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  1. Thanks @plonkster, had never heard of them so wanted to get some advice.
  2. https://www.takealot.com/solar-gel-12v-battery-120ah-deep-cycle/PLID53824090 Looking to setup my Mecer 2400va inverter with 2 of these if they are of decent quality, have not heard of the make so not sure?
  3. Hi BTFD I have one of these systems installed, but I only have 1 1200w inverter currently and looking to add another one soon with another 4 panels. Looking at the above it does look like you have one inverter set to zero export and the other to allow all. I am going to try help with this but can only help. i think you have to login with an "installer login" on http://world.hoymiles.com/#/user/login once you have logged in you will know if you have the correct login, if you do it goes to the page like this below. The instructions I was given, was 1) click on this line that shows you
  4. It is Electro Mechanica, do they sell to the public?
  5. Thanks guys Who sells the Hager's, I am in Durban.
  6. Hi NigeIL What goes wrong with the MajorTech ones, is it the internal battery or do they just go faulty?
  7. Hi I am looking at replacing very old circuit breakers in my DB, I looked online and see that Major Tech Circuit breakers are much cheaper than say CBI. Is Major Tech okay to use or rather stick with CBI or another brand? Any problems with Major Tech quality?
  8. Hi Jaco That does sound like a good oprion, where did you get those from, are they double space in the DB. What make are they so I can search for them online. Thanks for the info.
  9. Hi Nigeil Thanks for the feedback, I also saw another unit called Easiwise that looks like it does the same sort of thing. I think I will go for one of the Geyserwise units and see how it goes.
  10. Hi Is this product worth it. I am only starting on the solar path. I have 1.2 Kw of micro inverters (for now aiming at 2.4Kw soon) and no battery. What my aim is is to get the geyser to heat during the day when I have solar power and stay off during the night. I was thinking of a simple timer to do this, but the problem is if the solar production is bad or the water is to cold it would be a schlep to have to climb up and change the timer. With the Geyserwise you can just force the geyser to turn on using the control panel. Is anybody using these and are they worth it. Any other ide
  11. Hi Bert Ellies is the local agent for Hoymiles, it's cheaper than buying 2x 600 as well, around R3800 excl.
  12. Hi Bert I paid R365 for delivery, I am in Durban but could not collect. Have you tried to add the panels to the cart, then checkout, it ask for a delivery address. Otherwise give them a call.
  13. Hi Bert There is a company in Durban area (New Germany) called Artsolar (https://artsolar.net/pv-modules/) they have 330w panels and 350 watt mono panels. I bought 4x 330w panles from them. They do couriers as well. P.S. With micro inverters you don't have to mach the panel sizes.
  14. Hi guys Can any body put me onto an installer in the Durban area.I need someone to install 4 panels on a tile roof, I have the panels and the mounting kit already. What is the going rate for this type of install and what should you pay for a COC. Thanks
  15. Was looking into this as I think it is a great idea for a grid tie system. | found this website and wanted to see what the "solar Guru's" thought of this product. https://www.immersun.co.uk/
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