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  1. @Coulomb the problem is the BMV700 settings I think. It tells ICC when it detects that the batteries are fully charged and ICC then only tells the Axperts to switch the charging voltage to float. So the BMV700 settings is the issue. I have increased that to 58.4V and not 0.2V less than bulk charge voltage as recommended by Victron. Will see how that works out over the next few days. Since I hit 82 during the past week and the batteries are about 3 years old, it will probably not be them that falls victim to the reaper first if I can get the charging working correctly. But I live in hope.
  2. Does anyone have suggestions on settings for a BMV 700 connected to a Raspberry Pi running ICC that will result in my Trojan T105 battery bank of 2 parallel 48V strings charging fully. In desperation I have set setting 32 on the Axperts (2 in parallel) to 90 minutes which kind of works depending on the SOC. The BMV settings are as recommended in the Victron video but it seems the BMV does little if any control and switches to float irrespective of the time setting for bulk charge time. That is when setting 32 on the Axperts is set to Auto and time factor on BMV to 90 minutes. @Coulomb and @plonkster you are probably amongst the right people to ask. Perhaps I will with your help solve this ongoing problem before the grim reaper comes to visit.
  3. @ATM perhaps you should just install a relay in parallel with the Geyserwise to switch grid power to your geyser and control the relay with the RPi.
  4. @wolfandy I am glad to say that in flashing my 2 Axperts (Proline branded) as well of those of others in our village with the @Coulomb and @weber firmware as new versions became available, I have never encountered a problem. Even when I reflashed the MPPT firmware, as was recommended some considerable time ago, everything went smoothly. I just take my time and like carpenters "measure twice, cut once". Thanks for the link anyhow, one can never learn too much.
  5. Thanks a great deal for your reply @Coulomb. I also noted the date from a previous post of yours explaining the composition of the serial number. It is very reassuring that it appears to be the same as your own Axperts.
  6. @Coulomb would you kindly see if you can tell from the included photos whether this might be a genuine Axpert or a clone. It belongs to a resident in our village and he asked me to upgrade it to your and @weber 's firmware ver 73.00e. I would not like to responsible for bricking his inverter.
  7. @Coulomb Thanks a great deal for your interesting explanation. I don't have your knowledge and skills to repair my Axperts should I blow up something. So I guess I will just continue using 73.00e as everything works just great. Thank you nonetheless for taking the time to explain it all.
  8. @Coulomb It would seem from your posting above that your and @weber 's proposed future version 74.4 firmware will also be suitable for my Axpert 5KVa 4Kw models with 145V maximum solar input. A I right in assuming that? @Bushtracker and @Truts I would recommend that you have look at ICC-Pi and a Raspberry Pi to optimise solar power with your.inverters. My house runs off a 2 Axpert cluster but the geyser is heated by evacuated tubes and for the past year grid power used by the geyser is only 120 KWh. A friend with a setup similar to @Bushtracker 's uses solar/battery power from 6h00 until 17h00. On cloudy days ICC is set to set to switch to grid when battery SOC drops to 77% and back to solar at 82% SOC. You also require a Victron BMV700 for a single bank of batteries or BMV702 for a double Bank in parallel. Such a control setup is just infinity more flexible and accurate then Watchpower. However one does have to schedule large power consuming appliances to grid times to maximise battery life. I have 450AH flooded lead acid battery capacity and run on solar/battery from 23h00 until 17h00 the next day at present with sunny weather mostly on the West Coast. What I particularly like is that I can monitor ICC from my mobile phone with the free RealVNC viewer and make adjustments to the Axpert's settings.
  9. @Colin my 2 Axpert cluster has been working for more than 2 years with ICC working perfectly. It does not matter whether you connect the master or the slave to the RPi. Just make sure that you press the Stop button so that ICC is not active when you do the settings. Then save and start ICC again and all should be well. I initially forgot to set to 2 inverters but Manie spotted the error in a moment and also told me to stop ICC and set up and save before starting ICC again. Hope this works for you too. I am running version 2.996, which is the latest anyway, as well so that is not the problem.
  10. @P1000 I have now been using ICC since it became available, I guess about 3 years or so and AICC, its predecessor before that. I have 2 x 4KW Axpert (Proline rebrand) inverters in parallel and have never bothered to use emonCMS. ICC runs on a Raspberry Pi, the dashboard which I access from my PC, mobile phone or tablet with RealVNC, works worldwide. I use a router which I flashed with Gargoyle firmware which has a VPN server via which I connect to my LAN with the portable devices. I also have the MQTT remote dashboard on a Win10 PC but have managed to run it with Wine on my main PC which has Ubuntu18.04LTS as operating system. There is in addition a BMV700 (I still regret not having bought the BMV702 or 712) connected to the RPi. ICC does all all the switching between solar/batteries and grid based on time and state of charge. Amost all settings on the inverters can be changed on the dashboard, such as times it switches, minimum and maximum SOC for switching, charge rates for grid and solar etc. Better take a look at the dashboard photos on the ICC website, iccsoftware.co.za.The only setting that I have to do on the inverters is the time the chargers, MPPT and grid, will maintain the bulk charging voltage. I use this only because the I have not managed te set the BMV700 to fully charge the batteries. But there may be afundemental problem because my Trojan T105 batteries requires a bulk charging voltage of 59.3V and the Axpert maximum is 58.4V. So I just keep the chargers at 58.4V for 120 minutes. Right now, it being summer and mostly sunny on the West Coast where I live, ICC switches to grid at 17h00 and back to solar/battery at 23h00. My battery bank is 450AH and minimum voltage is set to 77% SOC, so if that is ever reached ICC will switch to grid until the batteries reach 82% SOC with input priorities set to solar then batteries then grid. My batteries are usually at around 80% SOC in the mornings when the panels start charging them. This with a base load of around 400-450W during the night. I guess emonCMS is great to add additional guages and displays as some members have published on the forum. So far the ones offered on the ICC dashboard hav met my requirements for me. @Krokkedil on the advice of Jaco, the original developer of AICC, I set Axpert parameter 12 to 44V and parameter 13 to 48V, both the lowest values offered. Higher values confuses ICC but that presupposes that one has a Victron BMV7xx connected to the Raspberry Pi to ensure that ICC is fed accurate data which the Axpert is not good at. Parameter 46, the low cut-off voltage is set to 46V but your battery type, parameter 5, has to be set to USR for that to be available. Also both my inverters have been flashed with the Coulomb/Weber firmware version 73.00e which works great. I hope this improves the readings you are getting as it did for me.
