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  1. Welcome @JAOG Renewable energy is a broad field, what is your area of specialty or practice?
  2. I have similar base load and run mine down to between 60% and 50% during the evenings. I also allow the battery to be used in preference to the grid during the day, where this is necessary. Been doing so for about 10-11 months, and battery health is at 99%.
  3. Good on them. Why haven't you collected and installed it yet?
  4. I prefer the Sunsynk's interface, but I am biased because I have one. I received great support, service and advice from Steve from the Powerforumstore. Also the best price.
  5. Which 5K Sunsynks do not have any fans? Mine does.
  6. I am sure that they do, my understanding is that's why Jean Joubert was hired in May. https://www.sunsynk.org/post/i-would-like-to-welcome-jean-joubert-to-sunsynk-sa
  7. It's not often that one hears about this, but that does not mean that it doesn't happen, it's an electronic device and can happen with any manufacturer, despite quality controls being in place. Key to this is how effectively the installer and supplier manages the replacement / repair. It's a scenario that many of us don't envision, and that's why it is so important to buy from a reputable source, like the Powerforumstore. My own 5K Sunsynk has now been operating without skipping a beat for over 12 months now, day in and day out. @EugeneN I sincerely hope that your situation gets rectified ASAP, please keep us informed on the progress?
  8. Thanks for the clarification Makes sense now, and glad that you have got it sorted! Conlogs are nasty meters, not the first time that I have heard of them tripping when 0W is drawn.
  9. Thank you. The key figures are: Max voltage of the string/s: 102V MPPT range: 30-80V Max power: 1000W Any panel configuration, whether serial or parallel or a combo should never exceed 102V, because it will burn. I'm not sure if the MPPT will clip the amps, so let's assume it does not, best not to exceed 12.5 A For new panels, follow the steps in this guide: https://unboundsolar.com/blog/string-sizing-guide If you want to re-use your two 350W panels we will need to know what the specs are, usually supplied with them: 1. VoC at STC 2. Vmp at STC 3. NOCT operating conditions 4. Temperature coefficient of VoC I am guessing that they are around 47.8.V VoC and 9.8A Vmp, and that they are in series, which does not give you room for adding another panel (you are already at 95.6V).
  10. New they are around R6000, so you can expect to pay somewhat less for it secondhand. The problem is that most residential people would not have one, and if they have, they would smell of biltong. Keep an eye out for companies making changes to their IT infrastructure and perhaps throwing these out for a bargain.
  11. The problem stops? The problem of them not getting any power?
  12. When the power drops? Explain what you mean by this?
  13. You need to tick priority load. Currently battery is getting priority, but you are probably not seeing it because they are full (you set it to charge from grid at 03H00, not sure why, can't you wait 4 hours until the sun can do it?). Why have you ticked grid in all the other settings? I am not following, you are basically telling the inverter to charge the battery to 100% in all of them. This is not necessary. Do you have non-essential loads (between grid and inverter)?
  14. Yes, for the first week you spend a lot of time monitoring it, 2nd week less so, third week even less as you start to trust the system and gain a better understanding of it. After 1 year, I still check what mine is doing around 3x per day (more or less), using the Solarman web-based app in a browser.
  15. Never tried it myself, but I am pretty sure that it would trip (and log a corresponding error code).
  16. Do they sell it per metre? What is the cost?
  17. That's a great choice of (what I assume to be) your client, 2x 8K Sunsynks and 4x Hubble (looks like Am-2)? Does your client have anything on the roof and if so, what capacity ? Any (anonymised) pics?
  18. Hello Jaco, welcome to the Powerforum and congrats on your first post! Running a whole home is a bit of a lofty goal, and 3kVA is generally a bit smallish for a house (not impossible though), but maybe your needs are small too: What is your daily consumption (kWh)? Even if you cannot run the whole home, it's good to understand what you potentially can do, planning for optimising your investment can be fun. So for starters, let's determine the maximum energy that your inverter can generate. For that we will need to understand the Synapse 3k inverter's capabilities. What is the MPPT controller's specs? It's usually in the manual (or sometimes on a sticker on the side or bottom of the inverter)
  19. You really need to do a short vid of this carbon fibre process, I would love to see it. And the finished blade
  20. It's still relatively new, so I don't think that too many have experience on it. But it's a great question in anycase, would love to know the answer @Keith Gough or @Jean Joubert. @jayn If you do find out, please share?
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