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  1. Hi @DVM, you can have any load on your NON essential circuit, the 5 kW inverter will push a maximum of 5 kW into that particular circuit, from a combination of pv and battery and the rest will come from the grid, ONLY in one case of the LOAD or AUX circuits will you overload the inverter if you go over 5 kW Someone correct me if I am wrong
  2. I have a 5 kW Sunsynk running a 2 kW geyser, 1.1 kW pool pump, 9000 btu non inverter air con plus another 400 watt house load and I still only use 20-22 kWh of solar production, but then there is Achmat who has a 8 kW and hits 50 kWh of solar production, point being that he uses that much electricity, so he needs an 8 kW inverter and I only need a 5 kW inverter. ,
  3. Why don’t you try Steve at the Powerforum store, great people and I and I am sure they will give you a better deal, there are many people on this forum will vouch for them
  4. I have 2151 and 415, Vassen I believe has 2154 and 415, on the 5.5, there is no list/description of what the latest version, have asked Keith on the sunsynk.org forum, but no response from him, also if everything is working fine, don’t mess with it. As for the reason for separating AC and DC trunking, has be a safety aspect. I have been told it has to do with frequency/magnetic field interference, but what difference would two thin layers of trunking plastic have on magnetic fields, as we all run the trunking in parallel and touching each other, and Theo does not seem to be having any
  5. would like to move this inverter, pm me with an offer
  6. At R5499, the inverter might be a PWM solar charge controller instead of MPPT, which will not help with expanding the system, efficiently
  7. Thanks Nigel, I see all the combiner boxes with the 600 and 1000 v surge protectors, but what you say with us being n Cape Town, we can use less than 600 vprotectors, makes sense.
  8. thanks @brianh, Rubican does stock them, what do most of you guys use, the 600 v or 1000 v
  9. tried Inverter-warehouse, they sell ZJBENY, bur only deliver in their local area, any other suggestions, what and where to buy
  10. So the kettle draws 2 kW for a couple of minutes, will draw from the grid, look at loads that are used for a while like geyser, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, air cons, plus then you need over 10 kWp of panels, do you really need all that
  11. Sunsynk 5.5 more than enough for my needs
  12. without the neutral earth bond, the voltage when grid is off, between neutral and earth is about 21 volts
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