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  1. On the final stages of my Goodwe 4.6 ES install and happy to say my Chinglish has come on in leaps and bounds! While installing the Smart Meter ("Ez Meter" as referred to in the manual) I found something I had overlooked on first inspection. There is a 0.5 amp fuse indicated on the positive supply side to the meter that powers it. This fuse &/or holder is not part of the packing list for the meter. Has anyone who installed a Goodwe Ez Meter added this small inline fuse to their smart meter? Images taken from the Goodwe Smart Meter instructions - Online copy at https://www.goodwe.com/Public/Uploads/sersups/Smart Meter User Manual.pdf
  2. Thanks @viceroy for the feedback. That makes more sense than a lot of the other explanations I have heard. I am meeting an installer over the weekend who specializes in industrial solar installs, see what his take is on this and let you know.
  3. @viceroy Did you ever get a comprehensive answer regarding your single Fuse on the positive battery cable? (between the battery and inverter) I have installed a 100Amp DC fuse in a single disconnect holder on the positive cable, but No Fuse on the negative wire in my system. Rather than just getting a "yes you do" or "no you don't", I'd rather understand the principal behind it. The more I ask the more different answers I am getting!
  4. @Roarty Would it be possible to post your PDF of your final system setup again? I have I have the same 4.6 Goodwe ES and my setup is almost the same with a few variations. Wanted to see how close they are. The old post where you included the PDF has a dead link. Thanks.


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