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  1. You could perhaps also generate a graphical report from SEMS from the time you are having issues, suggest start of with a wider date range, I also suspect SEMS is based on a time zone in Asia so you may have to select a time a few hours ahead for a recent event: Make sure to select curve along with max 2 parameters (when generating a curve) You can Zoom in and out of the area of interest using the sliders below:
  2. Some additional hypotheses: If some of the loads are not part of the "backup" output of the inverter, the accuracy of the CT (current) sensor could also potentially cause "leakage" in either direction i.e. exporting or importing, would expect this to be fairly low but more obvious during low power consumption scenario's. If the consumption is very low, the battery may simply not supply any current at all, and just use energy from the Grid, I have got this under my "Diagnose Messages" which can be accessed in PV Master from under SETTINGS -> Diagnose Message
  3. My current battery capacity is a bit low so normally drained by the time it gets to the wee hours of the morning, will monitor what happens once the capacity has been increased
  4. Thanks for the link, from the last report from the link: The only two battery packs that made it through unscathed during phase 1 and are still going strong are: Samsung Sony GNB PbA The only two battery packs that made it unscathed through phase 2 are: GNB Li-ion Pylontech These large price tag batteries available also in SA, alas, did not manage to go all the way through phase two, which is worrying: BYD LV - Suspected internal BMS failure of one battery module. BYD states all modules faulty due to cell imbalance Tesla PW2 - Battery not
  5. Hi @Bobster I have noticed the same both with importing and exporting, From observations the "leakage" seems to be a bit more pronounced when there are large loads switching on and off, e.g. our one 4kW geyser, and the larger the load the more the "leakage". While most of the PV generated goes into charging the battery the "leakage is much lower if not zero, once the system start to export and the loads come online, the "leakage" seems to increase. Purely a guess (without running tests), is that this is a way for the inverter to help balance and protect itself, rather than
  6. Hydrogen seems to be part of a huge drive to find a clean alternative for fossil fuels especially for use in ships, planes and even trucks, and the energy density makes Hydrogen a worthwhile contender. There is a commitment from the “top” in many countries incl. the EU to make it work.
  7. Tried something similar a few years back with a normal UPS and large battery and my UPS did overheat and shut down. Depending on budget, and as a suggestion, you could perhaps consider getting a low cost or used hybrid inverter e.g. something like this? https://www.victronenergy.com/inverters-chargers/multi-500-va or perhaps slightly larger depending on the consumption of the TV which most probably uses most of the energy https://www.dixonbatteries.co.za/multiplus-c-12-800-35-16 One of these may be another option, not too familiar with them however: https://mustek
  8. The Goodwe does report that the SoH is 100% as per the attached, would be nice to directly interogate the BMS as well.
  9. Hi @billythekid I suspect that is the 26K question Not a very good sales person but perhaps some of the other members can perhaps help with this one. You mentioned in a PM you can get new Byd's for approx R22k. The cost for upgrading the existing Byd 5 kWh stack to 10kWh will be around R44K Getting another complete 10 kWh stack, that can "talk" to the Goodwe inverter will cost between R50K - 55K (Pylontech / Alpha Smile) less whatever can be be gotten for the Byd stack. Should one be able to get at least R13k per battery that it will be R26K for the two batterie
  10. Interesting results out of Oz, not sure if Sony, Samsung is available in SA and how the prices compare with e.g. Pylontech Would imagine that in terms of price vs. performance Pylontech must be the clear winner out of the below bunch, pity we do not have something similar for the batteries available in SA. Top performers Models that demonstrated superior performance: The Sony and Pylontech battery packs have so far demonstrated superior capacity retention; that is, their claimed capacity didn't significantly diminish over time. The Sony, Samsung, Tesla Powerwall, BYD
  11. Thanks for the points mentioned: 1. The battery's warranty: as per data sheet it is a 5 year product warranty and a 10 year performance warranty. I am not sure exactly what this means, does this include the 8000 cycles quoted, and at what capacity level? Further research required. Yes the warranty terms is expressed somewhat oddly and it would be worthwhile to clarify before jumping in and buying one. 2. It's a large "chunk" to buy in one go, and further expansion would probably mean another one of the same size (and cost). By contrast, the other options listed in the possibly o
  12. Guess it is could be the same as this one, just a different face lift? https://en.goodwe.com/energy-storage-inverters/esa-series-282.asp
  13. Does anyone perhaps have any experience with the Alpha SMILE Batteries? Read on another post that Alpha is a rebranded Goodwe, The battery, non supringsingly, if true, is also compatible with the Goodwe 5048D-ES amongst other Goodwe models: https://www.goodwe.com/Public/Uploads/sersups/Approved Battery Options Statement_2019.pdf At < R50K for 10kWh this does look like a good fit for the Goodwe inverters: https://www.pikaled.co.za/product/parallel-connection-expansion-battery-10-1kwh-for-smile5/
  14. can imagine! Hopefully it was lead-less solder wire!
  15. Truly amazing project! It seems from the pictures that you have directly soldered onto the battery cell terminals, is the Lithium cells OK with handling the soldering temperatures? Take it that, based on the performance of this mega battery, that the cells seems OK with the temperatures.
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