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  1. Hey Jaco, no worries or rush, have an old UPS running the wifi for now so all good till you get a gap
  2. Hi there @Jaco de Jongh, Plonkster advised you did a Victron type setup for someone in Bloem, Could you tell me what something like that would cost?
  3. Thank you! What type of cost am I looking at for a Victron solution and installation?
  4. Again thanks so much Plonkster, do you by any chance know where I would be able to source each part (trolley, inverter and batteries) you mention? I don't mind spending a bit extra as reading the above on the other batteries does not breed confidence
  5. Thanks Jaco, any suggestions on how maintain those batteries or any other suggestions?
  6. Right so after rabbit holing for a week I have decided to go with one of the 2 options and be done with it lol So if you had the choice between the 2 which one would ya order? https://www.geewiz.co.za/load-shedding-solutions/111207-1048-axpert-type-pure-sine-3000va-inverter-2x-100ah-battery-8-hour-battery-life-kit-3000w-80a-solar.html#/132-battery_type-100ah_standard_200_250_cycles https://www.geewiz.co.za/long-run-ups-inverter-battery/93614-1030-mecer-axpert-3000va-pure-sine-inverter-2x-100ah-battery-8-hour-battery-life-kit-3000w.html#/132-battery_type-100ah_standard_200_250_cycles Price is negligible between the 2 and I will just replace batteries one day, or hopefully buy a place and get a proper built in system, for now one of these seem will serve my immediate purpose.
  7. Thanks for all this info I shall definitely take the listed into consideration. Thank you so much
  8. Thanks all i shall do some digging around the recommendations. Really appreciate the help
  9. HI there, Firstly thanks for your response! 1. yes currently all on one plug (well the TV, HT server and fiber are all on one circuit. Isolating them is easy as they all fit onto one circuit behind the TV stand. 2. very easily, we don't have to charge phones or laptops unless its an emergency as they will stay charged while there is normal power. WIth your comment on getting an electrician to setup, are there any standalone device which could just service the stated without that as we are not owners of the property?
  10. Hi all, Total newb here ready to pull the trigger on a solution to load shedding when it starts again... Here is my info... I don't really know how to calculate the amount of power required but I am on prepaid and the entire household uses between 10 an 20 KWH a day. I am not worried about cooking and keeping everything working and would just like to have the following items running during load shedding (up to 4 hours). 55" OLED TV Home Theater pc (Proliant microserver) Be able to charge 2 laptops for work if they go flat Wifi Router (Fibre) A lamp "optional gaming console (Ps4) That is my essentials to keep live during load shedding and working from home. I would like something somewhat portable and have batteries etc. included like the Mecer expert and that I can keep plugged in next to the TV Unit where all of the above items are using one single plug. Excuse my ignorance but I have research and all the technical jargon just confuses me. My budget is between 15k to 20k and I would like something reliable and that wont damage my appliances. From digging around on this forum I have had a look at the Mecer Axpert 3000VA but really am clueless. Please could you aid me with some advice for my requirements. Thank you all in advance... Darren
  11. Thanks a lot, I will take the above into consideration.
  12. thank you for the assistance!


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