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  1. Are there not already communities like the home automation and 3 D printing groups ... who have a collection of smart fellas who could design and build a PCB like the one in the video and source batteries right here in SA ... put together DIY packs to sell. I know battery experts sell "used" 1860 batteries for around R30 each.
  2. I have been considering building my own battery packs ... done a lot of reseach ...watched hours of videos ... the thing that put me off was the soldering to the battery ... creating bussbars to carr ythe load ... soldering fuse wires ... cost to invest in a spot welder ... etc etc etc. I have been following this guy for a while ... watching how tinkers with cars and battery packs ... then he started building battery packs in a way that got me interested ... no spot welding no soldering ... just assemble ... plug and play ... if the batteries pack up in 5 year stime you strip the componen
  3. CBI have stepped up and supplied more than enough units to builders stores ... I collected a few from my local store and there is still at least 6 left on the shelf.
  4. I dont want to take out a loan and dont have the funds to splash out on an ideal system ... so I am looking into alternate ways to get started and build on it. I do have a 5 kva generator just in case the fridges are off for longer than 5 hours or I need to also run the geyser (reduced to a 1 KW element) if I get caught without power unexpectedly ... I can run all essential items from the generator ... some will say it is way to expansive ... I am yet to justify R100 - 150 K outlay on a solar system ... in 11 years we have been stating in this house ... I can tell you on 1 incident that t
  5. My opinion ... this device is a good start ... it is a step up from the standard timer but lacking certain critical feature to be an ideal geyser timer/controller. The price @ R349.00 at Builders is a reasonble price compared to what you will pay at an electrical wholesaler (even as an electrical contractor @R410.00) for what you get ... 30 amp switching contact ... none of the cheaper options offer anywhere near this switching capacity ... sonoff has a slightly better option which includes temperature control but not the switching capapcity ... you could add a contactor with 30 amp swit
  6. As an eletrical contractor I have installed hundreds of timers for people to "save money" (which I personally dont believe is true ... but hey if you want a timer ... I will install it for you) from years of doing it ...it generally takes a couple weeks or one cold bath and the wife is on the blower to get it removed or bypassed ... money for jam ... like installing geyser blankets ... I dont beleive they save money ... but if the customer wants one ... who am I to judge. Which is pretty much what happened in our house this week ... I have been fine turning the timer to see if I can actu
  7. CBI have contacted me this morning and indicated that a rep will be visiting my local builders store in the morning to offer training for staff members at builders ... and can arrange to get as many units as required. Apparently the pricing structure (launch special) is an in house special offered by builders warehouse and not CBI.
  8. Builders warehouse get a 0/10 for customer services ... I go to the store walk with the person to the shelf point at the label on the shelf which has a bar code a price and a promo ad with pictures of the product on the advert with a full description of the product ... which is then removed taken to the PC ... the bar code inserted and I am still told they dont stock the item. I then go onto their website hook up a live chat ... send pictures of the label ... share the pictures and label posted on this forum ... and I am told they dont stock the item. I call their riverhorse trade de
  9. I have installed a few of these already ... found them while looking for a timer to control 4 kw geyser elements ... I "dont" recommend the standardtouch CBI timers to customers after being burnt too many times. I have installed one at home to monitor the power consumption of my geyser ... and also to see if it is going to last longer than 6 months. Pros - 30 amp resitive load. Easy to pair and setup. manual override. Kwh recording. Current draw of the appliance voltage ... not sure how accurate the reading is ... still have to check using a true RMS me
  10. No I havent had a chance to ge tback to site. We still cant find anyone to fix the blown unit. The customer is not prepared to spend that kind of money on lithium batteries ... in fact it is the thing that puts 90% of potential customers off the idea of installing solar ... when i mention the price of lithium batteries ... for people who understand the value in the lithium batteries it is worth the extra cost ... but most customers just want a cheap option.
  11. I have taken over a system which requires attention. The system: 3 x meccer 5 kva inverters (linked to each to produce 60 amp backup) 3 sets of 4 x 100 amp/hr (48 volts) lead acid batteries (total 12 batteries) A panel with a 60 amp manual changeover. A panel with the supply cable and 3 geyser circuits not connected to the inverter. A cable from this panel to a Sub DB's around the property. The system ran for about 3 years. Then the backup time became shorter and shorter until one day there was a rotten egg smell. The system was installed in cupboard in the middl
  12. At R2.09 per kwh ... more price increases expected ... load shedding ... power outages ... i am certianly going to be spending a lot more time looking into solutions.
