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  1. At the Solar shop online (dodgy lot) manage to get specs on this forum. LiT Range installtion manual (1).pdf
  2. This one is only 3 months old, basically new
  3. Please refer to the attached photo, they are 6 months old, and worked about 6 hours daily
  4. 3 x 48v Li - ion Tech R12,500.00ea 1x Natlon Lit Lifepo4 48v Like new R25,000ea Reason for selling upgraded to a Revov system
  5. The 2 systems seems to work against one another, I just took out my old system. Might have to sell it, I don’t wamt to take any chances with the Revov system.
  6. Hi Plonkster, Sorry my bad, my current system is LFP. 3 x Li - ion tech and 1 x Natlon.
  7. Hi Gents, I got myself 2 x sets of Revov 2nd life batteries with the BMS systems. My current setup is 48V(4 x 100ah batteries), can I run them together on the same system, looks like my current 48V system draws power from the Revov system, almost like getting charged. If any one can help please.
  8. Thx Louis got the settings from the supplier
  9. Hi All, Got myself 2 off these batteries, can anybody assist with the correct settings for my Microcare system Thank you
  10. Hi Gents, I’m new to solar, my system is as follows 2 x 12 x 340w panels 2 x 100amp Microcare Mppt controllers 10Kw Microcare inverter 3 x Li-ion Tech 6kwh batteries, connected in parallel. Can you please assist with the correct settings for the batteries. Many Thanks


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