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  1. It looks simiilar to mine, my base load varies between 280 and 400W after charging batteries. Tomorrow, do a load of washing, turn the dishwasher on and roast a chicken in the oven. Live a little, then you will see some utilisation
  2. My Sunsynk 5K had a problem where the timezone kept getting reset to a GMT timezone overnight. I also suspected it to be an online thing and raised it with support, they changed something and it never did it again. I still keep the time sync ticked, reason being is that all clocks, even digital ones, will eventually drift a bit. I'd like the option of syncing it with my local NTP server though, or even a local stratum-2 timeserver. Will raise a UI feature request.
  3. If you have old software, then as a start, I'd recommend updating it. On your error codes, I have never seen them before, F56 is a battery related error, check cables, connections, battery discharge settings and condition of battery. F13 seems informational, suggests that someone was changing grid mode / work mode parameters. And as for F03, I don't know what GFDI stands for. If your CT coil is installed incorrectly then the CT value in the info screen will be negative:
  4. You can set the battery discharge rate on the inverter in the battery screen (max 74A for two US3000s), and the DoD of the battery in the system mode screen.
  5. I haven't ever exported to grid because I am led to believe that it will decrement my credit accordingly (and as your reference to the manual shows).
  6. It's not only post count, but the quality of posts, and regular contributions to very specific topics. Anyone, including the shills for this outfit can up their post count by necroing ancient threads and giving mindless one-liner responses to just about everything in sight. A committed forumite's post history can be spotted a mile away, and therefore a shill can be just as easily spotted, because the quality of their posts lack depth and authenticity. Caveat Emptor.
  7. It's a bit concerning that the only ones reporting receipt of goods do not have much of a post history.
  8. If I were you would definitely put East on one MPPT and West on the other, you will get far better production.
  9. Nice install. The only potential issue that I see is DC and AC in the same trunking, although there may be separate conduit inside that I cannot see? I don't think that the 12 panels are paralleled, because then the combined VoC would close to 600V (dangerous even for a E<-> W install). I suspect that you have 6 in series on each MPPT (the 5K has two). This means that you could increase this comfortably to 9 panels for each MPPT for a total of 18 panels, maybe even more if the data supports it on a E<-> W install. You will soon get the hang of tweaking it, it's simply a matter of having enough generation capacity and storage, and then to change some consumption habits. I have had my system for almost one year now, 16x 380W panels on a 5K Sunsynk, albeit a North facing install, and in May I bought 5kWh from Eskom, June was 0.4kWh. So it gets better and better!
  10. Oh, I know that feeling! I never slept for a week, was so excited! Congratulations! Please remember that we all want to see some pics if your install.
  11. It's not a panacea, so no guarantee that it will work, but generally dogs will socialise far easier and better if they are of the opposite sex (and being fixed is pretty non-negotiable),
  12. Yep, they are both very cute. Huge difference in coat (and maintenance) though, and temperament. A Maltese's coat is soft throughout, a Westie has two different coats, thick wiry waterproof coat on top, and soft coat underneath. It's easier to maintain and a far more resilient dog, especially outside, bred to be a rat / mole catcher, that's why it has such a sturdy tail, when it gets stuck in a hole, you can pull it out by its tail. The only issue remains the socialisation with your current terrier. Either way, a spayed female perhaps? Assuming of course that you have a fixed male pitbull?
  13. It depends. Terriers have huge hearts, extremely courageous. Jack Russells have been known to dominate German Shepherds.
  14. Ah, so she actually wants to groom the dog? That's so cool. And very "girly" I honestly think that your biggest problem would be socialisation with the pitbull. You would need to be very careful, otherwise the vet / hospitalisation bills would mount up. You need a dog that isn't cheeky and that submits to the Pitbull, and is happy to fulfill a subservient role in the pack. So IMHO basically all terriers are out, because they think that they are huge even when they are small.
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