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  1. Hi, I have an Imeon 3.6 inverter to sell, i replaced it with a 5kw Sunsynk as the Imeon does not support lithium batteries. Inverter works perfectly well and i havent had any issues with it except when a Gecko got into the unit and got stuck behind the circuit board and tripped. i did lose a screw or two of the cover when i opened the unit to get the gecko out, but not an issue as enough screws left to close the cover. Open to offers, I'm based in Port Elizabeth.
  2. Hey guys, I thought i would just do a follow up on the Inverter that i bought through the Powerforum store and let you know how its been going. So its been about a month now that i bought a 5kw Synsynk inverter and all i can say is, I am still very happy with the purchase and the service that I continue to receive from the guys at the Powerforum store. The main reason I decided to buy through the Powerforum store is firstly I wanted to support the store as I too am a small business owner and feel its nescessary to support each other, secondly I knew that buying through the store I w
  3. Best service from the Powerforum store. Steve gave great advice, knew his products well. I Placed an order for a Sunsynk inverter to replace my old Imeon inverter, it arrived the next day after completing the payment. All I can say is excellent service and I'm very happy, I had a few hiccups during the install and Steve was only to happy to assist. Thank you very much Steve.
  4. hi, anyone know where I can buy an Imeon monitoring box?
  5. Hi, i have an Imeon 3.6, its been running for around 4 years and lately every now and then it will shut down and restart itself, anyone experienced this before or know what the cause could be?
  6. Which inverter would you recommend replacing an Imeon 3.6 with that does the same as the imeon? I'm looking at getting lithium batteries and also need to buy the ima-box for my imeon to work with them
  7. Thanks, it's the Imeon 3.6 with 12 x 250w panels and 4 x 260ah Sonix batteries.i currently have it setup in backup mode to save the batteries for loadshedding
  8. Hi, I've had my Imeon 3.6 for a few years now and overall been happy. But I think something isn't set correctly. It says 100% full battery but as soon as ac goes off it drops to 70% straight away. So I don't think I'm getting full use out of my batteries. I live in Port elizabeth and set the unit up myself as the installer never did it but I could only setup what I could, but I see there is a pro version of the manager software, how can I get it as the imeon website isn't very helpful. Any help greatly appreciated.
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