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  1. Thanks - not really sure how to unset it so changed it to 50A. Leaving it at 25A I only get about 1300W charge when set to KEEP BATTERIES CHARGED. Goes up to about 1900W when setting that to 50A.
  2. Hi all I just added a second Pylontech - now got 2 US2000's. I'm running ESS. Can I change Maximum charge current to 50A? Any other settings that needs changing?
  3. Installed one these now. This thing is a monster
  4. Put 240AC on the thing and still doesn't switch - its going back. Thanks all for the help.
  5. My fault - I ordered the wrong thing. So now I'm looking at: https://www.communica.co.za/products/jqx62f-2z-dc12v or https://www.communica.co.za/products/jqx30f-2z-dc12v-flange These are the only two 12V coils in stock. I'm leaning towards the first one as its heavy duty especially as this is for a geyser application. What you think? 3rd time lucky?
  6. I ordered JQX-40F https://www.communica.co.za/products/jqx40f-1z-ac240v. I can see the coil inside is labelled AC240V. These specs http://langir.de/htm/power-relay-jqx40f.htm say Coil Voltage DC 5 ~ 60
  7. Damn - OK I thinks its safe to say this thing is dead. Gonna have to return for a replacement.
  8. Must there be 220V connected to the switch for the 12V over the coil to actually make the switch move?
  9. Yup - except looks like its an out the box failure unless I'm doing something silly
  10. Thanks 12V no problem. The issue I'm having now is with testing this thing. If I put 12V over the coil I would expect the mechanical switch to move - it doesn't. Nothing else is connected just a 12V battery over the coil terminals. I'm using a multimeter to check for continuity. No change with 12V on and off.
  11. Hi all I got one of these http://langir.de/htm/power-relay-jqx40f.htm Could I please get some help as to how to wire this up to my geyser using the 5V of the VenusGX as a trigger. Thanks!
  12. I did not use a heatsink obviously I should have. I've ordered one of these now https://www.communica.co.za/products/jqx40f-1z-ac240v
  13. Right - did the research this time. Looks like electromechanical relay is the way to go for this application.
  14. Removed it - the plastic housing started to melt
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