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  1. Just received from Steve @ power forum store. Now let the journey begin !
  2. Now they say they will not refund as it was on a special and they will credit me.
  3. I have a brand new Growatt dongle for sale.
  4. Hi @DeepBass9. My Db has been done like that on a switch over for the generator. I have no 3 pahse equipment. I'm looking at a sunsynk 5kva inverter to run off grid. I have gas geyser and stove Do you charge batterys with grid ?
  5. Thanks all for the help. I have returned the growwatt. I had a chat with Steve and going the sunsynk 5kva way. I have a brand new Growatt wifi dongle that's for sale.
  6. Sorry I'm a newbie. What I was told that I must use the Voc 38.04 to calculate maximum volts or do I use the 30 43. So I can use 10s 2P with no problem then ? Thanks again for the assistance
  7. The Max on the Growatt is 450 VDC so the max i can have on a series string is 10 that will give 380.4 v - is that not a bit to high ?
  8. Was looking at that. I'm looking for panels under 9amps but cannot find any
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