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  1. Yes and much more in terms of utilization of PV for essentials and none essentials Hope it makes sense Daytime used Night time used
  2. Sorry made a typo meant he WONT look back Use a busbar for battery/mppts and check out https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf for correct cable sizing
  3. Hi, IMO best choice your friend has ever made and he would look back Warning becomes costly maar Goedkoop is Duurkoop!!! Depending on his setup/needs GX device Cerbo or Venus Multiplus II 5 kva or Quattro MK3 cable ET112 with RS485 to USB Cables to connect MPPT's to GX device/Multi to GX And cable to connect battery to GX (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:solar_md) FYI get someone that is victron certfied to install not simple as voltronic and other setups Not to worry Victron is very versatile that way, works intelligen
  4. Might be firmware related the drop to zero or mppt is faulty @Coulomb will be able to assist further
  5. From @Coulomb grand masters signature: If using 72-cell panels with a 145 V max solar charge controller, always wire 2S! Never 3S! Your machine has 3 x 145V mppts
  6. Yes, Grid meter ET112 is also used for exactly what you want to do "I would like to keep my net usage as close to zero as possible" It tries to keep your usage from the grid as close to zero as possible without exporting Also allows for exporting if wanted
  7. @Kobus680718 panels should be connected in 2S6P per inverter not 3 in series
  8. @Bloubul7 No you answered the first and I answered the second...
  9. The Axpert king goes upto 140A on PV charging current Correct
  10. Each 3.5 pylontech recommended charge current 37A x 10 = 370A/2 inverters = 185 per/inverter (depending on which Axpert you have to will set charge cuurent accordingly)
  11. Welcome, On ICC under settings,inverter mqtt check if inverter selection matches your inverter? Under settings,battery is use pylotech values on?
  12. Correction NO Relay needed. Just installed Sonoff 10A without relay pump and chlorinator running +-800W
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