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  1. Thanks Wetkit. I will show him what you said. There is no rush at the moment however as the house is not near completion. I am just investigating at this point as he doesn't want to end up getting the wrong system.
  2. It helps but I really need to understand what makes the IMHO vacuum tubes better than the flat ones. Is it just cost? He definitely won't want it connected to anything electrical. He wants full solar and I assume you have a way of angling them as the roof it is going is flat
  3. I am doing some research for my employer. He wants to know what is the best solar panels for water heating in the Cape Town climate. The flat ones or the tubular ones (my apologies I do not know their correct names )? He wants to hear from people who have installed them and not necessiraly from the suppliers who sell them. Can anyone help with links to forums where this would have been a discussion amongst consumers as I cannot seem to find anything. Thanks
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