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  1. lol and then you get the following product specs on their website (http://www.pylontech.com.cn/pro_detail.aspx?id=121&cid=23) - that only speaks to >4500 cyles. But even the worst numbers will give you more than 10years of daily cycle use. Personally mine is set to only discharge to 40% on daily use - the rest is left for possible loadshedding (Tshwane only have 2hr load shedding slots)
  2. As far as I am aware the BMS will shutdown at 10%SoC (state of charge) - hence 90% available for use. However the 6000 cycles is based on not going below 20%SoC. So the Us3000 is nominally 3.5kw but useable is 3,2kw.And if you want the >6000 cycles, dont drain the batteries below 20%SoC. If you do drain it regulalrly so that the BMS shutsdown, the rated cycles drop to something like 4500
  3. I have 6x355w panels and midday I get around 1300w - on average I get total about 7.7kW per day. Location Centurion
  4. Hi Bruce, I was quoted on some of these but couldnt find any real information - especially related to actual installs (reviews etc). My thoughts are to get a Victron Multiplus II GX (3KVA) unit and then pair it with +-5kW of storage as a start.
  5. Anyone have any experience or comments regarding the ZTE ZXDC48 FB101 Lithium-ion Batteriers ? Especially connecting to Victron equipment ? Data sheet - ZXDC48 FB101 Lithium-ion Battery V2.0_20180716_EN.pdf
  6. Thx - already have a system in mind and am busy looking at quotes - but its a pain Problems experienced so far : 1. Contact via web - no response 2. Make contact get a quote - with very few details 3. Get a more detailed quote and on closer inspection - some glaring problems (e.g. had 1 quote on a Victron Multiply 48/3000 system + 48V Dyness Lithium battery and then got quoted on a SmartSolar MPPT 100/35 which is a 12/24V MPPT from what I can see) 4. Trying to get independent reviews/recommendations (the case for WiSolar - I am relatively ok with their quote atm even got t
  7. Did you manage to get more info about/from them ? I am also sitting with a good looking estimate from them but cant find more info on them. Hellopeter doesnt have anything on them and Google only have good reviews. Anyone have any negative experiences ?
  8. Anyone had dealings before with https://www.solaralt.co.za/ ? Can you recommend them ?
  9. Hi all, am planning a small system and require recommendations for an installer in Centurion. I am thinking of installing the following : +- 3kVA Inverter (Victron or Goodwe or any equalivent capable of ESS type functionallity) +- 3KWp of panels (e.g. 9x330W) +- 3.5Kw worth of battery (e.g. 1xPylontech US3000) Flat/tin roof, north facing 2 persons in a small 3 bedroom house - total monthly municipal account +- 600 units
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