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  1. The same engineering approach applies. Need to take into account wind speed and other forces (like gravity) acting on the array, and ensure that the manufacturer's specifications and instructions for mounting the array are followed.
  2. Looking at your first few screens, you are exporting to grid, and the flowchart confirms it. Do you want to export to grid?
  3. In Keith's training video (March '21) he mentions that Sunsynk has a wireless CT in the pipeline, despite the speed issues.
  4. There is a good chance that a firmware update will change that specification. Mine is also labelled 11A, and after a firmware update it was capable of 13A. Get your installer to send the serial # of the inverter to the Sunsynk Whatsapp support group, Sunsynk can confirm whether the hardware can do 13A or not, and get the update.
  5. Note that the 5K Sunsynk's MPPT can take 13A not only 11A. What panels are you considering?
  6. If you are not getting Work Mode 1 and 2 screens then you are on a very old version of firmware. Arrange an update ASAP, for all of the inverters. https://www.sunsynk.org/tech-support , hit Inverter Upgrade. Work Mode 1 and 2 are both used for Hybrid or Grid-tied, the one is a timer where you instruct the inverter how it should treat the battery, the other covers things like whether or not you export to grid, grid trickle feed and how it uses solar output. Here are my notes on this: Here is @system32notes: The CT's arrow points towards the grid, but you can confirm by looking at your information screen, if the CT value is mostly negative, your CT is installed the wrong way, flip it around. It is very important to ensure that the battery has comms with the inverter. Check the LibBMS setup screen, if you are getting values from the battery (charge rate, discharge rate, SoC etc.) then it's good, if not, sort out the comms.
  7. wholesale-solar.co.za https://wholesale-solar.co.za/product/6kw-lithium-ion-batteries-back-to-school-50-off-sale/?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=shp&utm_network=u&utm_mobile=0&utm_creative=572770717178&utm_position=&utm_random=11246342280207977292&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8vSOBhCkARIsAGdp6RQ8ROAJJMs6hLsCRrZTmme4dS5KMp_XWBXZXUHF5lVmcbiiqXPhgBoaAnBVEALw_wcB&utm_campaign=smart shopping - za (2)&utm_ad_group_id=820886&utm_campaign_id=877880&utm_prod_id=6916 Lest we forget
  8. A great post, I find Mike Holt's videos very insightful.
  9. Are you connecting the panels to only one MPPT? Keith Gough in a training video suggested that MPPTs should be balanced.
  10. If "one of those guys" means that I prefer facts to irrelevant rubbish, yes, then I am one of those guys, I am happy to be one.
  11. If you want to correct people, that's great, but rather quote the correct facts when you do so. You cannot correct someone by quoting irrelevant documents, it just causes more confusion.
  12. That looks like aluminum on galvanised iron. How do you propose mitigating the effects of galvanic corrosion?
  13. Agreed that they look very professional, good to know about EBM.
  14. This is exactly what I was alluding to earlier, my apologies if I wasn't clear enough. I have never yet met anyone who ever bought too many solar panels. The majority (myself included) have always ordered another 4-10 panels within the first 6 months. So unless you have maxed out all your MPPTs (and possible Aux inputs) I would suggest planning for it upfront, ensure that placement, spacing and fixtures of panels, as well as wiring quality and thicknesses take into account future expansion needs. Even if you have maxed the MPPTs, who knows, your needs may change because an elderly parent or two may join the household tomorrow, or a destitute brother or sister-in law, and you may need to add another inverter in parallel. Planning for it upfront means less waste in 3-6 months time.
  15. The OP is selling AM-4s, this warranty is for the discontinued X-100. I am not saying for sure that the AM-4 warranty is any different, just that @GerhardF may want to query the transferability of the AM-4 warranty with Hubble to be sure.
  16. Clipping of the amps will only occur when there is no load, so that power is wasted in anycase, 12.9A is current under load, so it (theoretically) won't be clipped. Agreed that higher voltage is generally better, as long as it is within the operating range.
  17. The 540W panels are closer to the 13A limit of the 5K Sunsynk's MPPT. Optimised and simpler configuration.
  18. What are the respective currents under load (Imp)?
  19. Good point, we are getting there. I just want to confirm with the sticker, but my money is on the firmware update to solve the problem. That graph is just too flat, the only other way it might be achieved is if the inverter's WiFi bombed out and it skipped a couple of updates... so perhaps we should be looking at the raw data as well...
  20. I am just double checking Imp (under load) is 12.97A, so the parallel string should be delivering 25.94A (at STC and all other perfect conditions). OK, so we agree that clipping to 22A would probably occur, but just not at 20A (which your graph seems to show). Can you take a look at your sticker on the side? I am interested in the value of Isc.
  21. Thank you. Can you provide the link to the full specsheet of the panels, including Voc?
  22. What is the total kWp of all of your arrays?
  23. That depends on two things: 1. Hemishere, it differs from N and S 2. Where zero azimuth is. It seems that both of these topics are debatable Standards are great, let's all have one.
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