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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Hi Guys, We are very much able to help. After lockdown of course. Jay
  2. AH thanks very much! Might you have any spare units I can purchase from you? Jay
  3. Small 800-1200VA. Jay
  4. Hope anyone can help . Second hand is just fine. Jay
  5. Hi all. I myself am very much looking for sonoff goodies in SA. All sold out ? Jay
  6. Yip just reccomeded yourself Not to worry feel free to assist on this one. Sincerely J
  7. Dear All, As per the attached we have secured 10 x of the attached units. Units are in stock. Dyness 9.6kWh Units in stock. Compatible with a host of Inverters. R69 000 Including Vat Per 9.6kWh Unit. (4 Modules = 9.6kWh) 10 Units available and in stock. Please contact [email protected] ; Subject Dyness. Sincerely Jason
  8. Hi All. We have one unit left. Brand new in box. Please do let know. Sincerely Jason
  9. Thanks so much guys. Soon there will be a mobile app for powerforum! Big things a head. Jay
  10. 1997's Abe's odyssey. Nastolgia! Great thread! Promoted. Jay
  11. How about a 1200VA Vic Multiplus. What you guys say? Jay
  12. Thanks so much for this. We are in the process of building turn key systems for backup. We will have them online soon. Thanks for the input . Jay


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