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  1. I did. Still working for a good while now ;)) Jay
  2. I'll be happy to push that development for the Victron. Sincerely. Jay
  3. Hi Guys. I can do lithium . The Bornay kit. Brochure attached is fully ready for Pylontech. We also expanding to other batterys. Brochure attached. We are in process of testing our More budget freindly machines as well. All is well so far. Sincerely Jason Bornay_Wind_Turbine_Brochure_2020.pdf
  4. Dear All I was very interested in Danie's hinge plate for a wind turbine pole. He is/was the importer of Wind Turbines. He sounded like a great gent over the phone. I asked him if he could make a simmilar hinge plate pole design for me that he advertised. I payed him a deposit of R10 000. He has gone into hiding. Refuses to take my calls or reply to my emails. It is a very sad situation. It's been close to 2 months now. Just a heads up. His particulars as attachment. Hopefully he will see this and ask me to remove it. He really caught me. I have the contact details of his 29 year old son. However I do not want the son to know about it for Danie's sake. Stay safe all. Sincerely Jason
  5. Hi Everyone. I hope all is well. I am paying off our house by means of a bond. I do not have the financial capacity to install solar and batterys. Is one able to rope the cost of a solar installation into my bond payments? Any advice will be great! Sincerely Jason
  6. Please help with perfect settings for an axpert 5kw 5kva inverter parallel connection. Connected to 3 x pylontech US3000. I have 30 x PV 260W installed. It seems the communication between battery and inverter is not the same.. Pylon light are all on but inverter display show only 2 bar on battery. 48.7volt 

    Thank you 

  7. Dear All Would love some help. Does anyone have experience with this brand 'Lava'. I'm wanting to put one in because they so efficient. Have a look at the attached. Sincerely Jason
  8. Hi Guys, We are very much able to help. After lockdown of course. Jay
  9. AH thanks very much! Might you have any spare units I can purchase from you? Jay
  10. Small 800-1200VA. Jay
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