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  1. Hello, I'll need 2x HA-02 Balancers to balance 2 banks of 4S2P batterie. Best regards.
  2. Hi guys. I struggle to understand my own installation. It's been done in 3 phases. First phase : 1 x Axpert 5 kVa 12 x 270 W PV 4 in series x 2 in parallel = 1 bank of 12 V 200 Ah batteries : 1 x BVM-712 Second phase, upgrade to : 2 x Axpert 5 kVa Third phase upgrade to : 24 x 270 W PV 4 in series x 2 in parallel x 2 banks of 12 V 200 Ah batteries 2 x BVM-712 At the moment, this is the way everything seemed to be plugged together (and I'm no expert at all, hence the struggle) : - 4 in series x 2 in parallel = 1 bank of 12 V 200 Ah batteries is
  3. I have 2 x 4 batteries inside the roof and then 2 x 4 batteries outside on the flat roof. Here is a picture of one of the bank.
  4. Sure! What would be the cost? How many units do I need?
  5. Thanks, I'm looking for balancer ASAP, before it's too late!
  6. I've been on the forum store and can't find those HA-02 balancer. Where do you guys get them from?
  7. Thanks DeepBass9. If I hear it, at least, I won't go in panic mode now
  8. Hey Chris. Thanks a lot. That's a lot of help. Makes you wonder how come installers don't propose it from the beginning! I my case of 4x4 batteries, I need one balancer per group of 4 batteries? Cheers.
  9. Hey guys, I have a 16x 12 v 200 Ah AGM batteries linked to 2x Axpert 5KVa inverters, monitored through a Victron BVM-712 and ICC-Pi. I don't have any battery balancer at the moment. Should I get some? The battery midpoint deviation value seems to increase significantly recently. (see screenshots) Thanks for your help!
  10. Just installed 73.00e on both of them and reconfigured them. I'll see how the KettleComp feature behave and I'll let you know Thanks for the tips and all the help. This forum is gold mine!
  11. @Coulomb Hey! As you know from saving my ass of the error 90 a week ago or so, I'm on 74.40 for a while now. I'd say 2 months and a half now. Only because I was asked to install it by the local Mecer importer. I use the ICC on Pi but I don't see load and temperature logs. Only graphs for the last 24 hours. If you know where to find them, I'm happy to extract them for you. I can screenshot the graphs for a few days too at like noon every day. I'm not sure we pushed the inverter above 4kW. We usually peak around 7/8kW on 2 parallels inverters. Regarding firmware 73.00e,
  12. Hey Coulomb. Thanks for your reply. I'm already running on 74.40 firmware. Does it means that we turned our 4kW machines into 5kW ones? Would 73.00e be a safer way to go?
  13. How are you going to access your Pi from a remote location? VPN?
  14. Hey guys, I'd like to avoid my system to go back to grid when batteries voltage dips for just a few seconds under the Back To Grid voltage setting. Here is my system: 2x Mecer Inverters 5kVA/4kW SOL-I-AX-5M in parallels. 24x PV Canadian Solar 270W C26K-270P-FG 16x 12v AGM battery OmniPower OPR 240-12 1x Victron BMV 712 1x ICC Pi I attached the inverter configuration. It's running smoothly most of the time and we barely need to draw from the grid. Only when we have several cloudy days in a row. However, I'm struggling with one issue. While the S
  15. You saved the day! Exiting PowerWatch properly was the only way to have Reflash working. That's something I'll never forget again. I thought I had exited PowerWatch but I had just closed the window. After that, Reflash was happy to do it's job. I really owe you one! Best regards.
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