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  1. I had Jaco back to install some more panels. Did an absolutely steller job once again, considering that he had to move existing panels around and pull through more strings. Opened up all of the existing trunking and re-sealed everything afterwards. Everything labeled neatly and correctly. Since he is a very busy man, he set a date weeks in advance. He ran into some trouble in Bloemfontein (he travels the whole country through) and let me know well in advance that he wouldn't be able to make the date and arranged an alternative. I also took the day leave simply because it is a lot of fun talking to him I ended up recommending him to a couple of colleagues, 1 of which had their system installed the beginning of this week and another who is currently having their system installed.
  2. I recently had Jaco install my system for me in Pretoria. He is really professional and always made time to answer any questions -- often even replying to WhatsApp messages late at night or over weekends. His price was quite competitive compared to some of the local guys, even though it had to include travel and accommodation for 3 people. I didn't feel that he was trying to make a quick buck in any of the items and all the equipment he chose was top notch. Work was on time and on budget. Communication was good -- especially since loadshedding and the coronavirus started just as I was about to order and it sent the supply chain globally into a tailspin. He underpromised yet overdelivered -- his original estimate as to when equipment would be available was adjusted to 2 weeks earlier. The actual installation was really cleanly and well done with everything perfectly labeled and well thought out. He's the type of contractor that I wish could do my whole house, rather than just the PV system! The system is running perfectly at the moment and I haven't looked back since. If you're interested in a Victron system I would definitely recommend him!
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