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  1. Thanks p1000, so my setup is evac tube geyser feeds 1 bathroom directly and feeds another standard geyser. Standard geyser element is normally switched on for an hour a day. Was looking to either replace element on standard geyser with dc/ac option or boost evac geyser in cloudy weather. Option 1 In bad weather, everyone uses the standard geyser (AC heated and some pv during the day)...in good weather we use the evac geyser and the standard geyser would be boosted by pv so no need for ac. Option 2 standard geyser now obsolete and disconnected..all hot water from AC/pv boos
  2. Thanks for all the great answers. I also found that the dc geyser controllers to be close to the price of a hybrid inverter!!! Peter topps solution of dc solid state relay (http://www.elexco.co.za/index.php?route=product/search&search=solid state relay dc) with existing thermostat and switch looks the most cost effective. FWIW i found reasonably price elements here http://www.elexco.co.za/index.php?route=product/product&path=66&product_id=909 So all in all, not horrendously expensive, I might use this as an assist on a solar evac tube geyser that struggles a bit on cloudy
  3. HI All Does anyone have any expereince with retrofitting DC geyser elements that run directly off solar panels? There are a number of solutions out there, an interesting one is and AC/DC solution which will use mains at night or on overcast days. Looking for any opinions out there on this as it looks like a viable alternative to installing solar evac tube geysers
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