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  1. There is method behind the madness I think. Eskom, coming door to door to "upgrade" meters is perhaps legitimate but I'm convinced it's a thinly veiled ruse to accomplish a few other things as well. Checking for tampering, improved tamper protection, checking for alternate power solutions employed (grid tied/hybrid etc) without "approval" and verifying if COC exists etc. I'm going to have to make a plan when I get the notice. Going to disconnect my hybrid from the grid (DB) and hope that's enough to keep them off my back. Viva Revolution!
  2. Likely related to : https://businesstech.co.za/news/energy/515792/changes-for-electricity-meters-in-south-africa-what-you-should-know/
  3. For Sale : 5.5kW Kaco Powador Inverter- Grid-Tie including wall mounting bracket. Have never used, bought second hand, looks brand new Link: http://www.europe-solarshop.com/kaco-powador-5500.html Datasheet: http://www.europe-solarshop.com/downloadfiles/kaco/data/KACO_Datasheet_3200_4200_6600.pdf User Manual: http://www.europe-solarshop.com/downloadfiles/kaco/data/HB_3200_6600_Operating Instructions_EN_Web.pdf Based in Parklands, Cape Town. Welcome to collect. It's heavy - like really heavy - but I guess shipping is possible. Selling as it is not compatible with my prepaid electricity meter. Price : R5000 Also willing to trade for a Solis 3.6 or 4.6.
  4. Also some some weird reporting this morning. A glitch perhaps.
  5. Wire in series/parallel. Problem solved, surely? You can expect catastrophic failure on overvoltage.
  6. Insurance claim not an option perhaps?
  7. Would love to grab 10 of these - if there was a way to get them to Cape Town
  8. Sounds like a 24v system violated you and gave you PTSD There's definitely a place for a 24v config and use cases where they work flawlessly. I don't think it's all as bad as you make out, the Axperts I mean. Those modified sine wave mecer trolley abominations are a seperate conversation though. Recommending your config, a multiplus with a bunch of US3000's and 5kw array just to keep lights, a TV and a computer on during loadshedding is an overkill in my opinion. Agree with @hoohloc- for 30k you can set something up that will get you through loadshedding just fine and also help bring down electricity costs.
  9. A proper good guy. Good chat and all the best with your solar adventure. Thanks again @Morne SBR
  10. Question - waste water from the toilet goes to the tanks? Poop water? And mixed with all the regular 'grey' water?
  11. hi - did you mean to post a link referencing a specific product? Also, in the market for something similar.
  12. Seems somewhat too good to be true - and usually these things turn out to be exactly that. I'm willing to bet they ONLY offer shipping options AFTER payment. Perhaps worth querying. Would love to be proven wrong.
  13. I suspected something along those lines - thanks for confirming and allaying my fears @Buyeye
  14. Hello all, A bit of an odd one, for me anyway. There's likely a perfectly logical explanation for this behavior that just eludes me. Every morning when the Solar charge controller kicks in and PV power starts trickling through I notice a significant drop in SOC as reported in the Growatt App as well as Solar Assistant. Logs show the battery SOC goes from 100% all the way down to a reported 50% and then within a short period back to 100%. This happens every morning just as the Solar Charge controller kicks in. I'm wondering why this happens and if my battery bank health is being compromised in any way by this happening. Chalked it down to a glitch in the SOC state reporting but it's starting to bother me now. For reference : Growatt SP5000TL HVM 4x AGM Batteries
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