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  1. Thanks everyone for your answers, I appreciate all the advice. I will certainly give the light in series idea a try since I am looking for a cheap, ad-hoc fix. In the meantime however, it seems to be hit-and-miss. sometimes if I just leave the inverter on with the load connected, it eventually starts up after a few minutes and works just fine. Cheers Clayton
  2. Hi! I have a MotoQuip modified sine wave inverter I bought from outdoor warehouse years ago, it's rated at 800W (1200W peak). Recently I've been trying to use it during load shedding and I find that it is impossible to connect some devices to it. My laptop charger (85W) causes the inverter to shut down immediately when I connect it. I suspect that the reason may have something to do with capacitors in the laptop's power adaptor drawing large initial current - triggering a shutdown? I would like to think that the 800W inverter is more than large enough for the task, barring the fact
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