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  1. What is the exact model designation, and what is your location, roof pitch and azimuth?
  2. Wireshark also does CAN bus, may be a bit easier. @JacquesVDM have you reached out to @HubbleLithium? They recently acquired RIOT systems, who have done a lot of work on CAN bus systems of various battery manufacturers.
  3. Which AC current specifically is not being measured? The current between inverter and grid?
  4. Good choice, their AM series uses BYD cells, one of the top ten manufacturers in the world today.
  5. Too often we only hear when things go wrong / bad, hardly ever when the going is good. Thank you for sharing a Good News story @Leshen
  6. Correct. It is operating like an off-grid inverter. Lightning causing irregular grid supply outside of the inverters' grid parameters and causing it to shutdown (although I would expect some sort of error code, then again with no auxiliary power to write to the log it's a catch-22). OP can also consider "widening" the thresholds for the quality of the grid power. But I agree, best to get some batteries, even if it's some old clapped out LAs.
  7. My money is on this, if I were you, I would put something small but continuous on the essential load and monitor under same conditions.
  8. Auditors. They will probably want to see 1) how sustainable the business is, or 2) being a medical practice, power can be critical in the delivery of services, particularly for machines like ventilators, and those that provide oxygen etc. Or 3) their IT department. Many years ago I used to do ISO/IEC 27001:2013 consulting for a big 4 firm, and we used to ask for and check the maintenance certificates and log books of auxiliary power systems, even down to the fuel storage and conditioning. So it could be either regulatory or "best practice" / driven by policy. Best to ask them yourself what the drivers for it are.
  9. That's nice going @Sarel Thank you for your blow-by-blow account of your install, and sharing of your expertise. I am sure that all of us appreciate it, even the Sunsynk fans (I'm one) The burning question that I have been dying to ask you is: with your (albeit 20 year old) genny, surely you have black start capability already? Assuming of course that the genny has the capacity to charge batteries and service base loads simultaneously?
  10. Yes, I also had to change some of my culinary habits
  11. That's cool. And it will get better over time.
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