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  1. Brani: What do you guys thing of Freedom Won batteries? Forum: Hubble is the best!
  2. According to the advertisers here, Hubble will still be superior!
  3. If I were Hubble I would would pay Leshen to stop posting. Literally destroying the reputation of a up and coming brand talking smack. Unfortunately for now, the damage is already done.
  4. Put a ceiling in your garage will keep a lot of the heat out. You can then also put in some extractors controlled via home assistant to pull the hot air out if it gets too toasty.
  5. Cool, so the voltage is increased, but where does the power go?
  6. Do these meters allow you to push power back from the inverter to try and equalise the grid feed, or is this still the type that will end up tripping.
  7. This would actually be a good example to see if buying a more expensive inverter would have actually worked out cheaper in the long run.
  8. Or buy one (or a few) Victron Quattro's.
  9. I speak all in theory as while I have a fully automated house, i don't have any solar or batteries (I just dont want to spend the money if I don't have to). But for the most part you can compare load/solar/grid to see where the power is coming from and then adjust the load to get the most it can out of the panels.
  10. To me the simplest solution seems to be 2 geysers. The primary being set to 45 degrees with element connected to the grid. The secondary feeds the primary, its configured to used excess solar power. (easy enough to setup with automation) and it is setup to go as high as the tank can take. This way you never need to worry about an automation failing of having cold water. Spare geysers are cheap.
  11. Its still a complete nonsense rule, but its what we have to live with. More effort should be made towards buying excess residential solar power for cheap but that's not happening.
  12. Nice work! Would be cool is Geyserwise just as an open API to control the unit. Then at least you still have a dumb geyser controller and hardware safety catches in place for when HA might be off for whatever reason.
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