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  1. @iiznh We are using about 40W for a Ubiquiti Powerbeam, 1 x LPR camera with infrared illumination, 1 x CCTV camera and a network switch. Also we have an infrared illuminator using about 60W at night. Our mains charger current is only 7.2A so I guess we never did manage to charge the battery fully. We are going to disconnect the infrared illuminator as the LRP camera's built-in infrared illumination is sufficient for reliable number plate recognition. Thanks a great deal for your suggestions.
  2. @iiznh Thank you for your suggestions. After checking the specifications of our present charger and solar pwm charge controller, it would seem that we will stay within the limits of LiFePO4 batteries. We will be using 100AH cells with a Daly BMS. As we will be adding a 73W 12V solar panel to the system, it should keep the battery at a high SOC during the day until the street lights come on and mains charging takes over. The Victron IP65 and a Victron MPPT solar charge controller would be ideal but is also quite pricey.
  3. In our village we have a CCTV monitoring system, installed and maintained by a few residents of which I have been one since we started it some 13 years ago. Some of our cameras run off 12V 100AH batteries, charged by the street light power which is only on during night hours. Thus far we have used SLA batteries with disappointing lifespans. We now wish to install LiFePO4 cells with a BMS and add solar panels with charge controllers to boost power during the day. Since the charging characteristics of LiFePO4 differs from SLA, I have been trying to find suitable mains chargers and solar cha
  4. @PeterGutti I have updated and upgraded my ICC RPi 3 Linux during the weekend by following the instructions on Manie's website Help page. Some googling found recommendations not to run rpi-update, the last command on Manie's upgrade command string. So I would suggest leaving that out as it may upgrade the bootloader to an unreliable beta version. At least the underlying operating system is now up to date. My ICC and that of a friend in our village for whom I installed ICC from Manie, still runs without problems. Our systems freeze maybe once or twice times a year if ever which is unlikely to
  5. @PeterGutti Have a look at the ICCSoftware website Help page for commands to upgrade Linux on RPi to latest, particularly if you have the RPi3. Perhaps that will get your communication to the computer going again.
  6. @JohanDbn I noticed on the website Help page that trial versions are no longer available. However there is a great deal of information that may be relevant, particularly if you have an RPi 3. I was not aware of some so will be updating the RPi Linux for sure today. Manie has posted the commands on the Help page. The current version is 3.1 not 2.999 as stated on the website.
  7. @JohanDbn Manie's ICC has catered for parallel inverters for quite some time as well as several brands of LiFePO4 batteries. Google ICCSoftware or try iccsoftware.co.za perhaps. I am not sure if the website owner Jason will regard posting supplier's websites contrary to forum rules hence the suggestion to Google for ICCSoftware. Perhaps add South Africa to the query. I looked at Manie's website Help section last night and it has been significantly added to since my previous visit so taken a look.
  8. @JohanDbn I have a Victron BMV700 connected to the RPi and Manie's (ICCSoftware) has a software switch for that as well as for Pylontech batteries. Just Google his website and have a look if it suits you. I don't even want to think about running my system without Manie's ICC which I have been using since it became avaliable.
  9. @JohanDbn I have no experience of the Centurion Solar ICC so cannot comment. Manie's latest version is 3.1 and that works perfectly for me on a RPi 3 with Class 10 SD card and heat sinks but no fan. @John When my RPi lost contact with the Axpert in the past, I have found that changing to another USB port on the RPi restored communication without rebooting. I can't remember when last that was necessary. It seems that ever since I installed heat sinks on the two main chips on the RPi, everything is working just fine. May be worth trying.
  10. It would be helpful if people mention the source of their ICC, is it from ICC Software which is Manie or from Centurion Solar. Perhaps the version number will help. As I mentioned before, I almost never need to restart ICC or reboot the RPi. @PeterGutti did you make any progress yet. Perhaps replacing your SD card on the RPi may help. Manie is busy programming a version 4 on which a beta user has posted enthusiastic comments some time ago. I for one am looking forward to it.
  11. @PeterGutti You and I must count amongst those who have used ICC from the first version from Manie and even the Windows version before that. My system is the same as yours except for the battery type. I am glad to say that my ICC hangs maybe once or twice a year which is way less than my Windows and Ubuntu computers. If software or firmware in this case hangs frequently because of a bug, everyone will have the problem. That is not the case so I would suggest looking elsewhere. Power supply spikes comes to mind so I would suggest a spike suppressor plug on the RPi AC supply side of the power su
  12. @Wildebees I suppose the connection method between 6 battery banks depends on the maximum load or charge current. Even though the banks will be in parallel, I would connect the positive load/charge cable to bank 1 and negative to bank 6. It may prove interesting to keep the banks balanced too. If you parallel connect blocks of say six cells in parallel and then the blocks in series, you will only need one BMS. But then it is a question whether the BMS can handle your load/charge current. Perhaps one can overcome this with large relays. There has not been much discussion or clarity on parall
  13. @Gelo I do not believe the DIY route requires a great deal of technical skills. Have a look at Will Prowse's YouTube videos as there is much to show you how he did it. He even has a video of building a 24V battery bank with an ANT BMS and connecting it to Axpert rebranded inverters. Regarding costs, just take a look at Lithiumbatteriessa website and decide on the cells you want to use. I connected my 32 120AH cells in pairs of parallel cells giving me 16 120AH cell blocks. As a result I need only one BMS and I liked the features of the ANT at R2500 from Lithiumbatteriessa. For busbars I
  14. @Warlok I am also busy with a DIY battery build with 2nd life cells and an ANT BMS from Litiumbatteries. I have and am still spending many hours researching this forum and the Internet, particularly YouTube. @Coulomb has 16 cells driving his 2 Axperts. I have bought 32 cells and will put blocks of 2 cells in parallel to give 16 cell units which will be connected in series. Therefore I need one BMS and the ANT gives more Information than the Daly BMS. Mine is a slow process as I will ensure that all cells are first connected in parallel and carefully balanced before connecting them in series. I
  15. @smurfdbn Thanks for your good wishes with my build and the link you posted. From what I have read, it seems that as long as you keep upper and lower voltage battery settings below and above the respective disconnect settings, your system should mostly work just fine. So will parallel cells with a single BMS I would expect. Time will tell but not much difference between the two systems and most of the time by far things seem to work just fine.
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