choose 2.5mm to be safe)
  13. IMO 1.5mm surfix for lights and 2.5mm surfix for pump (if you only running small pump and nothing else in future 1.5mm should be fine) all in conduit piping as you mentioned 20mm should be fine
  14. IMO No best to use 8 x 380=3040 on each inverter (2s4p)
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