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  1. Greglsh


    I have bought many many things from Banggood. A lot of home automation gear (Sonoff) at almost half the price of some of the local dealers and the shipping is cheap. You must always use direct mail or direct tax free mail. The first order I did I used SAPO, I received my item almost 9 months later. I also make sure the item is in stock at Banggood as sometimes if it is not in stock they wait for about a week then cancel the order. I have ordered LED strips, 3D printer parts. all have been good.
  2. Thanks EnTAnGled, may I ask what inverter you went with?
  3. Hi smurfdbn Sorry for the very long delayed reply, have not been onto the forum for a very long time. No I have not had anybody help me. Is this something you do or are you looking as well.
  4. Hi Johanc Where did you get your Hoymiles inverter from. I bought mine from Ellies and they registered me as an Installer and an end user as well.
  5. Hi Anybody used this site? Are they reputable. The prices seem to be pretty good. Solarups.shop
  6. Hi I am looking at maybe going the Sunsynk inverter route. Now the problem is I could possibly get away with a 3.6 Kw unit as I will basically start out using it as a grid tied inverter with a very small battery bank. My average current consumption from 7 am to 5 pm is 13 Kwh. Sometimes I have peaks of about 5.5 Kw to 7 Kw max when maybe a geyser is running and the dishwasher and kettle get boiled but these are normally for a short time. My thinking is this, maybe go for the 3.6 Kw with the small battery bank and max out the panels. If need be buy another 3.6 Kw unit a
  7. Just my 2c worth YMMV. I always think, if you can add more panels (your inverter can handle them) then to me this is the better way to go. Make sure your geysers are heated up during the day when the sun is powering the system. Then turn off the geysers at say 5 pm until the next day. This way if your geysers are hot by say 1 or 2 pm the solar can be used else where, maybe to charge more batteries later or what ever. With Solar geyser once the water is hot, you lose the solar "power" that you could have used. If you wanted another option maybe rather look at a heat pump but I have no experienc
  8. Hi If I have for example either the 3.6 or the 5 kW Sunsynk inverter, it wont have any batteries connected, but will have say 2.8 Kw of pv. Now if the pv is producing say 2 KW and the house load on both the essentials and non essentials side is 2.6 KW will it take the 2 KW from the pv and "add" the 600 w from grid. Second question, lets say we have a power failure (load shedding), without a battery connected will the inverter turn off completely? If not what would happen in the above scenario, would it just drop the non-essentials side of the load and as long as I have enough
  9. PhilFM Really looking good, what is the name of the mounting system you are using and where did you buy it from.
  10. Hi I am looking at installing a Sunsynk 5kw inverter. I currently have a 1.2kw micro-inverter setup running 4 x 330w panels. I would need someone to have a look at my current DB board and setup and quote me on splitting the DB into essentials and non essentials, installing the Sunsynk inverter and giving me a COC certificate. I would prefer someone recommending someone they have used and was very happy with the work done, and as an added bonus worked with the Sunsynk before. I am in Durban area Thank you
  11. Hi Just wanted to ask a question I currently have a Hoymiles 1.2kw micro inverter system (4 x 330w panels). This feeds ac power directly into my DB board. I wanted to add more power slowly, maybe another 4 panels this year and another 4 next year. I have been thinking this sort of setup costs +_ R14k per 1.2KW inverter and 4 panels and mounting and cables, I do the install myself. What I wanted to ask is if I get a 5Kw Sunsynk inverter and maybe 8 more panels, could I make use of the current micro-inverter or would it be better to maybe sell the micro inverter and
  12. Thanks @plonkster, had never heard of them so wanted to get some advice.
  13. https://www.takealot.com/solar-gel-12v-battery-120ah-deep-cycle/PLID53824090 Looking to setup my Mecer 2400va inverter with 2 of these if they are of decent quality, have not heard of the make so not sure?
  14. Hi BTFD I have one of these systems installed, but I only have 1 1200w inverter currently and looking to add another one soon with another 4 panels. Looking at the above it does look like you have one inverter set to zero export and the other to allow all. I am going to try help with this but can only help. i think you have to login with an "installer login" on http://world.hoymiles.com/#/user/login once you have logged in you will know if you have the correct login, if you do it goes to the page like this below. The instructions I was given, was 1) click on this line that shows you
  15. It is Electro Mechanica, do they sell to the public?
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