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  1. I have been experimenting with a voltronics VMII ( 2017 model) which has rated pv input 120V to 450V. I think its the Axpert range. Serial request returns VMII-5000. Seems as if SCC only kicks in if PV voltage is over 150V but will operate below this value once on. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Would have implications for solar panel selection. I have also seen very different pv input voltages in other forums. Seem as if Voltronics might have changed PV specifications? Any colour much appreciated.
  2. Thx Coulomb. We have a STM32 micro controller with CAN for BMS control and serial connection to Voltronic. We have created a new lid for the MKII which has its own control and breakers / surge protectors and can use BYD and Pylon via our auto detect feature. Not for use with lead acid. Our screen only has 4 selection options, charge mode (grid + pv or just pv), output mode (sing or parallel), output voltage and powersave which makes it very easy for any installer as it auto detects BMS and battery capacity. More selections can be made eg to de-rate for high temp conditions etc via 2g modem & remote cloud based dashboard. We can adjust the low battery voltage disconnect to turn inverter off but can't turn it back on again without hardware solution or manual operation of switch. We tried adjusting the battery re-charge and discharge settings with Solar first option but that did not work. We have the relay option but want to scrap that as it makes the assembly a little more complex. We might need the relay anyway for PAYG option. I would be interested in any views, particularly from Africa, as to our 'plug and play' approach which make the MKS II very easy to install with Li batteries, smart and connected via cloud. Is the MKS II firmware available as we would like to modify it ?
  3. Hi Does anyone know if there is a serial command and the protocol for turning the AC output of a MKS II on and off? I am trying to switch the AC output off if SOC drops below a certain value and then to bring it back once Li battery SOC has gone above a certain value.
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