  11. @plonkster I have often wondered if some comments published on this forum are not grounds for defamation litigation. It is after all a criminal offence in RSA so one merely has to lay a charge with the SAPS and justice will follow at no cost to the aggrieved party. Thin ice indeed.
  12. @plonkster Just ignore the whole issue and leave it to those involved. You will just shorten your life with stress. Given my substantially advanced age it is something I am acutely aware of so I can speak with some knowledge on the matter. Meanwhile I find it most convenient to control my inverters from my phone or tablet to access ICC on the RPi with the free RealVNC viewer.
  13. Whatever semantics are used in discussing "open source", the fact remains that the software is available for use without cost to the user. Whoever bought AICC or later ICC did not buy open source and if they have any issues, it surely is between them and the developer. Whether the original developer of AICC, who later joined forces with Manie, released the source code with consent of his then partner Manie, is not clear. As I recall, he denied having released the source code on this forum but it is some time ago so I may be wrong. Logic dictates that if he had a partner who contributed to the code it stands to reason that both partners would have to agree to release the code as open source. But if one partner denied that he released it, if I indeed remember correctly, and the other partner did not agree, then who published the code in the public domain. Any item that anyone produced, whether hardware or software, will be priced at what the market will pay. That is why the big tech companies like Microsoft manages to continue charging obscene amounts for their products. If the ICC price rises to double the present price tomorrow, fewer buyers will pay that price. However if a competitive product hits the market, the price will come down or it will disappear if the developer does not deem any further work worth his while. Same as MS-DOS and every other MS operating system thereafter up to Win 7. That is how the free market works, supply and demand balancing and no exchange will take place unless both parties believe it to be in their interest. I see no reason why Manie or anyone else should be expected to make their products available for free. If they so decide then anyone may freely use it as I do with Linux and other open source software. But thus far I have not seen a competitive product to ICC except one from the distant past developed by a fellow called Ed, I forgot his surname. That disappeared very suddenly for whatever reason and I guess anyone who bought it was, left stranded. If one has strong views on the issue, then put in some long hours to create a competitive program and release it as freeware.
  14. @plonkster We are really digging up the past here but it is still interesting. However I still have yet to see an alternative to ICC for Axpert owners. I know they are not Victron but mine are working fine and the one that failed some time ago was repaired free of charge by Pinnacle. Reportedly the problem was condensation which is not surprising given the winter humidity on the West Coast. Delphi is another well supported development system that bit the dust although FreePascal and the graphic front end Lazarus, both open source, are still with us. Watchpower is really not great but I know of nothing else. Maybe someone will spot something useful some time or another.
  15. @plonkster I have never been able to figure out how open source programmers are supposed to realise a meaningful reward for all the many hours spent in creating the software. Certainly nobody else gives all their hard work away for free. Those who reaps the largest rewards from mankind, like pharmaceutical companies and specifically banks gives nothing away for free. Banks are fundamentally bankrupt and lend out many times more than the deposits they have, euphimistically called fractional reserve banking. All with the blessing of governments who need the banks in any event to couterfeit the currency in this manner. This is nowadays called quantitative easing to hide the reality and almost nobody seems to know that the government is taxing them without their knowledge. But I digress. One needs to read, amongst others, Real Money, which was published locally by the Free Market Foundation to understand this matter. I had a chat with Manie quite a while ago and it would seem that the contribution of the guy who originally sold AICC, worked in co-operation with Manie. He apparently mainly programmed the display which is now the MQTT Windows display. Manie seems to have done most if not all the ICC programming. The other chap, whose name I forgot, became very defensive, with threats of action by patent attorneys, when TTT tried to get Manie associated or at least help him with the program he was trying to create. The drama played out on this forum for some time. So I agree that there are risks with depending on one person, but the ICC has been working outstandingly well for me and a friend in the village. He installed it at my recommendation and has yet to regret it. But if the programmer ends up under the proverbial bus, one would just continue to use what you have until it stops. I have recently had an expensive share charting program failing after some 15 years of working perfectly. For some time it would only work on XP and I had to run it on a virtual machine. The company in the USA that created it, was listed on the NASDAQ and still exists but have stopped selling and supporting it a long time ago. So even when more than one individual is involved, one is at risk. That said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If one does not use ICC for Axpert inverters then what? Victron and other highly praised equipment with equally high prices may have alternatives but it would not solve my requirements. If you or anyone else has a suggestion, I would be covered if the bus does arrive at the wrong place at the right time, ie to meet with the programmer.


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