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  1. Keep an eye on i-G3N. New to the game but geared right to take on Pylontech etc. Forced to bring in cells from China due to price. Local manufaturing is about 2-3 years behind but let's see if we can change that...
  2. Not sure about online but you can try One Stop Solar in Harare - +263 8677 300400 - local to ZA maybe ThePowerStore.co.za
  3. Using 20700 cells - "Introduced by Sanyo/Panasonic for use in portable power tools as higher-power and higher-capacity successor for 18650 cells". Nominal cell voltage is 3.6V / NMC chemistry so should not need any other conditioning besides the normal charge (CC/CV) https://eu.industrial.panasonic.com/sites/default/pidseu/files/downloads/files/euro_cycle_eng_s_1110.pdf
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