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  1. Hie I have 5 phocos 5KVA inverters connected in parallel in a 3 phase system where by I have two inverters per phase and the remaining phase one inverter. the inverters are charging fine with solar panels but how ever they are rejecting the ac input even though it is in range (230V). Batteries are pylontech and 10 of them connected to a common bus bar what could be the possible cause?
  2. Bulk voltage is set at 54V , you might be right cz another observation is that the [08] alarm is common to people with load ranging less than 400W therefore system does not cycle regularly.
  3. Hie good people If I charge 2 48VLEOCH batteries connected in parallel with a.c the inverter shows error 08 when the batteries are fully charged but the same inverter charges well with 2 Narada. What could be the cause of this in terms of different in specs of the two batteries
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