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  1. Hi MongooseMan, apologies for poaching on your thread, I had a question on the GX's for Plonkster. Plonkster, thanks for all the advice on here it is most appreciated. Could you clarify for me, I have seen on the Victron site that they say the Venus Wifi and I think BT connectivity is not very good and the Cerbo is much better? I am planning to slowly move into the blue route but my install is located in outbuildings, how bad is the Venus wifi ability as to purchase an extra dongle or run a LAN cable might outweigh spending the extra R500 or so on the Cerbo?
  2. Hi Spike, is this still available?
  3. Thanks Louis, I am trying to future proof my purchases, currently have a 24V system, but when my Must inverter dies I would want to upgrade to 48V for more flexibility with chosing lithium batteries. Also I take about 140ah out of my batteries daily and need an MPPT that can comfortably put that back.
  4. I had wondered why there was such a big jump. Back to the budget to work out what I can get and what I need. Thanks for the info
  5. Thanks appreciate the info, another thing to add to my list of wishes!
  6. Sorry just read up, I am currently using a 24V system but may in time upgrade to a 48v system so ideally looking for an mppt that can handle both 24v and 48v. Misread your post before and assumed that it had a variable 20-48 amp charging ability. Too quick on the reply before the mind engaged!
  7. Thanks Plonkster, guys in Zim offered me the 150/35 but that seems just slightly too small for being certain of recharging my battery bank effcetively on a daily basis hence my interest in the 150/45. What are the differences between the 2? Hadn't come across the 100/20-48 that seems very interesting, who stocks those? Will look fr some info on them as well.
  8. Hi, sorry I am actually not sure how to get data off the BMV in order to send it. I use it through the app but it disconnects every time you do something else on the phone so not sure how to send a whole charge cycle? Maybe someone else could let us know? Yes absolutely, some of the best advice I got from this forum and well worth the extra expense. Are you in Zim by any chance?
  9. Hi GVC, please let me know where you got this particular model? I am also looking to move slowly across to Victron and this size would be perfect for my requirements.
  10. Hi, I have the same Must 3Kva, 24v inverter and the charge light also flashes continuously if it has a charge source. I have since added a bmv and that has been useful for seeing what is happening. The inverter uses a constant 30w from the batteries regardless of use priority, so the inverter is constantly pushing power to the batteries to keep them at the float voltage. I am not sure if this is doing any harm to the batteries, however it doesn't seem to be in my observation. The Must I have has some quirks that don't seem to affect the axpert guys from what I've seen.
  11. Thanks Coulomb, I understand, appreciate the help.
  12. Thanks Coulomb, ok understood. It used to reach close to 90% SOC then the inverter would progressively reduce the voltage and as a result the Amps being pushed to the battery when it was charging from the utility, now it is keeping the voltage as close to the absorb setting as possible. I am sure it is probably just a deficiency in the programming of the Must being a knock off of the Axpert. Unfortunately these are AGM's so was concerned as don't want to stuff them up. Appreciate the time. Thanks
  13. I have a 3kva Must 24v Inverter, with 6 x 305w panels and 4 x 205ah Trojan batteries which I monitor with a Bmv712 and have a Ha02 balancer on them. Recently with the improved port situation in Zim, I decided to cycle my batteries to reduce my power bill slightly. So I have set my inverter to SBU and configured the battery setting on the inverter to cut off when the battery capacity is at about 75%SOC. This allows me to recharge them fully using Only Solar the next day. My issue is the inverter does not seem to reduce the voltage from Absorption to Float when the batteries pass thr
  14. Thanks Louis, is there a way of checking in advance of installation what that power required would be?
  15. Good afternoon all, I would like to hook up a spare sonoff basic switch that I have got to by 1.5kw borehole, I have looked in vain for an ac relay capable of handling the draw of the borehole with no luck(I am in Zim hence the issue). An electrician suggested I add an auxiliary contactor to the existing borehole contactor and use the sonoff to control the auxiliary which in turn controls the main contactor. I am not an electrician and the guys here are pretty basic but it did sound like it might be feasible however I wasn't going to go that route without getting some advise first he
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