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  1. Seems to be good so far I like it except for the 24/7 fan thing....if it's going in your house that could be a problem but depends where you put it...I now switch my inverter system off completely until there is load shedding...I switch it on 2 days a week when at work to charge up the batteries as they will lose 3 percent a week
  2. Unfortunately my MKSII does not have this setting which is really frustrating.I have resorted to switching the inverter off when there is no load shedding and we are not at home. As you said i dont mind the fans running while charging batteries but when totally idle and doing nothing those fans shouldnt be running. I appreciate the suggestion however
  3. Yes i have since found out that ALL the Axpert inverters run at 30% 24/7 across the entire range. Would be nice if they released firmware to drop this 30% and use the fans only when needed!
  4. I got the Mecer Axpert MksII installed in my home.The fans run 24/7 whether they charging batteries or not.Its rather annoying. Does the Axpert Kings fans run all the time as well?
  5. I wonder if the Mecer Axpert King's fans always run?
  6. If a new set of 4 Gel batteries have been charged by the inverter to their MAX then disconnected from the inverter and stored for a week how much charge will they lose in the 7 days?
  7. I'm hoping it has a power on/off button which completely turns it off...I'm sure it does...I am sensitive to noise and it's going in the middle of my small 2 bed simplex...I will switch it off when I go to bed unless I know there is load shedding...when I get up and leave for work I'll turn it on again
  8. Thanks for the response. Couldn't I just switch the inverter off when not in use if it becomes annoying?switch on again when we are out
  9. Im getting my Mecer Axpert MksII inverter system installed on Tuesday. Some people have said to me its noisy all the time,i figure by noisy they mean the fans. Others say its only noisy when charging the gel batteries. I have a small place i dont need a noisy device running 24/7. Anyone shed some light on this subject?
  10. Im looking for 200ah AGM/Gel batteries for my inverter. Can someone recommend some good,reliable brands i can buy locally online with high duty cycles. Also whats the difference between AGM,Gel and AGM Gel batteries?Which are the best?
  11. This would surely be a better option to my 4 x 200ah agm batteries? https://solaradvice.co.za/product/ufo-5kwh-lithium-ion-battery/
  12. Thanks Piet thats exactly what i needed to know and yes dod values are right
  13. What is the equivalent lithium ion pylontech in output to 4 x 200ah batteries?
  14. It's an inverter type,the older tech.Just changed but was recommended to go inverter type as they less problematic with this load shedding
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