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  1. On the susynk you have to choose the battery type. Ie lithuim by doing this it reverts those settings to % not sure where this is set on the deye
  2. So the inverter can only ever invert 8kw. Is the balance of power generated going to the battery? Did not know it can exceed 8.8kw on the DC Bus? Or would it be limited to the 10.4kw max solar PV input?
  3. @Barry8355Did you manage to get any further with this?
  4. I think in previous discussions it was illustrated that it clipped the amps at around 9.9 amp. Following the upgrade, it could go over the 9.9Amp threshold. I have not seen the 13 Amps quoted on a spec sheet but have seen the 22 Amps for the 8kw
  5. My 5kw went from 9.9amps to 11 amp per mppt after software update. There was some discussion about this somewhere on the forum. the amps is not really the issue as the inverter would just clip it if it went over (of course within reason). Usually you have to look at the Isc of the panel. On rainy \ cloudy days when the panels are cold and sun comes out you could even exceed the panel rating for short periods.
  6. The 8kw has 2 mppt’s. so if you plan to spread the 16 panels over both inverters ( ie 4 mppt’s) and limit the panels to 4 per mppt you will be fine on both the volt and amp side. You will probably find that the mppt rating will increase to 22 amp with latest software. if running a parallel setup make sure both inverters have same software version and that cables to the batteries are in equal length. each mppt can handle 5000 watts so you can add more panels provided you stay below the 450 volts. In fact I would probably do 8 panels per mppt to start with since that will give you better dc voltage and less voltage drop over the dc lines to the inverter. You could also get away with 4mm^2 cable assuming 336 volts on 8 panels in series
  7. Maybe ask the guys from the PowerForum Store if they can get you a quote on the 15/12HV - worth a try? I see the FreedomWon list a bunch of resellers as well
  8. What was the price quote on the Freedom Won HV - I could not find any prices for it on the internet
  9. It looks like the max discharge is limited to 66 amps (elsewhere I saw 50 amps) on the inverter as you stated this will limit your ability to draw 3200 watts from the AM2 and a second battery will increase capacity but not the ability to draw more. Hence you will limit the 6kw inverter to 3.2kw (maybe even less - See spec sheet that says 50 amps)?
  10. From what I can see you will have some limitations on the BMS side with the above batteries (and hardware limitations as already mentioned on the US3000) On the BlueNova I see the below statement (on one of the reseller websites - not sure if this is really true): "Please note due to the limited BMS capabilities these batteries can only be connected up to two batteries 24V." Seems like you would need to go for a high voltage setup, something like the Pylontech: Pylon PowerCube H2 48V 74Ah for series connection for HV And this needs a separate control unit. https://www.livestainable.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/PowerCube-H2-Installation-Manual.pdf https://portal.segensolar.co.za/reseller/docs/PowerCube-H1H2 Operation Manual V2.4.pdf It would be better to contact the suppliers/manufacturers of the batteries you mentioned to confirm that you can exceed the 48volt specification (i.e. series connection)
  11. I have just set my minimum charge level to 95% from 16:00 So typically it would charge to 100% during the day but won't be there for more than 3 to 4 hours and then start discharging down to 95%. My SOH also dropped to 99% this week and have been in use since Feb this year (8 months)- I have 3 x 3000C batteries. Run them down to 40% every night
  12. Hi Tariq How long have you been doing this and what is your observations on the SOH of the batteries?
  13. That is quite some export given that you have zero export enabled. Re the software it is not the latest but not much different than mine, I have v Maybe a firmware upgrade will do the trick.
  14. That does not sound right, so for 10 min you can see negative flow on the system flow chart? Which software and comms version do you have?
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