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  1. I did call Rubicon, they discontinued the Apollo GEM as at R9000 plus, they sold a couple only. Thanks Calvin, guess I will stick to the Sonoff to switch on/off the geyser depending on what the Victron remote portal tells me about available pv and the load on the inverter
  2. @Calvin, I am a not computer expert, can you describe your system in a bit more detail, seems exactly what I would want to do.
  3. I have done the same, switched from a 3 kW to a 2 kW element, this way I never draw from the grid just use solar pv, but instead of an automated diverter, I keep an eye on the Victron portal, which allows me to use a Sonoff switch controlled from my phone to switch the geyser on/off to try and keep the keep the geyser at its hottest, based on excess pv
  4. I found a 12 amp relay, would a Sonoff Basic hooked to the 12 amp relay be ok for a 2 kW geyser, ie 9 amps.
  5. I have something similar made from 114x38 treated lumber and Renusol rails and clamps, but as twelve 355 watt panels create quite a huge sail, the other day with 30 plus kms winds I saw the top middle panels move a bit, which made me decide to have them mounted to the tiled roof, even though my house is two storey. ps I am in Cape Town also
  6. Under my home owners, the building insurance covers the panels and you can increase your coverage foe electrical surge/ accidental damage to fixed machinery to cover the inverter How about powering the tumble dryer if you have enough pv
  7. so I should be able to use a Sonoff Basic and a contactor, was looking for a relatively inexpensive way to switch on and off the geyser to utilize an idle pv array, thanks guys, for all the help
  8. Apologies, the second part was for Vassen regarding using a Sonoff switch and having to use a contractor to switch the geyser instead of the Sonoff relay by itself
  9. Would I be able to use a 2000 ( 8.69 amps ) watt geyser element, or would you advise against it ok, just saw another post that advises against it
  10. Thanks Jay-Dee, i got the idea from your post and then saw the WiFi bridge and relay. Vassen , can I set up a Sonoff system that will be able to switch on/off the geyser from my phone, ( while at work ), the aim being to use the idle pv array when the wife is not using the washing /drying appliances
  11. Thinking of using a Quikswitch WiFi bridge and 30 amp relay, this way I can use my phone to both monitor the Victron remote portal and switch the geyser on and off to utilize any excess solar pv. Any pro’s/con’s to this idea, am handy at DIY but not computer programming, etc
  12. The VM III can definitely run WITHOUT batteries, it is in the description and you can watch YouTube videos from Pakistan showing the inverter running without batteries
  13. @MongooseMan is correct, I had applied at the beginning of May and it literally took under 10 days for the approval to install, and the same for the commissioning letter, just read thru to the application process and I or @MongooseMan will be able to help you, if you are going thru an installer, then he can fill out most of the form, if DIY ( like myself ), then I can help you thru the application process
  14. To legally install a pv system, you have to register it with CoCT, i have herd of the council using drones to locate unauthorized solar panel arrays and the fines are quite hefty . if you have a CoCT approved inverter and single phase it is not a major hassle anymore, was that your question ?
  15. Hi MRafiq, I am not an installer, i commissioned my grid tied system in Cape Town about 6 weeks ago, maybe I can help answer your questions
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