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  1. Thanks Leshen Is the attached pic from a thread here on the powerforum? Would like to read more about it If joining the three batteries (+ to + and - to -), would also take the + from the top battery and the negative from bottom battery when connecting the the isolater/inverter? Re this: You need to purchase a CAT5E cable to link the batteries together for comms on the RS485 port. Do you need to make up a special cable? Or would the standard 1m ethernet cable setup work? (the ones get when buying a router etc) Thanks
  2. Hi Guys Need some inputs/advice on the specs for a system I am helping someone with. Basically the plan is as follows: 1 x 8kw Sunsynk 32 x 345 watt JA Solar mono perc half cells (these are 9.86 Amp panels so should not clip on the Sunsynk and sizing of 1689mm length is major factor) The install is planned as an east to west so we will have 16x on the east side and 16x on the west side. On the battery side I considered the Pylons (this is what I have but on a 5kw) however given the large loads that will potentially be drawn I think something like the BSL Bull or H
  3. I suppose you could look at your PV generated graph to see where there are gaps (i.e. when you use less/little, the PV generation will drop). If there are large gaps, like mine below, you could add another battery. But be mindful that on cloudy days it will take longer to fully charge the batteries: Blue = Production Red = Consumption
  4. Hi Hannes I have 380 watt JA Solar Mono PERC half cell x 14 ( 2x 7) so total of 5320 facing North. Not sure about the tilt though although my roof profile is quite low - so probably in the region of 20 to 25 degrees. Typically I get 4.3kw here and sometimes it jumps up to 4.5kw or 4.6kw I am JHB so trying to get a sense if 80% of rated PV array capacity is good indication (or not) Thanks
  5. Thanks Hannes So if you are hitting 5.8kw that is about 80% of the PV total power (16 * 455w = 7.28kw)
  6. Hi Hannes Thanks for the feedback Would be interesting to see a chart with volts and amps where you reach these peaks of 5800 watt
  7. Also had this when I initially commissioned mine. With the cover plate on it was less annoying. At some point I had switched off the inverter completely and disconnected the batteries. When I turned on everything again, the pitch was really bad. After a few days I decided to just switch it off with the power button underneath the inverter - did not switch off anything. When I switched it back on, the pitch was virtually gone (it is there but really really faint only audible when I get your ears in really close). Not a technical solution but just what I experienced.
  8. Does the graph only represent the use of your geyser and no other circuits? At what point are you measuring the use? What did you use to measure this and get this information? Agree that the rand values do not look right
  9. Can you mix for example JA Solar with a Canadian Solar? probably not Also can't mix a poly with a mono? Found a 405watt canadian solar
  10. Thanks Tariq and Vassen for the feedback It makes sense that BMS would limit the current draw and inform the inverter of this Saw in another thread something about the Pylon warranty that will be void if charge currents are overstepped and it got me wondering how you could manage this within the Sunsynk settings. To summarise then: 1) even if you only have two batteries, and 2) you are powering essential and non-essential loads at night, 3) the BMS will tell the inverter of the max capability/draw, 4) the inverter balance the rest of the requirement against
  11. Hi Guys Looking through these pics again and the manual, I just need to clarify the approach on: 1) Number of batteries; 2) Max consistent current draw 3) Setting on Sunsynk system screen I know the max sell power should be set to your PV array size power however I see in most pics that the POWER COLUMN remains at either 5000 or 8000 depending on whether the person has 5.5kw or 8.8kw model. Has anyone limited the power in the power column to say 3500 watt? For example if you have two Pylon 3000C batteries with max consistent current draw of 74A
  12. There is a training manual that could maybe shed some further light. Not sure what you are struggling with specifically
  13. Just a wild guess here from what i have read it sounds like a floating neutral. Have you tested the voltage between earth and neutral?
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