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  1. Good day, I recently installed an Axpert (mecer branded) 5kva hybrid inverter. I have an initial battery backup of 4 x 200Ah Gamistar deep cycle gel batteries. I have not installed any PV as yet .......will do some time in the next few months. so the system as is is just used during load shedding for a few lights, 2 Tvs, fridge, modem and dstv. Could someone please give me the optimal settings for this initial setup as per the programing sheet/menu. Using the software that came with inverter. Thanks in advance. I
  2. @Chris Hobson Hi Chris, I have installed a Mecer branded Axpert 5kva hybrid 48V inverter attached to 4 Camistar 200Ah deep cycle gel batteries in series. At this stage, I have no PV panels installed. I will add on in future. Can you assist with best settings for the inverter and batteries as described. Thanks in advance. Sudesh
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