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  1. A clearer picture than that you cannot get
  2. No I don't have the link off hand, but I can refer you to the training manual
  3. That's 3000 cycles @ 1C though... most other batteries are 0.5C. BSL Batt is the only other one that I know of.
  4. It's somehow a difficult concept to grasp. The Sunsynk's grid feed is (very cleverly designed as) both input and output. Keith Gough discusses this in one of his Sunsynk training vids on Youtube.
  5. I see that the RIOT module is unnecessary for most mainstream inverters such as Victron, GoodWe, Sunsynk, Deye, Growatt, and Sofar, they can all address it natively using CAN bus. But if I were to go for this battery, I'd get one in any case, looks pretty cool.
  6. Yep, each panel has four clamps, the ones on the edges have end clamps, the ones in the middle have, well, middle clamps.
  7. The answer to your question (highlighted in the quote) is yes, it does feed excess solar to power non-essential loads.
  8. If only the Tesla Solar Roof were available in SA, and cost effective, you'd be an ideal candidate.
  9. I sourced mine from The Powerforum Store (PFS). They can also make recommendations on installers, I had mine done by Werner Heydenrych from Elec Delite (083 417 8157) ([email protected]) on their recommendation, and I am still very happy with the install.
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