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  1. Hi Guys I have connected my INVERTE to main power only will be doing thee connection to DB soon just want to find out do I have to ground the earth from main db to AC out neutral before my EL in main DB. I have a separated neutral bar and earth EL feeding my plugs and light that thee inverter will run your feed back is appreciated.
  2. Hi Guys Please shed some light on this so there is and earth for AC in but no earth for AC out, do you use earth on chassi for thee earth on AC out thanks.
  3. Hi Guys I'm new here I would like some advise I have an Apert King 5kva inverter and 4 x 200amp Leoch batteries 48v bank.I have float voltage at 54V and charge at 50V is this fine or am I wrong with my settings advise with be much appreciated thanks.i have attached specs of leoch batteries. AD500201 LPF12-200(12V200AH).pdf


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