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  1. I believe you will need some icc hardware between the inverter and battery
  2. @KeithP, my experience is with CoCT, but you are welcome to message me and I shall do the best I can to assist.
  3. @KeithP, I am in Cape Town and can assist with advice on what to do, are you being supplied by CoCT or Eskom ?
  4. Is that the one where the System Mode is split into two screens
  5. @branderplank, the 13 amps was confirmed by Sunsynk, I have a Sunsynk 5 kW with JaSolar 540 watt panels, Imp is 12.9 amps, had a firmware update done and see 12.4 amps regularly and even 12.9 amps once, briefly.
  6. The Sunsynk 5 kW is now rated at 13 amps and the 8 kW at 22 amps with a firmware update
  7. @ErickvWyngaard, when replacing the original thermostat/probe with a Sonoff, you are also removing the 90 degree safety cut outs, imho, that leaves you with no safety features if the Sonoff fails
  8. On my Techron geyser, I have an extra tube for a temperature probe, besides the Sonoff TH16 with the DS1820 probe, is there anything else I can use to check temperature on my phone
  9. i have all the lights and plugs plus one aircon (only run it when grid or pv is available )on the essential side , two geysers, washing machine,tumble dryer, dishwasher/pool pump on non-essential, works great.
  10. looks like you need two in parallel or an 8 kW inverter
  11. @Basil Katakuzinos, yes, that is the correct way
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