  13. IT seems from what I read ... the problem is the grid feedback ... and I need as many solar panels as I can afford. What if I chat to my neighbours and get them to buy into the system ...for example ...rather than feeding back into the grid ...excess electricity can be redirected to the 4 houses around my house ... via an electricity meter to each property. I am also thinking ... maybe install another 200 liter geyser ... seal up the geyser and lag all the piping ... then i turn up the thermostat to max ( I think around 65/70 degrees) and makes sure when there is no solar power ... t
  14. My thoughts are not to install any batteries in the beginning ... my consumption in the evening is minimul a couple lights ... TV and the router .... and i have a 12 VDC system in place for load shedding. With everyone at home ... the day time usage is the killer ... washing machines ... geyser ... kettle for coffee ... lights ... computers ... single phase machines in the workshop (the workshop is separated from the house with its own sub DB) Before lockdown it was the other way round ... the house was empty all day and the bulk consumption was in the evening ... and a huge batter
  15. Lets say we decide to work from home ... which will result in an increase in kwh consumption. This changes the norm ... you get up in the morning make breakfast and head to work ... house sits empty all day ... but when you decide to work from home ... your electricity consumption is going to increase depending on what you plan to do. My wife is going to work in the study and bake during the day ... daughter at her desk in her room and me in the garage manufacturing product. Lets say our current avg consumption is 23 kwh per day for 31 days = 713 kwh total per month at the new 2
  16. I am getting a lot of customers complaining about massive monthly electricity bills in excess of R8000 per month (R96 000 per year)... for a 3 bedroom house ... with a pool and garage ... sounds a bit over the top ... we are busy with an investigation ... most people dont understand how their electricity bill works ... with estimates and actual reading etc. My bill for example ... I had a R9000 credit until March this year ... at the moment my utiltiy bill is sitting at R36780.05 debit ... they decided to read my meter in Feb this year ... the last time they read it was in May 2016
  17. I have a 5 kva genrator ... a meccer inverter etc etc ... made a plan to get things to work. But now at a point where i need to come up with a cheap solution for light during load shedding. I have 3 magneto LED lanterns (bought from game for R199 on special a couple years ago) positioned in the bedroom ... passage and kitchen. They generate a lot more light than i expected ...for the price and the duration they last on battery power ... i am super impressed. We even use them on site for lighting in roof spaces etc ... I could run power points to each light and leave the switch on sta
  18. I am busy setting up my security lights to work via the alarm ... I got tired of using 1 app for the alarm (hyyp)...one app for the cctv (IDMSS plus) and another app to trigger lights etc (ewelink) The alarm app now offers alarm... cctv and device activation. A brief descritption : zone 1 - outside beam facing the gate. camera 1 - outside facing the gate. light 1 - 50 watt LED flood light. day/night switch - so that the security flood lights only work at night. partition 4 - outside beams. old cellphone and tablet - cellphone is mobile to carry around
  19. Just got feedback from the person trying to fix the RCT 5 kva inverter... no spares available. Anyone know of someone who can repair RCT 5 kva inverters and who carries spares ?
  20. "out of stock" the most common sign viewed online when looking for a backup solution.
  21. The DB must be clearly labelled...the more info the better for everyone ...especially the people living in the house. The DB name. Where it is fed from. You could put the size of the supply cable (optional) Identify each switch and circuit breaker. "in case of accidental leakage switch off the main switch" in 11 official languages is required (just kidding only english and afrikaans)
  22. Its simple you contact an electrical inspector who specialises in COC's ...tell him you are selling your house and need a COC for the sale ...if you do it this way ....you not only get the backup system signed off ...you also get a COC for the rest of the house... provided the house is up to standard...otherwise an inspection report is carried done and a list of all the repairs required is issued with a quote to repair. A backup system cannot be signed off unless there is a valid COC for the rest of the house... so either way you actually need a COC for the entire property in any case.
  23. I see bluenava have just launched their Racpower solution... BN52V-100-5,2K A rack or wall mounted option (compatible with victron peripherals) As i learn more and more about inverters and batteries ...this is certainly gona be an option i will be looking into. Until recently i just couldnt see why people would throw hard earned money at these expensive options...however as the systems i work on get older and older ...i am seeing the consequences of using lead acid and cheap inverters... you may be saving in the short term ...and if that is all you looking for ...it certainly
  24. Been spending hours doing research into solar ...inverters and batteries... something i thought was a smart idea ...the person had taken clear PVC tube... fitted it to the breather outlet of his lead acid batteries and run it outside the building...especially if you have no option but to install lead acid batteries in a confined space.
  25. My advice to you ...if you interfere with the integrity of the electrical installation anyway ...make sure you have a mate who can inspect and pass the modification/backup system...or contact your local sparkie and ask him to oversee the project and test and issue a COC when completed. I am not going to go into details ...but what i will tell you... if you doing "off grid" DIY solar...inverter installations etc and you dont interfere with the integrity of the electrical installation in anyway ...that's is one thing ...as soon as you link the system into the property electrical installat
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