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  1. Yes it does, but it looks a lot cleaner. I currently use https://pro.solarman.cn/ Do you have a listing of the others?
  2. The Sunsynks are brilliant, basically built like a UPS -- transfer time is completely unnoticeable between solar, battery, grid (and I assume wind turbines therefore too). My prepaid meter does not mind if I draw zero watts from the grid, but I have set it up to constantly draw 10W so that it keeps the grid is in sync -- if I ever need to sustain power (for example if there are clouds moving over) and it gives the inverter's UPS more choices (a wider array of sources) to draw power from.
  3. Neat installation! I also like your battery rack, with removable side panels and space for fans. I also mounted mine on geyser brackets. I do allnighters, with 5.5k Sunsynk and 3x US3000 batteries, they are between 49% to 65% SoC in the mornings when they start charging, then again my daily consumption is about 1/3 of yours. What's in the flammable blue drum?
  4. I also have a 5.5k Sunsynk and have to agree with @Vassen, the fan comes on when the inverter's temp reaches 60 degrees plus, but isn't exactly noisy.
  5. I also have a 5.5k Sunsynk, the whole back is one big heatsink. The fan comes on when it works hard (peak solar time around 12H00) but I wouldn't call it noisy at all, then again mine is in the garage and I cannot hear it if the fire door is closed. The garage is also quite hot because there isn't a ceiling, so I have two Tonadoes on the roof. I currently have 12 JA Solar Mono Perc 380W panels in two strings (6 on each) but will soon add 4x JA Solar 390W. Works great with 3x Pylontech batteries. It's great, I love it, have had it for about 2+ months and in that time have used very little
  6. I had a similar problem with my 5.5k Sunsynk. I think that it gets TZ info from Sunsynk, I just asked Shabir arrange to get the TZ adjusted to the correct one, and that sorted it out
  7. Thank you @Powerforum Store for the swift delivery of my extra panels and Renusol mountings!
  8. Thank you Steve for your expertise and the excellent service that I received from The Powerforum Store, my Sunsynk installation is still going great!
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