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  1. Upgrading to higher wattage panels, I have six available, one year old , in Cape Town R1600 each
  2. @Leshen, what was the reason for downgrading from three phase to single phase, I have three phase and except for the standard home user charge of R148 plus vat, there is no additional charge, this is in Cape Town
  3. @Morne SBR, need to use Voc , the 490 is 45.33 volts, so total of 453 volts, depending on how cold it gets in your area, you are cutting it too close to the max, I would suggest 9 panels Sorry, did not realize you have a Growatt
  4. i have had my Sunsynk for about 7 months, i don't feel the need to modify any settings at all, only last two weeks with load shedding and typical Cape Town rainy drizzly days on end, had to set grid charge to get battery capacity high enough for load shedding
  5. and I bought mine for R15,000 each last year only thing is that the Pylontech 2000 is a 80% DOD, whereas the 3000C is 95% DOD
  6. i saw a post where that gentleman has decided to keep them
  7. When the city came to install the new prepaid meter ( with remote keypad ) , the technician pointed out that the remote keypad has to be BEFORE the inverter, so it is on one of my non essential circuit socket
  8. Agree with Achmat on adding panels, I have 4.8 kWh of batteries, have a 4.2 kWp solar array currently, adding panels for a total of 6.4 kWp array, so in winter I can cover all loads including geyser and in summer be able to run aircons and pool pump as well for most of the day.
  9. Tariq

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Did you all see Keith’s video ( today)about the new dongle, which will give us full control over inverter
  10. @Ant Seiderer, how much did the bi-directional meter end up costing you
  11. I did use the Smart Load function with my geyser ( 2 kW element ), when the battery soc and excess pv conditions were met, Smart Load would switch on and work fine, and if it switched off due to not meeting one of the conditions, the Smart Load won’t switch on for the second time in that particular 24 hour period, even if the two conditions were met again, in other words it was not consistent.
  12. that is what i like about the proper hybrid inverters, where you can have all the heavy hitters on non-essential circuit, you still get the benefit of solar production, but have grid to balance out the load, i have gone up to 7.65 kW on a 5 kW Sunsynk, unfortunately it is double the price though
  13. Don’t have the 5000, but my dip switches are all set to zero
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