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  1. You aren't really comparing apples with apples. Assuming you're talking about the geyserwise pv kit, this will generate more power to heat your water. Your listed alternative is another battery, which is storage. If your objective is to save more, get a water heater. If it is to run your house off battery for longer, get a battery. It's not worth it to heat water from a battery. Personally, I'd add more panels and heat your current geyser through your new system.
  2. The way I understand how this system works, is that it uses the DC element when there is PV available. The DC element would not be reliant on AC. Maybe someone who has experience with the system can comment.
  3. Agreed, real time would be great. The only time I would want to change settings, is if there was a combination of a long term outage, bad weather, and not being at home. But for now, the happy to let the inverter do the work.
  4. Bull 6.4kWh. I just prefer to step it down gradually over the course of the evening, to make sure there is enough capacity for a longer term outrage. But his night time idle load seems pretty low, so it should be sufficient. It's all trial and error at the moment, as long as we get the basics right. He changed soc to 75% and caught it there, battery stopped discharging as expected.
  5. Thanks! So then it's about managing the SOC throughout the night.
  6. Firmware was updated on Friday. We were trying to get the house in the pic, as the panels were not powering the non-essentials as expected. We managed to get that sorted, but now it's chewing the battery. Help
  7. A buddy of mine has just installed a 5kW Sunsynk with a Bull battery. We've been adjusting settings totry to optimise the system, but have run into a problem. The batteries are powering the whole load, including non-essentials. He has a prepaid meter, so is not feeding back into the grid. Attached is a pic showing the loads and another showing the system settings. However, priority load is now ticked. Any ideas on what setting to change?
  8. Very exciting this!! I'd be keen to give the BETA dongle a go! Does anyone know how to get hold of one? Any installers that I could arrange to get one from, when they arrive, please?
  9. They are compatible and work well together. I have the 8kW inverter and 2x US3000C (one of which I bought from them, which I regretted after my installer got my second one for cheaper). They probably don't mention Sunsynk as they rather punt their own rebranded version of the inverter, called the "Fusion".
  10. I guess I'm lucky I didn't see smoke. Didn't trip either. Wife was baking
  11. Here is a picture from the TSE manual. The old models didn't have this (my dad's TSE doesn't have this) but the two units that I bought over the last 2 years work like this.
  12. I agree with the logic of heating the water just before you're going to use it. So if you know you're going to be using the grid to boost the temp, I think your logic is sound.
  13. Well I call BS on point 2. I have the data and savings to prove it worked in my case. Anyway, don't want to derail the thread. I use a geyserwise and heat the water to the required temp that I only need hot water in the shower. Call it 44 degrees in the morning for me, 50 in the evening for the wife and kid. Sunday I pump it up to kill the bugs. This is the advantage of the geyserwise over a timer, you can set different temperaturea at different times of the day. My objective is to decrease consumption, not utilize excess pv. Different objectives will result in different solutions.
  14. Craigm

    PV Loss

    I am currently maxing out on about 80% of my installed capacity. Actual numbers will depend on variables, such as the roof pitch (my pitch is quite steep). Also some days are just better than others.
  15. I smelt the cookies, no smoke. I jumped on the app an hour after this peak, didn't even realise it. I was in a meeting at the time. Most of the load was on the non-essential side (ovens, pool pump, kettle) but there was also a fair load on the essential side (dishwasher, washing machine plus normal idle load). I love it when my wife gets in these moods (bake and clean), I just wonder when we'll see the smoke. (I am sure the system would trip if it wasn't happy, but so far so good).
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