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  1. Soon Great Drone footage to come. I have this for now. Sincerely Jason VID-20201027-WA0070.mp4
  2. Amazing Guss. Such a clean install. Well done. Sincerely Jason
  3. It's not me in the picture. Better drone footage to come!
  4. We have some new pictures. ;)) Will post today. J
  5. Thanks. That's a fairly high current. Jay
  6. Hi All Hope great. Need some help. Is a standard pool light for a splash pool 24VDC? Also what current draw? The transformer broke in the box. So thinking of just replacing it with an AC adaptor. Let me have your thoughts? Sincerely. Jay
  7. Thank you very much. That's what I have being trying to achieve since 2013. This really makes me happy. Sincerely Jason
  8. Excellent work!!! Many happy power returns! Sincerely. Jason
  9. Hehe. My 16A sonoff still going strong on the pool pump. J
  10. Guy wires still to come! Will keep updating this thread. The wind turbine interfaces with the SMA grid tie inverter. Sincerely. J
  11. Did some one say....'Leoch' ! Oh no. I'm going to shutdown the server and bury it! ;D
  12. It's a huge pleasure. I will also be putting up my own system very soon. I have been dreaming about it since 2013 when I started the forum. Please do document your process! Well done sir! Sincerely Jason
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