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  1. Are you sure you didn’t have a faulty unit. I have the 2000va mecer unit and its powering my garage motor. The fan is loud but I’ve never heard any buzzing sound from it even if I am right next to it. BTW, there is a whole thread on mybroadband dedicated to this inverter. You may be able to find better answers in that thread.
  2. I think u mean 1st And 3rd from the right. This would be correct. Also assume this this for the 5kw unit. These 2 wires would then go to the coil of an AC relay. The other 2 terminals of the relay, COM and NO terminals would then go earth and inverter load Neutral.
  3. 2 very small flat screwdrivers is all you need. Push the clips together and pull the connectors apart.
  4. You could use some sort of power monitor and check the power utilization. I use the Ellie’s efergy and I can use the portal to see if the geyser is on or not. There’s others available now like the cbi astute or Shelly em
  5. It shouldn’t. My understanding is it only exports solar. can’t confirm though as I’m not exporting.
  6. I assume you are also knowingly feeding back to the grid, right. Since you have grid sell enabled. Further to what @Bloubul7said, if you have a tick on the grid charge, the inverter will use grid to charge batteries up to the value that you set. If grid charge is not ticked, it will discharge the battery to that level.
  7. There should be a time of use setting. You need to enable this. The inverter GUI is already pretty powerful. Why would you want to use icc. I don’t think it’s compatible anyway.
  8. He started another thread yesterday and I advised him to use a car charger for the phone and a car charger for the laptop as well. This would be the least complicated and still being efficient.
  9. Okay. 2 hours of laptop use on the batteries shouldn’t be too much of a load on the batteries. As long as you monitor accordingly and you have a backup solution then you should be fine.
  10. You can search on amazon for solar battery and you will get a few options. Its difficult to say what car batteries are like in Switzerland. Temperature affects battery performance. So a battery that performs well in south africa may not perform the same in switzerland. Some questions: 1. When do you want to use the laptop. During the day or night. 2. How many hours of sun do you get on average or more specifically, how many hours of sun will the solar panel get in a day. 3. How many days in a row do you get with no sun. 4. What will you do if there are many da
  11. That’s somewhat true although the actual claims may not always be true. My neighbor for example has had better luck with car/truck batteries on a simple Ellie’s trolley than he has with deep cycle batteries. His company has done tests and found the non deep cycles to perform better. I have no personal experience with them though.
  12. With mine, the efergy almost always shows more than the actual as seen from eskom bills as well as my inverter readings.
  13. it depends on your loads to a certain extent. The efergy is only really measuring current through the ct. It does not measure voltage as this is set by you. However, grid voltages are not always stable and vary a bit at different times of the day. The other issue with the efergy is that it does not measure power factor so also adds to inaccuracies especially if your have lots of motor loads. they are fine to get a rough idea of usage but should not be relied on heavily.
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