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  1. That's Grafana reading data from InfluxDB. I use Home Assistant with the GoodWe plugin where I believe @gbyleveldt and @mletenay had a hand in developing, which drops this into InfluxDB.
  2. Indeed, wish I had access to the changelogs etc. But this format of them doing it OTA for you, means I don't have access to anything really. I did notice, that the battery charge/discharge pattern is different now in backup mode.
  3. So my inverter was still on an old version, just before this 1818 business. Installed noticed this and mention he will get the guys to update it, but that never happened. Well I noticed something weird on Saturday. Was at the shops and builders lost power to their lights and ACs etc. Only the tills was still powered. I was like, is there a power outage? Anyways got back home 20min later, and noticed all the essentials in the house is offline for about 20min. Had to restart the inverter to get it all back online. Other than that 1 issue, it has been flawless since installation. S
  4. Hopefully have my panels installed by next week then I can give you real world experience.
  5. Received my Installation Approval Letter today
  6. @Elbow I just received my SSEG installation approval letter. There is the following part in that might be of interest to you:
  7. They at least parallel in the diagram But yeah looks like 2 inverters running separate inside the same house. Technically can do the same with 1x GoodWe and 1x Sunsynk too at the same time.
  8. The old part, is just the back plastic with some form of surge protector and the connectors on which the old meter and new keypad clip in on. It saves them a whole lot of work actually. Like the physical part inside took less than 2 minutes. So yeah its huge, but it means I also don't have to repaint and fill up empty concrete and stuff. So good and bad. Yeah I was scared of the reviews, but the guys were chilled when over here so it was ok and I am more relaxed now that this is out of my way.
  9. Couldn't find my normal measuring tape, but hopefully these will work. It is the standard sized prepaid box. In fact, the back part against the wall wasn't replaced at all, just the front cover part. You will see in the photos the back part the plastic looks old and yellowy.
  10. Inverter and batteries is installed for loadshedding, but without panels its not going to push back any power to the non-essentials in backup mode. The info is all just hearsay talking to the guy installing the unit on the day. I will have more experience with the meter once my panels are installed. With the meter installed my SSEG application should soon hit the "ok, go head, to install" step.
  11. I am in the process of doing my SSEG application. I am not yet at the point where I am allowed to install the panels. Elex Khanyisa was here yesterday to replace my prepaid meter. It was a Conlog, now it is an Ontec, which is a split unit. The meter inside was replaced with the keypad part, where the actual meter now sits outside in the box in the street. The benefit they get is, this meter is able to properly block feed back to the grid without interrupting your supply. The other advantage is, tampering to the meter has to be done to the outside unit. Also, if CoCT wants to in
  12. Yeah I am mightily impressed with the Sunsynk on paper and feedback on here. Will be my next inverter if this goodwe fail out of warranty or I upgrade in the future. I hope at that point in time it also has a Home Assistant integration.
  13. Well let's compare the two. This is what I see from my inexperienced and very little knowledge, reading on here and elsewhere, as good as hearsay. GoodWe benefits over Sunsynk: * no fan, so quiet 24/7/365 * Amazing home-assistant integration which is a BIG plus for me personally, but for many its a non-issue altogether Sunsynk over GoodWe: * Looks like good support, on GoodWe its difficult to get good customer support * I think the new 8kW version can take AC IN from a generator in addition to grid. Really cool + imho * Can run in parallel mode to add more capacity * AC-OUT-
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