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  1. Thanks for your Input Introverter, what rail do you have the Majortech installed in, DIN or MINI ( Samite ) rail Tariq
  2. The geyser at 3 kw “should” be ok, what about running a 1.1 kw pool pump, wondering about the start up current though Tariq
  3. Think I shall start with a cheapie Majortech at R195 each and then once this fails and I have gained some experience with the Victron then switch to Something else
  4. I saw a video on YouTube where the guy mentions that the Cbi has a super capacitor. The smallest increment is 15 minutes
  5. Thinking of installing them for a geyser and pool pump, except for the Majortech having more settings, is one better than the other one Tariq
  6. Ok, ending up with a SFT440 priced at R726 ex vat, instead of two SFT240’s Tariq
  7. ACFrOgDaSOQJu7oUEzNruWui_MQjs7bd1z-caQ3XdyLKs9gD0_WQyTRfmjugmJJ_t7tJIs9tHy68iB1GlrmBXEPxz71OjMObDx7GjvG82pvUH53CDrShVXC6fyscrWqvmyihpjHwZCTSac1SFzjb.pdfACFrOgDaSOQJu7oUEzNruWui_MQjs7bd1z-caQ3XdyLKs9gD0_WQyTRfmjugmJJ_t7tJIs9tHy68iB1GlrmBXEPxz71OjMObDx7GjvG82pvUH53CDrShVXC6fyscrWqvmyihpjHwZCTSac1SFzjb.pdf
  8. Have thought about using Sonoff’s for the geyser/pool pump instead of the cbi timers, problem is when it comes to electrical/mechanical stuff , I can hold my own, but when it comes to computers, I am still at the hunt and peck stage. Tariq
  9. Just saw on em.co.za that the SFT 440 is R726 ex vat, so that should work fine, also would be easier for the wife to flip one changeover switch, then to remember two individual switches. ps :- Have three phase supply, with each phase having a CoCT breaker rated 35 amps, am using one phase dedicated to the Easysolar, items like geyser, pool pump hooked up to AC 2 to utilize pv power as much as possible
  10. Morning all, as previously mentioned, I am using the SF463 4 pole changeover switch, would there be any advantages to using two SF263’s , so that that the two outlets AC 1 and AC 2 on the Multiplus II can be switched on or off individually
  11. My proposed schematic for the inverter part of the db Tariq
  12. Just kidding about the 10 kw, @plonksterespecially when you mentioned about why I was using a 63 amp switch, using 30 amp circuit breakers on AC 1 and AC 2. Am going to try to figure out what Plonkster and Crankshaft are talking about on their rigs for changeover setup Tariq
  13. Haha, going to draw over over 10 kilowatts from the 3 kilowatt inverter, actually, that was the only 4 pole Hagar that I could find, but am open to other ways of doing the changeover.
  14. I plan on using a Hagar SF463 , it is four pole, so that I can use it for both the AC1 out and AC2 out on the Easysolar II, will install it in a surface db next to the inverter, also will install a double pole circuit breaker on AC input to completely isolate the inverter
  15. SOLD to Jacques on the forum, the money will go towards offsetting the Victron


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