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  1. Thank you for the reply @Coulomb From the graphs I have pulled Voltage seems within range. On most days you can see the abrupt cutoff at around 11:30am when the batteries are full, it just doesn't restart when a significant load is applied.
  2. Hi. Im new to the site so please indicate if this has been discussed before. I have 2 x 5KW Axpert King inverters connected in parallel. This is fed by 6 x 3 330W JA Canadian Solar panels (2 banks to the one inverter and one to the other). This charges 2 x 3.5KW Pylontech batteries, which I monitor with the BMS cable from ICC and ICC software. This setup runs most of the house, including Geyser (on a smart timer for 3 hours a day) and Pool pump, and does so without any trouble. The system also copes with ironing etc.. without any issues. Problem I have is that in summer by 11am the Geys
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