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  1. @plonksterThanks for the detailed explanation. This kind of info has been difficult to find, even on Fronius and Victron's sites/forums. The options for single-phase above 5kW seem limited, hence the need to look at some kind of stacking. I have recently done renovations and split my DB to carry essential (light and some plugs), non-essential (oven, washing machine and tumble dryer and kitchen plugs) and the geyser (a small 150lt as the balance of my water is on gas geysers). The intention is to convert the geyser and remove the 3kW draw. I run an Efergy Engage and seem to peak at about 8kW if the geyser is removed. This is day-time only. Night time usage is low as I only run low power led's. Looking for a versatile fit. Victron seems to give the most options for scaleability?
  2. Thanks for the rapid feedback. I'm not sure if my thinking is right, but this setup seems to be a better option than just the Multiplus II with two x 250/70 MPPT's for not much of a price difference? @Jaco de Jongh Might be a very expensive test? If I pull the trigger on this, happy for you to guide me through the test (assuming it won't be a test to destruction?) Is the Dyness Powerbox 9.6kWh a good option for the above? i.e. Do they play nicely together?
  3. Hi All, Looking to install a Victron system, and trying to understand the impact of connecting a Fronius Primo unit on the AC Output. If the Victron is Mutiplus II 48/5000 can a Fronius 5.0-1 e installed and still honour the 1:1 rule? What is the total output expected of this system? Is is only the max of the Multiplus? The max of the Fronius? Or the sum of Multilplus and Fronius? Thanks, Grant
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