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  1. You can also try Riaan Barkhuizen from BTKonsult. Not the cheapest but I had a very good experience with him. Excellent service and after sales support. Riaan Barkhuizen [email protected] +27 84 691 9405
  2. Using different panels with different electrical charcteristics on the same MPPT is not really recommended as the overall wil only perform as well as the weakest. You can get around this by using multiple MPPTs (just make sure that the inverter is capable of handling multiple MPPTs)
  3. I would also add if using the CANBus for communication (e.g. for Victron inverters) - the cable has changed from a TypeB to a TypeA. https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:can-bus_bms-cable
  4. Is it possible you have the correct cable to connect ICC to the US3000C ? I do know that when I added a US3000C to my 2 US3000B I had to get a new CANBus cable to connect the Victron to the BMS - apparently the pinouts have changed - the Victron picked up the battery fine with the old cable, but there were some funnies (e.g negative temerature and random battery disconnects). Replacing my old CANBus cable with the new one for the US3000C sorted all my issues. see also https://powerforum.co.za/topic/7901-pylontech-us3000c/
  5. Also if you already have the B and get a new C, the cable that connects the BMS to the inverter (in the case of Victron specifically) has also changed - the CAN-bus port seems to have a slightly different pin-out between the B and C models.
  6. Technically you can just use 1 MPPT -- BUT this is not recomended as you will loose efficiency. Also consider if your panels are not identical, and you connect them to the same MPPT, the panels will basically only produce as much power as the lowest panel.
  7. Yea, my 1st quote actually included the JA Solars and there was only about a R25 difference. From what I can see from the datasheets it almost looks like the Peimar might be "better" Peimar 20yr product warrant, JA Solar 12yr Peimar 30yr linear power warrant, JA Solar 25yr
  8. I got quoted 2,416.03 (excl) each - its part of a larger quote to upgrade my existing system.
  9. Cant seem to edit existing post. Here is a link to the datasheet. : https://www.peimar.com/datasheet/Peimar_EN_OR6H450M.pdf
  10. Anyone have experience with Peimar 450W solar panels ? The brand does not seem to be very common in South Africa. How do they compare to e.g. Canadian Solar/JA Solar panels ?
  11. Forgot too add - its a flat IBR roof, so there is only 1 direction (direction and pitch is excellend for summer >85% efficientcy, where as in winter the efficiency drops to about 60%)
  12. I have 6x355 panels and a Victron BlueSolar 150/45 MPPT (max 2600w input from panels). Although my summer production is basically enough most days(basically +- 13kW production), my winter production is almost half that at arounf 7.5kW. I now want to add an additional 6 panels to specifically increase my winter production. What is best : 1. add another 150/45 MPPT or 2. Replace the current MPPT with a larger model e.g. 150/70 (max 4000w)
  13. As far as I understand it the ESS software (runs on the GX device) will do this if you select " Keep Batteries Charged" option. Other options are optimize for battery life , optimized and external control -- the optimized settings will use the battery and PV to try and reduce grid usage as much as possible.
  14. lol and then you get the following product specs on their website (http://www.pylontech.com.cn/pro_detail.aspx?id=121&cid=23) - that only speaks to >4500 cyles. But even the worst numbers will give you more than 10years of daily cycle use. Personally mine is set to only discharge to 40% on daily use - the rest is left for possible loadshedding (Tshwane only have 2hr load shedding slots)
  15. As far as I am aware the BMS will shutdown at 10%SoC (state of charge) - hence 90% available for use. However the 6000 cycles is based on not going below 20%SoC. So the Us3000 is nominally 3.5kw but useable is 3,2kw.And if you want the >6000 cycles, dont drain the batteries below 20%SoC. If you do drain it regulalrly so that the BMS shutsdown, the rated cycles drop to something like 4500
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