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  1. @JJS Lol, I don't have any ETA as of yet, eta if i could order would be 6-8 weeks. The virus can survive 10 days without an host. the cells are allot longer on the water so don't stress lol
  2. Hi @Rautenk My BMS would allow this, i am uncertain as how much current will be drawn from the old battery vs the new one. I would suspect that if you use a 60ah(Old) and a 120ah battery together that the 120ah would be pulling 2/3 of the load and the 60ah 1/3 of the load. All that my bms will do i stop you from doing overcurrent, under and over voltage. It does not know that there is another battery connected, it only knows what you are trying to put into it or take out of it. If attempting to do this you must charge both batteries to a near exact same voltage or you will be having a bad time with the BMS's. My current batteries do not have heat protection built in. I am considering getting a smart BMS but i don't want users to be able to alter the batteries settings. this is my worries... And honestly i don't have enough capital for so much R&D. I am still in infant stages.
  3. This is exactly my point... it's the same thing... my cells do the same... the bigger number just sounds better....
  4. Hi @DaveSA, Please note that this 6000 cycles claims is just a bunch of marketing bs. The cells i sell are originally rated 2000 cycles at 100% dod and their remaining capacity will be 80% Now for the latter, 6000 cycle at 90% dod and you will have 50% capacity remaining. These are basically the exact same claim. Hope this sheds some light on the cycle claims.
  5. I would like to know if there is an application for a 48v master/slave battery where there is a master and up to 9 slaves can be connected in series to make a 480v battery? The master will be about 5k more expensive then the slaves but this allows for protection across all the cells in all the batteries. It would also have active balancing across the entire string.
  6. I checked my spam folder now, see you sent it yesterday already, apologies. As i try to cater for the guys that cant afford these expensive batteries i give a 2 year warranty but it can be extended to 5 year, of course this would incur an increase in the price.
  7. Yes. You will need to alter the charge voltages as i think a lot of batteries use 15 cells, i use 16. Other then that it's plug and play
  8. What is the advantage of this bms if i may ask?
  9. I do not know that inverter, that being said, if the charge, cut off and float voltage can be set under some sort of user configurable battery on the inverter then you are sorted.
  10. I also have my cells powering my house, like clockwork, every 2 weeks we are without power for half an day up 2 days. I have 2x hybrid inverters and they can handle 8kw. I do however switch my geyser of when this happens because if it is to be of for 2 days i can't be taking chances. I can with ease run my kettle, all the normal lights and fans in the house, the toaster, dishwasher and a stove plate all at once, without the cells heating up. If i go over 8kw the inverters go of after 10s if i don't reduce the load below 8kw It's also a treat during load shedding. During load shedding i don't switch anything off I run 2x 48v batteries.
  11. The tests were most probably not done on the max rates. That is why if looking at the graphs on my site you will see that they surpass 2700 cycles on the tests done This would support the 2000 cycle claim. They do not have any other documentation regarding tests other that this and a UN38.3 certification test document.
  12. Unfortunately i cannot offer a warranty on the cells as for the exact same reason you just mentioned. I do have confidence in these cells on the other hand and that is why i offer a warranty on the built units. However, I test every single cell before they are sent to customers because if there is a cell with low voltage it is a clear indication that it is potentially faulty. I charge these cells up then and let them sit for a month and then discharge them to see if they are fine. Hope this helps.
  13. That is the recommended charge yes, But they are guaranteed to last at least 2000 cycles to the 80 percent capacity degradation meaning that you will get 2000 cycles if you do not surpass the Max parameters. It is for this reason that I can give a guarantee on my built packs.They are sealed up and i know they have the necessary protection. The Built in BMS for these units allow a C of 0.66 on these cells. If a customer were to report a degradation in capacity not consistent with the guarantee i would replace it. Hope this helps and gives some sort of assurity.
  14. If i'm not mistaken the Winston cells that bluenova uses are LiFeYPO4. These do last longer. Extremely expensive as well.
  15. I also have a client that is running his bore hole pump on 2 x 24v packs and his house of 4 x 24v packs.


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