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  1. They are not buying from wind farms during the lockdown and will compensate the suppliers to some degree. This is all explained in the article you link too. Yep. But shows the impact of having industry shut down. I note lots of outages still in Jo'burg, but that's equipment failure or illegal connections.
  2. They are not buying from wind farms during the lockdown and will compensate the suppliers to some degree. This is all explained in the article you link too.
  3. I don't have pylontechs, but I do have Li batteries. In an old linen cupboard together with the inverter. Additionally the batteries are mounted in a steel cabinet with locking front panel. No problem. I stick my head in there at random times and there's never anything worryingly hot. There's no fumes given off. When I asked the installer he said they'd done several installations in a cupboard with no problems.
  4. Yes. There was a room full of very large batteries. From memory there was massive rectifier circuitry to trickle charge the batteries from mains, so the exchange could run for a period of time without municipal power. There may have been a generator too. This is a long time ago, back in the 70s. Early on the Dept showed the new recruits all the wonderful career paths they could follow. We were taken up to a microwave repeater station on a ridge near Overport. There there were no cables, everything was moved around using wave guides - pipes with a reflective lining that could "bounce" the microwaves around corners when required. These had to be terminated, and there were lurid legends about technicians removing the terminator plate and danging a sandwich in front of the now open guid to toast it. There was one piece of unterminated guide in the exchange. I assume there was no input into this, but there was a sign saying "do not look down wave guide with remaining eye".
  5. I say this but I remember being an appy in what was then the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. All the exchange equipment back then ran on 50V DC and they used to have DC bus bars above every rack of equipment. The local bus bars were connected to a trunk. And all the trunks eventually connected to the main bus bars which were massive and ran the length of the exchange. One day being bored (and actually incredibly stupid) a mate and I decided to throw a pair of sidecutters so that they'd land across the main bus bar. Just to see what would happen. What were we thinking? Anyway, we did, and the sidecutters basically went poof! and vanished in a cloud of sidecutter particles.
  6. Nothing a sawn off teaspoon won't sort out.
  7. Oh dear! System is 12 * Risen panels, Goodwe ES inverter (4.6kw), 10kw/h of revov batteries. The guys who did my install are local to me and would charge extra for an install in PE. Most modern inverters can function in like manner.
  8. I know them. Thanks. I'll have to hope nothing pops in the next 3 weeks, other wise it's tin foil joking...
  9. I can now answer in the negative. It will charge the batteries, and because it is trying to get the batteries to 100% SOC and keep them there it will also service the load from grid. During the specified time range.
  10. Me too! Specifically the total consumption at any given time or even per day. I can't get this reliably from the Goodwe portal, and when I asked them about trying to write my own software to query the inverter RE the spare RS485 port they were diplomatic but gave no information. So I might go to the trouble of installing (or having installed) the sort of device you're talking about. But where? I want to track the total that the inverter supplies and anything DRAWN from the grid (preferably not including any exports the other way).
  11. Just a general question about this: Are DC fuses a specific type of item? I have fuses in the line between inverter and battery and between the inverter and each string of PV panels. I have no spares and will have to buy a spare set just in case. So 1) What are the important markings I should look for? 2) Where in Randburg can I buy them (assuming such shops are actually open, but that's another matter)?
  12. It's been all down hill since the flint and dry grass.
  13. A problem with gas generally is that people just crank that sucker all the way up. You actually want just enough flame to heat the bottom of the pot/kettle. Anything that overlaps and flares around the sides is wasted (the user manual for my stove actually makes that point - but you have to read the manual). Same with gas heaters - you don't need to open the tap on the top of the bottle all the way, just open it enough to give a constant flame. The heater can only burn so much gas at a time.
  14. Does this make any difference? The amount of energy required to boil the water remains the same, so this kettle would impose a smaller load but for a longer period of time. OK... it does make a difference when managing the momentary load on the system, but in terms of you batteries surely the amount of energy required to boil the water is what the laws of physics says it is, and so that will be the amount drawn from the batteries. I think part of the solution here, as it always has been, is boiling just as much water as you need.
  15. Well... at night the system DOES draw from the grid. We see this about 3:45 in the morning. I don't like the app on the phone because it doesn't allow much room on the Y axis and so small fluctuations of power are quite hard to see. Try using the browser on your PC - you have more screen real estate and thus more detail. The yellow energy LED should blink when you are drawing from mains. That said, I'm not a technical guy. I have a Goodwe inverter, but in a hybrid setup rather than grid-tie. So I can't give confident information about how the system should behave. But I would expect the energy LED to blink when the inverter is drawing from the grid (not necessarily when the non-backed up circuits are drawing). If you had somebody install for you, then give them a chance to sort it out. If you did it yourself or the installer does not help, then contact DavidHavenga Technical Manager for Southern Africa GOODWE POWER SUPPLY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. +27 60 719 2956 [email protected] He is very helpful. He may take a while to get back to you with a solution as he will look at your system's data to try to understand what is happening.


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