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  1. I know its an old post, but the company I work for has just awarded Art solar a contract for 1700 x 450w panels. Hopefully Artsolar will continue to find ways to stay operational.
  2. Thanks for sharing smurfdbn, I managed to get the first Multiplus installed fairly easy, but have a feeling this is not as straight forward as I thought. If I can't figure it out then i will have to get an installer to fix my mess I was hoping i would find a youtube tutorial, but have not yet seen anything worthwhile yet. Anyway i will be happy to share once i have it installed.
  3. Do you guys think that installing the second inverter in parallel is fairly straight forward as in plug and play, or is it a bit more complicated than that?
  4. Thanks Tariq, I found a small label on the inside that had this number on it 2629456.VFD I presume this is the model number. Thanks for the advise on the cable length.
  5. Hi Guys, I want to order a second Multiplus II inverter, so that I can connect it in parallel to my first one. I have read before that the 2 inverters need to be the same or compatible in order to do this. My current inverter is a Multiplus II 48/3000/35A - AC transfer capacity 32A, if I order the second inverter that has the same description will it be compatible to connect in parallel? Or is there a specific ID on the inverter that I need to match the 2 inverters?
  6. So i thought i would give some feed back on this matter, i should have done it a while back already. I have made no changes to my system since Plonkster did the Patch. I still get the odd over current alarm, but not often, probably happens once every month or second month now. I don't worry about it anymore. I am happy, i like my Victron setup and it continues to work well.
  7. Another question, I normally have scheduled charge set for 5pm - 7pm while we cook, normally the batteries are at fully charged by this time of day so they stay at the maximum 95% i can select. This works well as i don't use electricity to charge the batteries and obviously they are not subjected to heavy battery usage while we cook. But what i noticed the other day when i selected keep batteries charged is that the battery went to 100% followed by absorption for the duration of the period i chose. Correct me if i am wrong but i don't think they can go into absorption when scheduled charging i
  8. I definitely think there will be an advantage for me to add extra watts to my system. Maybe bring the total PV to about 3800w. (Probably have 3000w or just over of actual power as the panels are not 100% efficient)I will have excess power during peak, but it will also mean I should have sufficient power to power my loads in the early morning from sunrise to around 10ish and again in the later afternoons as well. Will also help boost battery charging. My extra PV will have to be on its own MPPT on east side of my house to full utilize the morning sun. The other panels have full sun from 9:30 -
  9. Ok, so my inverter is working hard in this scenario and the fan is running, so it’s just not 100% efficient. No problem I can live with that. If I add extra PV panels, let’s say another 1000w after losses etc. how would that change the example above? Would I be right to presume, I am now generating 3500w, 3000w is going to running the load including losses and inefficiency’s, would the 500w balance go into charging the battery? The reason, I’m asking or wanting to understand is because I want to add extra PV panels, so that I can have at least 3000w at peak to handle the bigger load
  10. Hi Guys, Hi Guys, Please can someone explain to me the reason why i am drawing so much current from the grid when my PV being generated is close to my requirement in the picture below? Is this because the inverter can only supply 2400w continuously? (Multiplus ii 48/3000)
  11. Thank you plonkster, Unfortunately today is raining and overcast, not sure if we will get to full charge or not. I do cycle my batteries, and also run them them on the optimized without battery life setting. There are also times when the battery has a large discharge current then immediately followed by a large charge current, so i am not sure if this confuses it or not. I won't make any changes to the firmware, so we can let it run as set and hopefully no more alarms. I will give you feedback, hopefully it will just be to confirm all is in order. thanks for all the help
  12. I just want to say a big thank you too all those who are so willing to pass on advise and help, but in this case especially to Jaco De Jong. I am blown away at the commitment and time he spent last night trying to resolve a problem for me ( An absolute Stranger). Thank you very much.
  13. Are your parameters the same as this? Parameter Setting Battery type Lithium Charge curve Fixed Absorption voltage 53.2 V Float voltage 53.0 V Absorption time 1 Hr
  14. Thanks Jaco, I will go through the recommended settings as per the document. I don't have an issue with the battery not reaching 100% full as i understood this is because of the 52v setpoint. but i am just trying to figure out what's changed or what the cause for the high voltage alarm is now, when this has not been an issue before. Feels like the battery and the MPPT are not communicating properly. I agree with you that the high alarm set under max voltage cant be right so will investigate this.
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