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  1. Have you noticed that coffee made from alternative power always tastes sweeter somehow?
  2. You would only be able to squeeze about 3500 watts max out of the inverter with the above. To get the full 5K out of the inverter, you can add another US3000 (for 3 in total), or go for the Hubble. At the current Powerforumstore price, I'd go for two Hubbles. Edit: Or you could consider the BSLBatt, also a 1C battery.
  3. @FransSmith that's a beautiful install, I love the symmetry Would like to see more photos, but I am patient...
  4. The "realtime" data (snapshot) is lost, however the cumulative stats are still there.
  5. Agreed, as per 1st and second pic, battery discharges at around 12:25, to the tune of around 40 Watts, grid providing 268 - 370 Watts What were the programming settings at this point? So this was after you adjusted the system mode screen? Must have been after 23H25 though. I'm not sure, but I have seen that after some (radical) changes to the system mode screen, it takes a few minutes for the change to "converge" (apologies for using a networking term). Take a look tonight and check to see if it's still doing the same? I doubt it will though, from your current
  6. I am stumped, can you label your photos referencing the events in your text?
  7. That's quite shocking! Jokes aside, I think that installing mesh is a good idea where they are known to be a problem.
  8. You've already stated that you want to oversize for bad solar days, so I'd recommend that you try and get the latest 8K Sunsynk with 22A MPPT to allow sufficient latitude with a wide range of panels / configs. The amps doesn't matter too much because it will be clipped by the MPPT, but voltage is critical, Sunsynk recommend not exceeding 450V per MPPT. Alternatively you can wait for the newer 10 and 12K Sunsynks, specs and details may be available this week still.
  9. That list is a little out of date because it lists Hubble as only supported by voltage based charge settings on the Sunsynk. The Hubble does support CANbus comms based integration on all AM models, and only one of its batteries (X-100) using the RIOT, see https://www.hubblelithium.co.za/uploads/1/3/5/0/135079623/hubble_inverter_compatibility_list.pdf As far as I am aware the BSLBatt supplied by @Backbone Energy also supports CANbus comms with the Sunsynk. But to get OT, I think that @Sc00bs was seeking a list of discrete BMSs that are compatible with Sunsynk, there are many avai
  10. Thanks for the correction, I was thinking about per MPPT.
  11. I didn't have your location, so I guessed the minimum and maximum temperatures as -2 and 35 degrees respectively. As per the calc in this spreadsheet (cracked version ), your cold VOC will be 134V, so it's within the inverter's max of 145V. The total array should deliver 3995 W when hot (this is of course dependent on a number of other factors like panel tilt and azimuth). So it looks OK to me, but then again I'm no Axpert Expert like @Coulomb , I'd be inclined to take his word for it PV String Tool-unprotected.xlsx
  12. I am no battery / storage expert, but from a consumer perspective, I love the fact that alternative storage technologies are being researched (and available and priced, even if out of reach). Newer tech will always initially be far more expensive (regardless of Moore's Law), but economies of scale in manufacturing (due to sustained demand), as well as more efficient design (innovation) and free market competition will drive prices down. This in turn will also drive down prices of LFP in the same way that the economic feasibility of LFP drives down the cost of LA. On the downside, it puts our
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